I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1343

Red Qianyu whole arm has become a blood red.

“Red Blood God Church’s Wang Yang Divine Blood is really good,” “Seeing this scene, the white paper is praised.

It is clear that Azure Dragon Taiwan does not seem to buy, just slightly obvious, calm down.

Red Qianyu Bitterly Laughd, said: “It seems that I am a person who is not.”

“This young master, do you want to try?” Zi geese asked his eyes Looked Towards Xu Zimo and smiled.

“Do you really try?” Xu Zimo Faint Smile asked.

“Fellow Daoist Please,” Zi geese reached out and said directly.

Xu zimo slowly walked to the Azure Dragon platform, carrying the memory of the last generation of Demon Lord, and he nature knows what is in front of this thing.

It is a Treasure that is a Treasure, it is better to say a practice of Treasure.

“Wan Yu You, only my Dao Heart invincible,” Xu Zimo muttered.

He didn’t put your hand on the Azure Dragon stage, but opened one of the top ten Divine Law’s mutation.

The world seems to disappear in front of him.

There is no Azure Dragon platform, no pavilion, just a separate void.

Xu zimo foot on the foot, on his head, there is a Divine Dragon circling, and it is close to the eye.

“I woke up,” Xu Zimo made a thoughts.

though referring to the referral, but the Divine Law demon score.

Today, Xu Zimo has been pushed into the limit, as long as it is a sound, it can spread.

“Who, which BASTARD is bothering this Divine Dragon sleep?” Divine Dragon seems to be angry.

Directly drunk, said angry.

After this Divine Dragon open his eyes, it seems different from the world.

He stared at Xu Zimo, some doubts: “A man, can you know my Azure Dragon?”

“as Dragon Race, it is not good to stay in Xuanxuan, but come to this Dressing Up as God, Playing The Devil,” Xu Zimo Said with a smile.

“It seems that your sixteen Monster Race is indeed unacified.”

“Kid, who are you, even our Monster Race is also daring,” Azure Dragon Coldly Snorted and SAID.

Obviously Xu Zimo guess is good.

“A passenger That’s all, I didn’t want to manage your Monster Race,” Xu Zimo Said with a smile.

“But I want a thing.”

“You want something, I have to give you,” Azure Dragon Lightly Saying.

“Uncle, my mood is not good, I decided nothing to give you.”

xu zimo laughs and not speaks, he is too lazy to say to the other party, just slowly getting the demonbook.

Today’s demon trial, seal the bike and Ancestral Dragon two MONSTER Beast.

speaking from a ceertain perspective, the fate of THESE TWO Races is already in the hand of Xu Zimo.

“What do you want to do?” When the demon approved, Azure Dragon was inexplicably.

It seems that the MYRIAD Evil Origin is like the book, so he is some dignified.

“I only give you a chance, once I open this demon trial, you take the Take Responsibility for the Consequences,” Xu Zimo said.

Take the Xu Zimo hands on the demon tribut, Azure Dragon shouted.