I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1344

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“Little son, I am afraid of you, what do you want?”

I heard Azure Dragon, Xu Zimo Replied: “How, what do you think you can enter my eyes?”

Azure Dragon Complexion Slightly Changed, in fact he also knows what Xu Zimo wants, but the heart is still lucky.

“This thing is that I talk to He Feiyang, can you change it?” asked Azure Dragon.

“He Feiyang? Heavenly WIND City’s city Lord?” asked Xu Zimo.

“is not him, but the founder of Zixia Holy Land.

The unwanted material in your mouth.

Although the names of the two are the same, it is not one, “Azure Dragon shook his head.

“that is interesting, this lord of this Heavenly Wind City actually is a name with the Old Ancestor of Zixia Holy Land,” Xu Zimo Said with a Smile.

“I can’t tell you this, I have a blood dove, you can’t tell you if you kill me,” Azure Dragon said seriously.

He didn’t lie this, if he told Xu Zimo, he is also a dead road.

“Reassure, you don’t tell me, I also guess,” Xu Zimo said.

“That thing gives me, I will leave.”

Azure Dragon hesitates a little, eventually nodded.

next moment, Xu zimo disappears in front of his eyes, he returns to the pavilion.

I saw that Azure Dragon’s head was broken, and it flew out of the very light.

xu zimo eye is fast, directly grasping the Aurora in your hand.

and that Azure Dragon is broken, there is no restoration.

This makes all ALOUND people are somewhat surprised, and you know that Azure Dragon has never happened.

“What is going on?” All the people on All Around began to whisper.

But the purple geese does not panic, LOOKED TOWARDS He Feiyang Instructed: “He City Lord, said Azure Dragon station fault, let everyone spread.”

After the purple geese, a few people in the white paper song in the pavilion, Said with a smile: “All the time,”

“Azure Dragon table shatter, purple Saintess is what needs can be said,” Blank Paper Song Laughd, ready to leave.

After all, the other party has already under EXPULSION ORDER.

The dream wheel that is sitting next to it is obviously very unpleasant, and the Blood Energy on his face begins to recover.

Although he is not Great Emperor, it is also the existence of Divine Vein, as long as the life is saved, the injury is not a matter.

“Caught, what Treasure did you just took Looked Towards Xu Zimo, Glare Like a Tiger Watching His Prey asked.

In this pavilion, others are all identified.

Blank Paper Song is Tian Yezong, and Red Qiao is a red blood god church.

Only Xu Zimo looks like a Loose Cultivator, not familiar.

So he naturally puts the goal in Xu Zimo, if it is empty, it is obviously not willing.

But didn’t wait for Xu Zimo to talk, the purple geese next to it has already standed out.

“Dream YOUNG MASTER, Fellow Daoist Xu is my guest, you still return.”

“what thing is you, calling you Saintess, give you a face.

Otherwise, you don’t even have the qualifications you talk to me, “Dream Reincarnation Coldly Snorted and Said.

“Your Zixia Holy Land A 3rd Rate Influnce also dare to noise?”

“Dream YOUNG MASTER, here is Heavenly Wind City, not your ancient land of samsara,” He Feiyang next to him, Lightly Saying.

“Your Old Annestor’s Remnant Soul can save you once, but you can’t save you the second time.”

“Dog is the same, you try this young master.

believes that I broke your Zixia Holy Land in minutes. “

Dream Young Master’s voice is just falling, the whole person suddenly stops.

Because a pair of big hands pinched on his neck.

The powerful force seems to reverse your neck.

“You ………,” Dream YOUNG MASTER struggles.

but NEXT MOMENT, a group of unnamed fires burned on He Feiyang, directly putting dreams for YOUNG MASTER.

This kills the dream reincarnation, it is natural to just.

He smashed his neck and seemed to be a bit unsatisfactory.

and the two people who are ready to leave, it is cold sweat, directly stiffly in the original place.

The two have never thought about it, and Zixia Holy Land has such a big courage.

“He City Lord, we …,” Blank Paper Songs Some Rigid Laughd.

“It doesn’t matter to you, but today, you haven’t seen anything,” He Feiyang said.

“Right, we haven’t seen anything,” The two are like a chicken, and they are busy NODDED.

“Go,” He Feiyang slammed his hand and showing two people to leave.

Purple geese This will look around Looked Towards Xu Zimo, Said With a smile: “Young master XU, do you know if you can talk?”

“How to talk to you?” Xu Zimo Said with a smile.

He Feiyang Laughd, step by step XU Zimo.

However, the servo is also on the previous step, standing next to Xu Zimo.

“He City Lord, Young Master Xu is not an enemy,” Zi geese shook his head.

and then said: “Frankly, I have just arrived, I received a decree submitted by the Holy Pass.”

When you come out, the servo is shrinking, and it is clearly a killing intent.

“Don’t be nervous, I just said, we are not enemies.

Otherwise, the Holy Course is surrounded here, “Zi Yan Laughd.

Continue: “I don’t know if I can talk now?”

“Don’t talk,” Xu zimo still shakes his head, replied: “I am waiting, you can give the Holy Trie style.

But believe me, the last dead person must be you. “

“It seems that Young Master is not a person who can be threatened, which has also followed me,” Zi geese replad.

“What about Heavenly Wind Valley, Young Master should not talk.”

“You are the people of Heavenly Wind Valley,” Xu Zimo said.

“accurately, you are the descendants of Feng Tian Wu.”

“Young master bigt vision like a torch, I want to see it early,” Zi Yan Laughd, said.

“City Lord Mansion, how is it, we are mutually beneficial.”

“is here, what do you want to talk,” Xu Zimo sat down and asked.

“cooperation,” Zi Yan said.

“How to cooperate?”

“I will help you get the Fengshen’s inheritance, and you will help me into the Holy King,” Zi geese Replied.

“Holy King, what jokes,” Xu Zimo has not spoken, next to the servo.

“You now just step into Great Emperor Level, talk about Holy King, I don’t know what year.”

“No, he is now created, just a step away from the Holy King,” Xu Zimo shook his head.

“How can this,” “There is a bit of the aizal.

He gained the purple geese for a long time, but he still only saw the other party to enter Great Emperor Realm.

“How can you help you?” Xu Zimo asked.

as for the doubts of the servant, this will be explained later.

“I want you to give me a guide,” Zi Yan said.

“I have had a lot of enemies. If I get into the level, I will try to kill me at all.”

Xu Zimo meditated, he is measured by the loss.

The ancient Chinese inheritance, he is necessary.