I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1345

“Take a straen or steal a straen?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Heavenly Materials Earthly Treasures, this is something in the heavens and the earth, everyone can get, taking and stealing a concept,” Zi Yan said.

“Later I got a silkworm dragon day, but I was also sinned.

Under their challenge, I can only go. “

“but they didn’t Expect, you have left one,” Xu Zimo took the purple geese, continue.

“with Reincarnation Body, from the future, you want to resurrect.”

“nor does it count one hand, this is the chamber of my CultiVation Path, Didn’t Expect is just used in the Holy Trumpet,” Zi Yan said.

“I am not afraid of the sacred court, but now the main force of the Holy Course is coming to the magic domain. You have to ask now to ask now to Breakthrough Holy King?” Xu Zimo asked.

Before, the magic domain has the existence of the Holy Trinity, but most strength is not strong.

and now in order to cover the magic domain, their main force is coming, and now this festival is clearly not wisdom.

“I have some intent, in fact, even if you don’t help me, I also have a backhand,” Zi geese Replied.

“is just in order to be more insurance.”

“I can give you a guide, but in order to cooperate, how do I believe you know what Feng God is inheritance?” Xu Zimo asked.

Purple geese Right Hand, I saw a breeze in the palm.

This breeze is not a normal wind. When it is round, it seems to have a world.

which has Divine Beast Pentium, with Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrates, and Lush and Green, ancient tree.

is almost evolved in WORLD.

and is not ordinary evolution, including the law of the avenue, and more silk rules flow.

rule power can not be in contact with Ordinary Person.

Don’t say it, even the comprehension is afraid that it is difficult.

“In this general, the understanding of the wind, my ancestor has never been surpassed,” said Zi Yan confident.

The nine ancient gods asked in the distant style.

That is the most wild era of practice, and there is an unknown future, and even there is no realm division.

I don’t know how to go.

They are the first batch of Founder, which is the greatness of the ancient god.

The wind in the hand of the purple geese is enough to explain everything.

“Okay, I believe you,” xu zimo nodded.

“When are you BREAKTHROUGH?”

“Tomorrow night, go to Zixia Holy Land,” Purple Geese Replied.

“Before Breakthrough, I can give you half inheritance until I am safe, and then give you the rest of the inheritance.”

“Yes,” Xu Zimo Nodded.

looks at the gods of Zii and He Feiyang, Xu Zimo is slightly lighter, relying on the gazebo.

“The Lord is really planning to cooperate with her?” The sergeant asked.

“Do you think she really believes me?” Xu Zimo asked.

“This,” the servant hesitated.

After all, the two are unable to meet, to believe, it is estimated who does not believe who.

“Originally a transaction, you don’t have to consider too much,” xu zimo replied.

serving the ancestors Nodded.

The two from the Azure Dragon platform, and then heavenly wind city in the day, and go to the purple Land.

This purple Holy Land is in the north side of Heavenly Wind City, and the distance is not far away.

After all, Zi Xia Holy Land has not fallen, and it is also the chance

The territory of the surrounding Baili.

It is said that when they are in PEAK, they are not only established here, but even ten SECTs and small kans are attached to Zixia Holy Land.

two people rushed over the night, finally arrived in Yixia Holy Land at the early morning.

This Zixia Holy Land is located in a forest, in the ancient trees of Lush and Green, faintly visible.

, especially in the early morning, Grey Dawn in the sky, the first Rays of Light of Between Heaven and Earth shines on this earth.

Zi Gean seems to have told it early.

When two people arrive, some people have already greeted it.

and this person is.

“Saintess is in the back and off adjustment, are you going now?” He Weiyang asked.

“Are you specially waiting for us?” Xu Zimo asked.

“No, I am waiting for the ancient land of samsara,” He Feiyang shook his head.

“Breakthrough situation, in addition to the Holy Pass, other unnecessary trouble must be resolved first.”

Before the Azure Dragon station, He Feiyang killed the dream reincarnation, and the ancient land of samsara was refused to stop.

“It seems that your Zixia Holy Land has been touched for too long,” Xu Zimo said.

“Away, it is better to show this magic domain,” He Feiyang is quite cruel laugh.

“In this case, then don’t worry, I just want to see the play,” xu zimo said with a smile.

He Right Hand waved, and the ancient branches next to it pulled down, agglomerated into a seat shape.

Xu zimo is sitting above, waiting for the arrival of the ancient Land of Samsara with He Feiyang.

The servo next to it is thoughtful after thinking, asked: “Can you compete with the ancient land of samsara today?”