I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1346

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Ancient Land of Samsara has the existence of two Great Sain.

Although their first Great Saint, there is no horizon that God is missing at all years ago.

But the bottom of the left is still not underestimated.

and Zixia Holy Land, in addition to Zixia Saint, there is no Great Saint.

The heritage is even different from Vast Distance.

“In front of Powerhouse, what is the bottom,” “He Feiyang calm replied.

“As far as I know, the first Great Saint of the ancient Land of Samsara is missing, but the second Great Saint reincarnation Great Saint, it is always in SECT.”

The servant said: “And this round back Great Saint has been eternal.”

Great Saint five, no, mixed, eternal, creation, and holy king.

“CLAY Chickens and Pottery Dogs That’s ALL,” He Feiyang said.

The servant is a lot of flying, the other body is not displayed, and it is also the existence of Great Emperor.

“Is it your own eyes?” I can’t help but think.

unless Zixia Saint resurrection, he does not understand, now there is a lot of Zixia Holy Land to challenge ancient land of samsara.

“Serving the aizal, watching the play, there is any doubt, you will understand later,” Xu Zimo Said with a smile.

He relies on the chair prepared by the ancient trees, slightly, Divine Consciousness let go of Ten Thousand LI.

Grey Dawn in the sky began to be wrapped by Zi Mae, and then Zi Masheng, the last black of dawn is also an excessive point.

In Zi Mang, a Golden’s sun begins to appear.

Xu Zimo originally closed eyes also slowly opened.

muttering: “Come.”

“The ancient land of samsara?” asked the ancestors.

His voice falls, see the sky, there is a black spot.

Former moment, this black point is still far from the sky, and it has come to the front of everyone.

This is a huge MONSTER Beast.

This Monster Beast is very similar to Black Horse, but he has no ear, but two Black Horn.

There is Red Glow in the body, and the tail behind him is very loud, like a group of magic.

and its face, it is like a dragon, a piece of scales wrapped.

On the back of this MONSTER BEAST, hold a mountain.

The mountain is steep, the thickness is extremely strong, and there is a chaotic rock.

“is a turn back to the mountain, the end of the world Great Saint Refining Supreme Treasure.

Although it is not entered to thousands of things, but the attack and defense, there are also countless people covepening three feet, “serving the ancestral replied.

“It seems that this ancient Land of Samsara is determined to destroy Zi Xia Holy Land.”

Returning to the mountain, then representing Great Saint.

“I have to be rooted, I am afraid that they are Great Saint, and I am in person with you,” He Feiyang said uncomfortable.

The figure of the Monster Beast is directly opened to the bloodpots after holy land near Zixia.

Its mouth is like a bottomless Pit, when it is open, it is the endless hell fire from it.

Only “hong” sound, the flame is filled the whole sky, where there is, it seems that all the sky is burning.

“Hell Ma,” He Feiyang lifted his eyes and saw him Flicks with the finger.

Gently Flicks with the finger, it is a glorious rush.

This is glorious in In The Sky explosion, it is like a meteorite day, but actually makes a number of streamer, and the MONSTER Beast has smashed.

Although Monster Beast continues to spread, those streamel packed, eventually fall in the hell horse.

Hell horse is mourning, and falling straight to the ground.

Seeing this scene, the existence of the Round returning mountain seems to be a bit dissatisfaction.

coldly Snorted.

is just Coldly Snorted, and there is a crack of the Earth Shook and The Mountain Quivered, and there are countless cracks.

countless ancient trees collapsed.

Great Saint is the power of Great Saint, it is visible to terror.

“Your Zixia Holy Land is like this,” “Ren Round, there is a shadow.

That is a man, height is eight feet, wearing a round of black and white robe.

There are two gray hair, and the robes in the fire, faintly floating.

“The Sect Master of the ancient land of samsara, the haired fairy.” The servo is slightly smashed and said.

In fact this name, people who heard the first time will feel weird.

But this name has a certain approach.

Taking the hate is known for the world, it is said that he has got a tired of Great Saint’s inheritance.

It is also recognized as it is also recognized, and the most opportunistic to have the most chance of the ancient Land of Samsara.

“Tired of the world, I am not you,” He Weiyang Lightly Saying.

“Let the people behind you.”

“a small Heavenly Wind City City Lord, dares to kill my ancient land of samsara’s Holy Son.

and so mouthful, who gives you the courage, “Tortiethics Coldly Snorted, said.

Obviously, this kind of thing is clear in a short time in a short period of time.

“I said, let the people behind you come out,” He Feiyang is too lazy, Lightly Saying.

“Otherwise I boke this broken mountain.”

“Courting Death,” Type Termination Loudly Shouted.

Spiritual Qi has skyrocketed, and the director is directly caught.

but next moment, only listen to “peng”.

The figure of the tired of the fairy is directly taken out by a slap.

This palm is amazing, no one has seen when to show it.

Taking the habit of the fairy from the ground, Withnin Both Eyes is more angry, and there are some survivors.

From the results of their survey, this Lord of this Heavenly Wind City is not Powerhouse.

It is also Trembling With Fear in these years, how is it so far.

“Do you want to try it?”

“You are in Courting Death,” I will talk about it.

Since he became the SECT MASTER of the ancient Land of Samsara, few people have dare to be impudent in front of him.

This kind of advantageous time is long, and it is habits.

I saw that I said that I took out a rope that exuded with a stunned fairy.

Why is he emitted, because this rope is only one meter, and each cut face is floating.

This is a great gas.

I don’t know how many people have blended it.

“Intravanic”, this rope once killed countless countries, today with it to end your Zixia Holy Land, it is best, “said the haired language.

Seeing this rope, as if he saw the tired white bones.

sees the blood sea, the body has become a mountain.

“It is indeed a unfortunately, but it is a tired of Great Saint, maybe it is necessary to fight.

but you …, “He Feiyang said this, showing a disdainful smile.

“You still don’t match.”

“In the mouth, wait for my refining, the world of Zixia Holy Land, see how you can,” I will hate the hairy Loudly shouted.

Put the rope directly to the sky.

After this haired rope rushed into the void, there was actually disappeared, as if it was in the sky.

“Her,” I saw Mutter Incantations in the mouth.

The sky of everyone has changed.

The blue sky has become a blood red.