I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1393


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After Liu Xingyun finished speaking, he resigned and left.

He can’t make up his mind because of this.

In the end, he still needs his presence behind the scenes to take action.

Xu Zimo drank the wine for himself. Suddenly, he felt a line of sight falling on him.

He looked up, only to see a young man sitting at the head staring at him.

The young man looked quite handsome.

Wearing a robe with flowers, the black hair is tied tightly in the bun.

There is some gloom between the eyebrows.

“Who is that guy?” Xu Zimo looked towards Bian Yue and asked.

“Mu Zhuo,” Bian Yue replied somewhat unhappy.

Originally, the Black Crow Mansion hoped that he married this Mu Zhuo.

Because Mu Zhuo is the second young master of Mu Family.

His big brother is Mu Qingyun, the most famous general in the whole city of Flamingo.

If the two get married, for the Black Crow Mansion and Mu Family, it can be described as a strong alliance.

But he doesn’t like Mu Zhuo.

He would rather find Xu Zimo casually from outside.

Then the two can pretend to be married, and when the time is right, they will take a break and settle the matter.

“Don’t be impulsive, the matter has not been investigated clearly before.

There is no evidence to help him,” Bian Yue calmed Xu Zimo.

When I was on the city wall before, someone wanted to push Xu Zimo off the city wall.

It’s this Mu Zhuo who made a ghost behind his back.

Xu Zimo doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about the opponent at all.

“When the meal is over, can I go to the Book Collection Pavilion in the Black Raven Mansion to have a look?” Xu Zimo asked.

“As long as you don’t go to the third floor, no one will stop you if you have my face in other places,” Bian Yue solemnly vowed answer.

Because the third floor is the core of the Black Raven Mansion.

The books stored in it, even Bian Yue can’t read it at will, even more how Xu Zimo.

“It’s okay, I just read some miscellaneous talk.”

Xu Zimo shook his head and said.

He is not interested in the cultivation technique and martial arts of the Black Crow Mansion at all.

Just want to know more about Blazing Realm.

In addition to the inheritance of the ancient gods, there is also the mysterious existence that created the water beasts.


At the end of the banquet, some celebrating people also left in small groups.

Bian Wenzhou, the palace lord of the Black Crow Mansion, sat in the top position.

Coughed slightly, and said: “Yue’er, it’s time to talk about you.”

“Father, didn’t you say it was done before,” Bian Yue stood up and replied.

“I don’t want to marry Mu Zhuo. I already have someone I like. You should support it.”

“You are pure mischief,” Second Elder next to him immediately scolded.

“How can I from Black Crow Mansion marry someone of unknown origin?”

“So what?

Second Elder must let me marry Mu Zhuo? Bian Yue asked back.

“I think so, it’s better to test that kid,” Bian Wenzhou said aloud.

“If he passes the test, he will allow you to marry.

If not, drive out of the City of Fury. “

When Bian Wenzhou’s voice fell, everyone else bowed their heads and thought.

This proposal is indeed reasonable.

And it was the Palace Lord’s meaning, they couldn’t refuse.

“I agree,” great elder said first.

“I agree too,” the others replied one after another.

Bian Yue hesitated and looked towards Xu Zimo.

Discovered Xu Zimo’s nonchalant look.

Can only ask: “How are you going to test?”

“This is very simple,” Bian Wenzhou said with a smile.

“In the younger generation of Black Crow Mansion, choose someone to fight with him.

Win or lose is the result. “

“Well,” the others glanced at each other, and they all agreed.

“Yue’er, go get ready,” Bian Wenzhou waved his hand.

said: “Tomorrow at noon, take him to the martial stage.”

Bian Yue took Xu Zimo and left.

Some other Elders also began to leave.

Only Bian Wenzhou sat on the head, motionless.

After everyone had left, Liu Xingyun came from the dark and stopped in front of him.

“The road has been paved, is your news accurate?” Bian Wenzhou asked again.

“Trust me,” Liu Xingyun nodded.

“That guy is definitely the Great Emperor. No one is his opponent in the younger generation of the Black Raven Mansion.”

Bian Wenzhou knocked on the side table looking thoughtful.

murmured to himself: “Mu Family, it looks like it’s going to be beaten.

But with Mu Qingyun there, I can’t beat too much. “


After a brief chat with Bian Yue, the two separated.

Bian Yue is going to rest.

And Xu Zimo is also going to continue studying the blue-eyed water beast.

This is an important thing on his way to the Great Saint.

Once he understands it thoroughly, he can really enter the Great Saint.

The night is getting darker.

When Xu Zimo woke up from the comprehension of the blue-eyed flowing water beast, there was an extra person in his room quietly.

Because of this sudden appearance, he had to be forced to wake up from his comprehension.

It was a woman wearing a white robe.

The woman stood in front of the window with her back to him.

The ribbon on her body is floating with the wind, and her black hair seems to be silver white under the bright moonlight.

“Who are you?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Bian Shishi, Bian Yue’s elder sister,” the woman replied.

Xu Zimo frowned.

He doesn’t know each other.

“Is there something?”

“Just come to see you,” the woman said with a smile.

She turned her back to Xu Zimo, couldn’t see her face, but her back was beautiful.

“Look at me?” Xu Zimo was a little confused.

“Demon Lord, long time no see,” Bian Shishi said suddenly.

This sentence made Xu Zimo’s gaze constricted.

The other party knew him, or knew about him.

And he knew nothing about this woman.

He didn’t like this passive feeling very much.

“Who are you?” Xu Zimo asked again.

“I have already answered, Eldest Miss from Black Raven Mansion, Bian Shishi,” the woman replied calmly.

“Do we know each other?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You know it too, don’t you know it.”

The woman was silent for a while, and finally said: “I know you, but you may not know me.”

Xu Zimo did not answer.

The woman also became silent.

The night is beautiful, and the full moon is in the sky.

Only the heat of Blazing Fire makes people feel a little uncomfortable.

“Demon Lord, I heard that you are looking for news about the ancient gods,” Bian Shishi said suddenly.

“It seems you want to break the exile of Antiquity Demon Lord.”

“Do you know the ancient gods?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I heard the news of your search for the ancient gods, so I am sure that you are the Demon Lord.”

Bian Shishi confessed: “I don’t know the ancient gods, but one person definitely knows.”

“Who?” Xu Zimo asked quickly.

Bian Shishi extends the hand, pointing to the blue-eyed flowing water beast next to Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo suddenly thought of something, but he was not sure.

“Where can I find him?” Xu Zimo asked again.

“I don’t know, but the next time the water beasts attack the city, you can try to track those water beasts.”

Bian Shishi replied: “Well, I have said everything that should be said.

The deceased has also met, it’s time to leave. “

Her voice fell, and the silhouette had disappeared in the moonlight.