I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1465


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“It seems that you are also a poor creature deceived by the ancestor.”

These people’s worship of the holy court has reached a crazy level.

As a situation of this level, blindly to this point, can only say that it is really stupid.

Xu Zimo no longer knows how to describe it.

These holy court people are really terrifying brainwashing.

For Xu Zimo’s words, black robed man coldly said: “When you kneel under my feet, I will let you know who is the poor bug.”

“not recognizing one’s family, beasts are not as good as beasts.

What is the meaning of your kind of person living in the world? “

Xu Zimo asked: “I ask myself that I am already the Great Demon in this world.

But I also respect my parents and love my friends.

Pirates have their own ways, and demons have their own ways.

For people like you, to live is to pollute this world. “

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the black robed man flushed with anger.

I saw him roar.

A powerful force burst out, and on the old tree, the cold glow became more and more exposed.

And the strength of Raging Flames brought by the Bell of Extreme Yang, fragile unable to withstand a single blow.

It was annihilated in an instant.

The Extreme Yang bell in Xu Zimo’s hand rang softly and was instantly frozen by the ice.

“It seems that this method doesn’t work,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Then I can only solve it by my own method.”

In fact, what the Merlin man gave him, he didn’t regard it as hope.

Imagine that the black robed man knew the threat of Extreme Yang’s bell a long time ago, so how could he let it go.

Finding a solution now is no surprise.

“Look, this is your ridiculous power.

You have no idea what is strong,” the black robed man said with a smile contemptuously.

The powerful left in his hand came.

The right hand lifted, and suddenly the thousands of vines entangled, this old tree obeyed his command.

Xu Zimo’s silhouette stepped back.

Just hearing the sound of “hong”, the place where he used to stand was suddenly pierced by thousands of ancient vines, and numerous densely packed holes appeared.

“Something,” Xu Zimo laughed.

“The fire is coming,” the fire of Zhu Rong in his hand was burning.

Invisible, the fire belongs to Kemu.

“You are not a fire clan, even if you master the law of fire, you are not strong enough.”

black robed man said with a sneer: “Fire can burn wood, it depends on what kind of wood is.

The fire of your Extreme Yang can do nothing, and you want to wishful thinking. “

“Your wood is not ordinary wood, but my fire, I call it first under the heavens.

Bring the flames of the fire race to me and I don’t look down on it either,” Xu Zimo said with a sneer.

With the fire of Zhu Rong burst open in the sky.

I saw endless flames filling the sky.

The sky seemed to be raining fire, and the entire Phoenix Ancient City was shrouded in flames.

Xu Zimo waved his hand, shouted loudly: “Fall.”

Suddenly the burning sound of crackle sounded.

Under the burning of the fire of Zhu Rong, the hard ice layer on the surface of the ancient tree was instantly melted.

The flame went straight into the old tree.

The roar of black robed man has been heard.

The black robed man didn’t dare to hold it up any more, and directly carried the ancient tree and galloped away from the ground, trying to escape from the scope of Zhurong’s fire.

“Why, you are not immortal, you are not afraid of this,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

The black robed man didn’t speak, just coldly snorted.

The burning sensation from his body made him feel hot and painful.

“This world is like this fire.”

“So you are less knowledgeable,” Xu Zimo replied.

“When you join the holy court, you think you are first under the heavens.

Everyone knows that Peak in the world is like this. “

The black robed man did not refute this time, nor was he taking advantage of his tongue.

He looked towards the other three Great Saints.

instructed: “You guys are ready, this thief is ferocious, and he must be killed here today.”

“Don’t worry,” the other three Saints are all nodded.

The four of them sat cross-legged as they spoke.

I saw only one of them, Saint both hands forming seals.

mutter incantations in the mouth: “pardon.”

“Raccoon,” the other three followed.



The words they read were weird, as if they were a mantra.

But when every word falls, the power on the sky is a bit heavier.

Xu Zimo frowned, this kind of power even felt pressure on him.

Looked up at the sky.

There is already a thunder there.

Lei Hai hovered above his head, constantly surging with thousands of thunder.

That thunder is like Heavenly Might.

Makes people afraid to look directly at the past.

Xu Zimo will naturally not give them a chance to read the complete formula.

He shouted lightly, and the Tyrant Shadow in his hand had fallen.

The powerful blade meant to sweep Heaven and Earth.

Blade intention surging in four directions respectively.

Kill the four Great Saints separately.

However, the four of them are also extremely fast, constantly moving in the sky, avoiding the attack of Tyrant Shadow.

They also do not meet force with force with Xu Zimo.

Just to complete the attack that has been launched in the sky.

“Stop them,” Xu Zimo looked towards Zixia Saint, instructed.

Zixia Saint slightly nodded.

The two of them had just made a move, and suddenly felt a pressure from the sky.

Directly suppress the bodies of the two.

I don’t want the two of them to have any power in the air.

Xu Zimo looked up at the group of sacrificed lives, behind the Great Emperor in the sky.

coldly said: “I didn’t bother to kill you.

But since you are courting death, then kill you first. “

He said that the sky-shaking giant behind him had risen from the sky.

The mighty power came over.

Constantly roaring in the sky.

The Sky Shaking Giant first grabbed it with a big hand, and then grabbed the Great Emperor at the extreme edge.

The opponent didn’t even have time to react.

It seems that the big hand is too hard, and it directly squeezed into blood mist.

Several other Great Emperors were all taken aback.

The sky-shaking giant was roaring, flapping the seal in the sky continuously, while rushing towards the portal in the sky.

Those Great Emperors dared not get close and could only use long-range attacks.

The Sky Shaking Giant stepped forward, basically one in each hand.

One grasp and one steady.

These Great Emperors had no chance to resist at all.

Under the spare no effort of the Sky Shaking Giant, all the Great Emperors were quickly solved.

On the side of the four Great Saints, they sang faster and faster.

It has even reached its limit.

On that sky, it is like the end of the world.

The thunder is already rich to an indescribable level.

Without the shackles of the seal.

Xu Zimo and the two also rushed towards several Great Saints quickly.

The powerful force in the hand is reflected.

At the critical moment, the black robed man did not evade and shook his palm.

When he flew out, the chapter of the last word in his mouth was just over.


Finally, the thunder on the sky has gathered together.

After the black robed man’s silhouette flew upside down, it was also bloody and cruel.

“You are dead,” the black robed man vomited blood, said with a big smile.

“This is the extinction curse of the holy court.”