I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1466


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“With this curse, no one can save you.

This is the curse of death. “

Although the black robed man said this is a bit bluffing.

But I feel the powerful force in the sky.

Xu Zimo still looked towards Zixia Saint and said, “You go first.”

“We can try to block this blow,” Zixia Saint replied.

“Remember what I told you before,” Xu Zimo asked.

Zixia Saint slightly nodded.

Xu Zimo said before, if there is no resistance, or a real crisis.

He can protect himself.

And let Zixia Saint leave first and take care of herself.

Thinking of this, Zixia Saint quickly said: “I am waiting for you in the old place.”

The old place he was referring to was naturally the place where the two met, Shenghai City.

Zixia Saint wants to return to Shenghai City, he has nowhere to go anyway, and he is afraid that Xu Zimo will not find herself after coming out.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

Seeing that the crisis above his head was approaching, Xu Zimo didn’t care. Instead, he controlled the sky-shaking giant to blast in the sky’s portal.

This portal is the culprit that sealed the entire Phoenix Ancient City.

Break him, and the seal will be undone naturally.

Xu Zimo wanted to destroy the extinguish sect households, and those Great Saints were naturally unwilling.

It’s just that they used their full strength to use this extermination curse, but they have not recovered.

So at this moment, when Xu Zimo strikes the portal desperately, they have no power to resist.

There was an explosion accompanied by “hong”.

The door was completely shattered.

And Zixia Saint took the opportunity to evolve a holy light of purple clouds, and then disappear without a trace.

Several Saints wanted to stop, but there was no chance.

But the black robed man coldly snorted, said: “You are the big fish, kill you, there is not enough in Shenghai City and that person, there is not enough to be a bird in the palm, can not escape.”

Xu Zimo did not answer.

Four Great Saints trapped him with all around scenes.

The Zixia Saint had already escaped, and even if several people desperately died, they wanted to keep Xu Zimo.

And Xu Zimo is also very calm, he never thought of running away from at first.

At this moment, the sky has completely fallen.

The thunder riot, like destroying heaven extinguishing earth, enveloped everything.

Immediately, the breath of lore permeated.

Seeing this scene, many people probably think that Thunder is the beginning of the killing.

Actually, the real ultimate move is not Thunder.

But in the thunder package, a cloud of gray mist that made people stop watching.

Even the Great Saint didn’t want to get a little mist.

Like a jackal, tiger and leopard, avoid it.

The four of them evaded far away, seeing the mist enveloping Xu Zimo, leaving him nowhere to escape.

All four also showed relaxed expressions on their faces.

They paid a great price for the ambush this time.

Just those Great Emperors who died.

Although the status of those Great Emperors is not high in the holy court, because they will not be able to advance to the Great Saint for the rest of their lives.

That’s the possible use value.

So although their death is regrettable, it is inevitable.

The holy court cultivates that many people, isn’t it just sacrifice.

If not, what is the meaning of their lives?

This is the rule in the holy court.

Sacrifice, or death, is an honor for them.

It is the glory of Supreme to be able to die for the holy court.


The gray mist was enveloped.

Xu Zimo could clearly perceive that his whole body was rotted.

From one’s own body, Divine Soul, vein, even blood and internal organs.

This time, he did not resist.

Did not use Tree of Life’s Qi of Life to counter this death.

Just let yourself die like this.

Seeing him die a little bit.

Among the four Great Saints, one of them looked towards the black robed man and asked, “Is he dead like this?”

“Otherwise?” black robed man asked rhetorically.

“I think we can control him. Seeing his background is quite extraordinary, maybe we can grasp this and implement our other plans,” the Great Saint suggested.

The black robed man is thinking.

When I want to come, he is also considering the pros and cons.

“Then use a square seal, after catching him, kill him if it’s useless,” said black robed man.

He pondered for a long time, and finally decided to take a risk.

Originally, their plan should be steady.

All four are nodded.

The imprints in the hands are formed, and a breath of air flows from everyone’s fingertips.

When these four qi fuse together, it instantly formed the shape of a coffin.

“Seal,” the four were loudly shouted.

A powerful force waved in, and the coffin passed through the mist.

Let those decayed mists open a way.

Then, like a crystal coffin, Xu Zimo was enveloped in it little by little and closed.

At this moment, Xu Zimo has no life.

It looks no different from the dead.

“This extermination curse is really overbearing. If you don’t work hard at this moment, it will really destroy everything,” Great Saint said with emotion.

“Of course, you think the things handed down by the ancestors will be simple,” someone coldly snorted and said.

“Leave this guy first,” the black robed man said.

The crowd controlled the crystal coffin and slowly approached.

Even if they are facing this extinction curse, they must be cautiously.

To touch it is to die.

That’s so overbearing.

Before and after receiving the crystal coffin with Xu Zimo, everyone began to check the situation of Xu Zimo.

In the end, it was confirmed that Xu Zimo has been living hanging by a thread.

In this case, it can be considered half-dead.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there are four people alive.

“You go find out his identity, I hope it’s a big fish,” black robed man looked towards one of the Great Saints, instructed.

It can be seen that the status of this black robed man among this group of people is quite high.

Being able to order other people is the principal here.

“Okay,” the Great Saint nodded, the silhouette is hidden in the sky.

“What happened to Shenghai City?” The black robed man looked towards another Great Saint again.

“We have hidden many mutated water beasts in the city.

But it is unrealistic to rely on them to attack the city.

At best, there is some confusion.

The real big head is the waterproof armor we developed,” Saint replied.

“Moreover, experiments have proved that those armors are strong enough to support the destruction of Shenghai City.”

“What did they say over there?” the black robed man asked after thinking a little.

“That group of idiots are still dreaming of their spring and autumn dreams.

Naturally, I promised them all the conditions that could be promised, but it is up to them to enjoy life or not,” Great Saint replied gloomily.

“It is not appropriate to conflict with them now,” black robed man nodded, and finally warned repeatedly.

“Wait for this to happen, when the time comes, do whatever you want.

I’m going to leave the abyss of fire. “

“Then what should he do?” Great Saint looked towards the coffin with Xu Zimo and asked.

“Let me take it,” the black robed man said uneasy.

“So as to avoid any accidents.”

Several people were nodded and all agreed.