I’m Really a Villain Chapter 883

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Shi Shaosuo’s tone was a bit solemn, it seems that he knew something and so on.

“Shi patriarch, is there any difference with this crow?” Monk Dazhi asked from the side.

He had never heard of such a world-destroying night crow, so he was curious.

“This world-destroying night crow is the representative of the unknown beast. It is said that every time it appears, it will bring disaster.”

Shi Shaosuo explained: “A long time ago, when my Stone Race landed here, I lived with a world-destroying night crow.

It has brought countless disasters to this land, and even a group of clan elders in the clan can’t help it.

Later, Heavenly Dao Academy had a powerhouse coming and beheaded it.

didn’t expect this Shaoqing Yu’s true fate turned out to be this unknown beast. “

As everyone knows, the condensate of true fate, must have a reference.

One flower and one grass of the world is also acceptable, and it is definitely not something that people can imagine at will.


At the center of the field at this moment, Dark Qi filled the earth.

The dark clouds above the head are getting denser and denser, as if howling wind and torrential rain are coming.

In this gloomy weather, a huge crow opened its gloomy eyes.

Staring at Xu Zimo quietly as if looking at a dead person.

A few black feathers fell gently with the breeze.

Yu Shaoqing looked at Xu Zimo without saying a word.

Suddenly, it sounded with a sharp and resounding cry.

Everyone present only felt the shock of Divine Soul and cardiac arrest, all being shrouded in 1-layer unknown.

The huge body of the World Exterminating Night Crow swept across the boundless sky, and the sharp claw, which was countless times harder than steel, grabbed Xu Zimo directly.

Xu Zimo was slightly frowned, holding Tyrant Shadow and slamming the past.

With a sound of “peng”, sparks splashed 4, and the space all around was shattered.

The subduction force from the impact of the World Extinguishing Dark Night Crow knocked Xu Zimo out a few meters away.

Immediately afterwards, it opened its mouth, and a torrent of darkness spewed out with billowing power.

Xu Zimo quickly pulled out Tyrant Shadow and stood in front of him.

But this powerful force still knocked him out.

“Gu gu gu,” the extinction dark night crow silhouette floated in the air, watching the direction where Xu Zimo flew out.

Xu Zimo stabilized his figure and looked at each other with interest.

He looked down at his arms, and the place where he had just touched the Dark Night Crow was eroded by Dark Qi at this moment.

These Dark Qi surged towards him within the body, seeming to want to swallow his whole person.


Seeing that Xu Zimo suffered little damage, the World Exterminating Night Crow roared again.

The huge silhouette turned into a black streamer, piercing through the silent void, and slew towards Xu Zimo.

And it’s not just speed.

He seems to be a real streamer, and the speed is faster than ever.

When he rushed over, he saw that with Xu Zimo as the center, all around turned out to be the afterimage of the World Exterminating Night Crow.

Countless afterimages, like countless world-destroying night crows, were killed all around from all around.

Xu Zimo didn’t even have time to react.

He just felt the attack rain falling, covering his whole body.

The explosion of “hong long long” fell at the center of the battle.

As the void exploded, Xu Zimo’s silhouette was knocked out again.

The broken space began to recover a little bit,

But everyone underneath was stunned.

“What monster is this?” someone murmured.

“The Dark Night Crow is a very strong monster beast. Many Divine Beasts don’t dare provoke it.”

Shi Shaosuo said in a low voice.

“What’s the matter, I was so mad just now, now silent?”

Yu Shaoqing’s laughter came from behind.

Xu Zimo grinned slightly and got up from the ground.

I squeezed my neck and replied: “I just saw this monster beast for the first time. I want to try its attack that’s all.”

Seeing Xu Zimo’s relaxed face, Yu Shaoqing is slightly frowned.

“This guy was unscathed after the battle just now?”

Yu Shaoqing was a little frightened, if this level of attack could not hurt Xu Zimo.

Then his defense is probably already strong enough.

“Kill,” Yu Shaoqing ordered again.

There was a strong killing intent in his tone.

The World Extinguishing Night Crow opened its mouth again, and the torrent of darkness destroyed all the void along the way and killed Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo did not evade, letting the torrent hit him.

“Thank you for your strength,” Xu Zimo said lightly with a smile.

The strength of within the body rotates slightly, shaking the strength of Heaven permeating the whole body.

This dark torrent could not knock him back at all.

And these Dark Qi who wanted to corrode were all isolated by him.

Yu Shaoqing took a deep breath, right hand stroked.

I saw this world-destroying night crow flicking across the void again, turning into countless illusory shadows in the same way.

Kill from all around.

“Use the same way twice, it’s boring.” Xu Zimo lightly said with a smile.

Seeing the afterimages flickering all around, Xu Zimo’s eyes suddenly changed, as if there was a streamer within both eyes flickering.

He stretched out his hands and grabbed at in midair.

Hearing only a scream, the World Extinguishing Night Crow that shuttled through the void and turned into countless afterimages was directly caught in the palm of his hand.

“How come?” Yu Shaoqing’s face was horrified.

He knows the speed of his life best.

Don’t say caught it, even if it is a general powerhouse, you can’t even see the trajectory of the flight.

He hastily controlled the World Exterminating Night Crow to break free.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain.

Xu Zimo squeezed his neck and grabbed the World Exterminating Night Crow in the palm of his hand.

He grinned lightly, and grabbed the left wing of the Dark Night Crow with one hand.

It actually tore it alive.

With the miserable cry of the Dark Night Crow, Yu Shaoqing spit a mouthful of blood.

This is his true fate, what tore is the Dark Night Crow, but what actually tore is his true fate.

“Stop it,” Yu Shaoqing shouted.

But Xu Zimo still didn’t stop, and then grabbed his right wing and tore it apart.

Yu Shaoqing once again let out a loud roar of “have one’s hair stand on end,” and she fell to the ground, dying.

“Wait,” the Yu clan next to him couldn’t see it.

I saw the patriarch Yu Feihuang of the Yu clan quickly stretched out his hands to block.

“What? You want to intervene?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Let him go, we give up,” Yu Feihuang said with embarrassment.

“That’s not good,” Xu Zimo laughed.

“Didn’t you say Life and Death Battle? There is still such a thing as conceding halfway?”

Shi Shaosuo behind him also looked angry.

Shouted: “Do you Yu Clan want to break the rules?”

However, Emperor Yu Fei simply ignored Shi Shaosuo.

Instead, he continued to look towards Xu Zimo and said, “youngster, stay on the sidelines for doing things, there is no need to be dead.

You still have a great time. “

“Dead?” Xu Zimo looked up, grinning.

“Please die.”

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