I’m Really a Villain Chapter 885

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Shi Shaosu couldn’t understand Xu Zimo’s words.

But he didn’t ask too much, just said: “Since the young master Xu has got the Paragon hammer, do you plan to leave?”

“I have my own plan,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

Shi Shaosuo was nodded, but didn’t ask much.


At this time, in the territory of the feather clan

A group of high-level feather clan sitting in the great hall, the atmosphere is slightly solemn.

“Let’s talk about it,” Yu Feihuang’s voice sounded after a long time.

His voice is a bit tired and deep.

Because Yu Shaoqing is the younger generation he values ​​most, it can be said that he is almost the heir to the next clansman.

Now it’s so dead, no matter what, it can’t be justified.

Everyone underneath was silent for a while.

In the end, only one old man stood up and said, “I don’t think we should fight one by one.

Simply flatten them. “

“The tactics are okay, the key is that the guy who appeared suddenly disrupted the game,” Yu Feihuang shook his head and replied.

“Then who should be sent to fight now?” the old man asked.

“Shaoqing is already one of the strongest battle strengths in the clan today. If one is one, no one is sure to win against Shaoqing.

But this time it was easily killed, who can be sure? “

“I agree with Second Elder, there is no need to fight again.

Let’s directly attack the stone Holy Mountain and kill Shi Shaosuo. “

Someone underneath continued.

“We have successfully instigated Shi Yan Elder, and when the time comes, he has his authority.

I believe it is not difficult to control Stone Race. “

“Well, if you don’t have any opinions, then attack the stone Holy Mountain,” Yu Feihuang looked around and asked.

Everyone is nodded.

“I’ll ask the clan elder, do it quickly, try not to show up outside,” Yu Feihuang said.

His tone barely fell, and the void in front of him suddenly fluctuated.

A silhouette came out of the void.

This silhouette is an old man.

Wearing a golden-yellow robe and long hair, it is also a golden-yellow long hair.

Within both eyes, the Dragon Mark faintly flickers.

His face is full of gullies left by years.

“It turned out to be Elder of the Ancient World,” Yu Fei Huang said lightly with a smile when he saw the person coming.

This old man is Elder of the ancient dragon dynasty, and also the middleman who has been in contact with the two forces.

“I wonder if Elder Gu came to our Yu clan. Is there anything wrong?”

“I heard that Yu Shaoqing was killed?” Gu Zhiya asked with a smile.

“Elder Gu, just tell me if you have anything, you don’t have to be circumspect,” a feather clan Elder indifferently asked underneath.

To mention this is undoubtedly to sprinkle salt on their wounds.

“Don’t get me wrong, everyone, I don’t mean anything else,” Gu Zhiya said with a smile.

“It’s just this attack on Stone Race that counts as our Gulong Dynasty.

There is only one request, and that Xu Zimo’s item is topped. “

“Didn’t you Gulong Dynasty always refuse to show up?” Yu Feihuang frowned and asked.

Although they have an alliance with the ancient dragon dynasty, they also deal with Stone Race together.

However, the ancient dragon dynasty mostly played secret roles and never showed up.

But this time, it changed the abnormality, which is really strange.

“I don’t hide it from you, this time we are attacking Stone Race, we are here specifically for Xu Zimo.”

Gu Zhiya said.

“We got news a few days ago that our contemporary Holy Son was beheaded by Xu Zimo at Heavenly Dao Academy.

I said that, you should understand. “

Emperor Yu Fei thought a little, and then said with a smile: “Welcome to the ancient dragon dynasty to join, beheading tonight.”


The light is fleeting, and the stars are dotted like chess pieces falling on the chessboard.

Monk Dazhi looked towards Xu Zimo and asked: “When will you leave?”

“Almost,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

He sat in the pavilion in the Stone Heart Pavilion, slightly stretched out and leaned back on the stone chair.

Motionless, quietly feel the breeze blowing oncoming.

“Brother Xu is really leisurely,” Lu Ze said from the side.

But Xu Zimo not at all bothered.

Lu Ze’s eyes condensed slightly, and the severe light flashed by and disappeared quickly.

Xu Zimo is waiting for the emergence of the Yu clan.

No evidence is needed, just a subconscious answer, and the Yu clan will not let it go.

In these 2 days, there will be a great decisive battle for Stone Race.

The darkness gradually thickened.

Xu Zimo still didn’t plan to meet the room, the whole person seemed to fuse together with the darkness.

Silently disappeared into the night.

“Peng peng peng”, several hong long long explosions suddenly sounded like thunder, which sounded from all the clansman ears of Stone Race.

Most people wake up after being bombed.

“What happened?” someone asked in surprise.

“It seems someone is attacking Holy Mountain, everyone, go and gather.”

A panicked roar followed.

Many people hurriedly gathered at the gate of Holy Mountain.

“Come on,” Xu Zimo’s closed eyes suddenly opened, and he chuckled lightly.

Stone Holy Mountain’s all around, densely packed crowds can be as many as 10000 people, surrounded by all around.

In the sky, there are countless black spots flying by, soaring upward.

“Shi Shaosuo, come out and die,” a light shout sounded in the sky.

With the attack coming from all around, the barrier on the surface of this stone Holy Mountain is already in danger and will not last long.

“Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!”

The roars of countless feather clansmans are connected together, deafening and resounding in the sky.

“Emperor Yu Fei, what do you want to do?” Shi Shaosuo followed a group of people, fluttering in white, his eyes gloomy and uncertain.

“I will attack you Stone Race today, if you are acquainted, behave like a face.

Can avoid the scourge of genocide,” Yu Feihuang coldly snorted and said.

“If I really want to resist desperately, then I can only see one kill one.”

The “boom~ boom~” sound continued.

Hearing only the slight “ka-cha” sound imprinted in my ears, the surrounding barrier could not be held up after all, and it was completely broken.

Just like 1-layer glass.

“Flying to the Imperial Brother, we haven’t played against each other for a long time,” Shi Shaosuo lightly shouted.

“The old bones should move today.”

“Okay, that’s as you wish,” Yu Feihuang replied faintly facing away.

Shi Shaoshuo turned around and looked towards the clansman behind him, with a somewhat roar voice saying: “Today is the moment of life and death for the race.

Are you willing to meet the enemy with me? “

“Wish,” clansman shouted at Stone Race at the same time.

The sound came one after another, spread all over the mountain.

The people of Feather Race and Stone Race are like two different torrents, fighting together.

The Feathers are encircling and suppressing, and Stone Race wants to desperately in this encirclement, tear a hole.

Two torrents were mixed together, and the war was about to start.

Emperor Yu Fei also stood alone with Shi Shaosuo.

The seven core Elders of the feather clan stepped into the air at the same time, and several pairs of eyes looked at each other at the same time.

“According to the previous tactics, first use the human sea tactics to kill the kid in the morning.

His threat is the greatest. “

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