I’m Really a Villain Chapter 886

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“The seven of us fought together, more than enough for him.”

“Find him first, don’t let that kid run away.”

“Don’t worry, I told Lu Ze to stop long ago and can’t run away.”

7 people discuss spiritedly, and then stepped into the air.

They went to Shixin Pavilion from the very beginning, not at all detours.

“Lu Xiaozi,” Third Elder hurriedly shouted when he saw Lu Ze waiting at the door of Shixin Pavilion.

“Seven Elder,” Lu Ze greeted quickly.

“People are inside, and they have never left.”

“That’s good, this time I will trouble you,” great elder said in a tranquil voice.

“We owe you a favor for this matter, and we shall repay it later.”

Lu Ze smiled nodded.

You can imagine the difficulty of making the 7 core Elder of the feather clan owe him favor.

We must know that 7 of the 6 Elders are Divine Vein Peak, and the great elder has already become a fairy.

“If you really want them to pay back your favor, it’s okay for you to go to hell and pay it back when they go to hell.”

At this moment, a chuckle sounded from the side.

“Who, come out,” great elder looked towards Shixin Pavilion, behind a rockery, lightly saying.

I saw Xu Zimo slowly walk out of it.

“Spiritual sense is not bad.”

“It seems someone is ready to die,” great elder lightly saying.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time, you are much slower than I thought,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

Great elder’s eyes condensed, his eyes flickered, and he looked at all around.

I want to see if there are other ambushes.

Feeling his eyes falling on him, Lu Ze waved his hand quickly and said, “Seven Elders, I didn’t say anything.

At this time, don’t you think I’m so stupid? “

“That’s right,” great elder slightly nodded.

looked towards Xu Zimo, scolded: “Pretend to be.”

Xu Zimo shook his head slightly, the next moment, the silhouette had disappeared in place and appeared in front of the great elder.

When the wind came, he patted the spiritual qi with endless agitation.

The two palms faced each other, and as a strong wind spread out in the center, the silhouettes of the two people actually retreated at the same time.

“Into the fairy? Interesting,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“You Yu Clan are really willing.”

“Everyone, be careful,” great elder reminded solemnly.

End it,” Second Elder said from the side.

I saw a quick seal in the hands of 7 people, and one after another formation seal emerged from the hands.

Melted into the void.

Xu Zimo wants to interrupt, but these people are very fast. They only know to dodge and do not fight directly with Xu Zimo.

Finally, when the formation seal is all condensed.

Just listen to great elder a light shout, “Get up.”

Immediately, the grandiose power erupted from within the body, and the entire sky was suppressed.

The 7 great elder stood in 7 different positions, and everyone was surrounded by mighty power.

Not forever.

The coverage area of ​​this formation is very broad, enclosing the entire Shixin Pavilion.

Xu Zimo looked at this formation carefully.

I found that this is just an increase array, without any attribute bonuses.

The so-called booster array is the increase in attack, speed, and defense for all aspects of the caster.

“Kill,” the seven Elders shouted lightly at the same time.

The weapons in his hands were different, and they all killed Xu Zimo.

Except for the great elder who is so immortal, Xu Zimo doesn’t care about other people.

He holds Tyrant Shadow in his hand and responds very casually and calmly.

Tyrant Shadow pierced through the silent void with a rapid speed. After a few rounds, a blade pierced the seventh elder’s chest.

“Old 7,” the other Elders shouted.

Just listen to the great elder saying: “This kid is a bit wicked. Don’t have any reservations, just go all out.”

The seventh elder was pierced and wanted to break free.

But Xu Zimo strangled his throat with one hand, and directly one strike certain kill, screwing up his head.

The other 6 Elders are dead.

These fate are different, including tree monster, flame lion, Azure Dragon, blade, sword………….

In short, various weapons and monster beasts are their true destiny.

Suddenly, the entire firmament spiritual qi mutation raged.

The endless power rolls down with the mighty torrent.

Xu Zimo was surrounded at the center point for a while.

“Boy, die,” Third Elder shouted sharply, the sword in his hand running through the void.

The speed is blurred, leaving countless afterimages behind him.

Xu Zimo chuckled in his hands.

The strength of within the body was spinning crazily, and the silhouette of the sky-shaking giant gradually solidified behind him.

I saw the sky-shaking giant slapped it with his right palm and directly shot Third Elder away.

“What is this monster?”

“Is his fate? It doesn’t look like it.”

Before everyone could talk, I saw Third Elder pinched by the sky shaking giant in his palm.

Just like an ant, it is directly pinched and exploded, and the blood mist disperses.

“Quick, you are not the opponent of this guy,” great elder shouted anxiously from the side.

He stands in the front, and can still make 1-2 moves with Xu Zimo, trying to cover the other people’s retreat.

However, the attack of the Sky Shaking Giant is fierce.

One foot is broken mountains and rivers, and one punch can break the sky.

With a few simple tricks, great elder shook the attack for covering others.

He vomited blood and was seriously injured.

“Hurry up and tell patriarch, we can’t fight this person,” great elder yelled.

But his tone barely fell, and his right leg was caught by the Shaking Giant.

He fell wildly on the ground.

The explosion of “peng peng peng” sounded.

Seeing that the other Elders were about to flee, the Sky Shaking Giant threw the body of great elder directly away.

The corpse was like a missile, knocking all the other Elders into flight.

“You, who the hell are you?” Fourth Elder asked difficultly to get up from the ground.

“You can go to hell and ask, there are a lot of people I killed, maybe they can answer your question,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

He picked up the blade and was about to cut off the heads of each and everyone.

But when he just lifted Tyrant Shadow, a stream of light suddenly hit from a distance.

Xu Zimo quickly turned sideways to resist.

The streamer’s formidable power was amazing. When it hit Tyrant Shadow, Xu Zimo’s hands trembled slightly.

Backward three to four steps in a row.

He looked up and saw two people stepping into the air, coming soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

This is a man and an old man.

The old man divine poise and sagelike features, with white beard, white hair, and a white robe draped behind him.

There is also a pair of wings that are holy like angels.

The man is wearing a tight-fitting white robe, his eyes faintly domineering.

He carries 2 long swords on his back.

Can’t see his wings.

“It’s so vicious and merciless at a young age,” a magnificent voice fell.

“It seems that there are many murderers.”

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