I’m Really a Villain Chapter 887

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“It sounds like you are a philanthropist,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

Seeing the appearance of old man and middle-aged man, these Feathered Elders have avoided drastic changes.

Fourth Elder quickly greeted: “Old Ancestor, old Ancestor, why are you here?”

The white robed old man is also the so-called Old Ancestor. He replied indifferently: “Sect attacked Stone Race. How could we not be there for such an important matter.”

“Yes,” Fourth Elder slightly nodded.

“After so many years, I still haven’t grown up, and you guys are really disappointing,” said Yu Chengfeng Old Ancestor next to him.

“So many people hit one, and the realm is the same, so you can be so embarrassed.”

Hearing what his Old Ancestor said, Fourth Elder lowered his head slightly.

Suddenly a bit of speech was lost.

He didn’t dare to refute, after all, let alone escape now, even his life is a matter of life and death.

“Hey, I don’t want to listen to you guys talking about family affairs here,” Xu Zimo said impatiently.

“Since your Excellency is going to be an enemy of my Yu clan, then I will come to learn,” said Chengfeng Old Ancestor next to it.

He stepped into the air, dressed in a white robe, handsome, and a bit like a young master in the world.

The Two Swords behind his back also trembled slightly at this moment and groaned softly.

It seems to want to play.

“Old Ancestor, be careful,” several Elders on the side quickly reminded.

“Take care of yourself,” Chengfeng Old Ancestor lightly saying.

His whole body is powerful, and the majestic Immortal Qi gushes out from behind.

Like the Milky Way hanging upside down 3000 li, annihilating the Nine Provinces volley.

The entire sky was shrouded by this grandiose celestial might.

Obviously, his entry into Immortal Realm is much better than great elder.

At least Immortal King, even Xianzhiji is not impossible.

The two long swords behind him turned into streamers, and an azure floats around the body of the windy Old Ancestor.

The other purple is in his hand.

With two swords coming out, the boundless sword intent Xiao Xiao fell, with Ling Ran’s solemn chill.

“Kill,” Cheng Feng Old Ancestor a light shout.

Directly rush towards Xu Zimo.

The Tyrant Shadow in Xu Zimo’s hands is also not shy, with an astonishing blade intention to fight with him.

The blade wailed, and the two collided in the sky.

Shattered a large piece of void.

“Ride the wind and break the waves,” Yu Chengfeng a light shout.

The Two Swords around him seemed to have turned into a huge wave, flooding the entire void.

Xu Zimo was also enveloped.

Overhead “crash-bang” turbulent waves rise above the head.

When the waves were surging, I saw 2 sword lights split everything.

As if to cut endlessly to refine Guanghua, he directly flicked at Xu Zimo left and right.

Two Swords is as fast as the speed of light, shattering all the void when it came, as if gathering everything on one point.

“Peng peng” 2 sharp sword chants collided with each other.

Xu Zimo saw one hand in one hand, and two hands respectively grabbing Two Swords in his palms.

Long sword was struggling desperately, but Xu Zimo still ignored it.

He didn’t let go even if the palms were open and the blood was flowing.

Seeing Xu Zimo grabbing his Two Swords, Old Ancestor’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Give it back to you,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

He picked up the double swords, made a big circle 360 ​​degrees, and then threw the double swords out.

2 Kill the long sword towards Old Ancestor with an amazing sword intent.

Countless streamers surging from the tip of the sword, the streamer breaks through everything, as if truly riding the wind and waves.

Chengfeng Old Ancestor wanted to dodge and it was impossible. He held two palms together, and the spiritual qi of light purple filled his palm.

Immediately, both palms were slowly opened, and a purple barrier appeared and blocked the front.

An explosion of “hong” exploded in front of him along with the 2 long swords that had been killed.

The purple barrier instantly shattered, and the silhouette of the windy Old Ancestor flew upside down.

Old Ancestor slightly frowned on the side.

“Wind,” he shouted toward the center of the explosion.

“No problem,” the silhouette of Chengfeng Old Ancestor walked out of it.

He didn’t seem to be seriously injured, but the white robe was a little messy.

The bun on the top of the head has also fallen off, and the black hair is a little unkempt.

He looked towards Xu Zimo with solemn eyes.

Then he said: “Heroes come out from the Youth since ancient times, sure enough, among the younger generation, you have proud capital.”

“Are you all right?” Old Ancestor asked from the side.

“Let’s go together,” Cheng Feng Old Ancestor turned to replied.

“What?” Old Ancestor was slightly stunned.

They are two Old Ancestors, to bully a junior, it is a bit shameful to say this.

“He is not simple, I am afraid that I am not an opponent,” Chengfeng Old Ancestor just a few words to explain the reason concisely.

The Old Ancestor next to the machine is still a little dazed.

You know Xu Zimo, but Divine Vein Realm that’s all.

He is the best of immortals, and the popular Old Ancestor is the Immortal King. When will he be unable to beat a Divine Vein.

But Xu Zimo didn’t give him much room for thinking.

Heavenspan 3 Shengmen and the strength of Heaven are both spinning crazily in his within the body.

The sky above the head was broken by 3 doors.

When the three doors of life, death, and eternal life are opened, the endless brilliance falls from them.

The sky-shaking giant is bathed in light, roar towards the sky.

Such a vision naturally shocked the stone Holy Mountain, the clansman of the 2 clans in the entire war.

“What is that?” someone asked in surprise.

“I don’t know, it seems to be the direction of 2 Old Ancestors.”

“Everyone try to stay away, that’s not something we can reach.”

“Is there anyone in this Stone Race who can compete with 2 Old Ancestors?” Someone asked questioningly.

There are not many real Old Ancestors in Stone Race.

Although the reproduction time of their race is very long, the lifespan is not too long.

According to rumors, the ancestor of Stone Race was a strange stone from Heaven and Earth.

They have no flesh and blood. The reason why they can have consciousness and survival depends on the stone essence within the body.

When the stone essence is exhausted, their lifespan will end.

This different way of survival also makes the lifespan of Stone Race generally short.

According to the information they received, in the current Stone Race, an Old Ancestor died a few years ago.

Now there is only one Old Ancestor left, and when it comes to the dying year, he will not easily make a move.

It is estimated that if there is no battle, Shi Jing’s time will not be allowed.

This is why they dare to attack Stone Race so impudent.


At this moment, the sky above is completely filled with Immortal Qi of 2 grandiose.

2 Everyone is true to life.

The fate of Chengfeng Old Ancestor is two channels of gas, one purple and one green, flowing around him.

And behind Old Ancestor is a roulette.

This roulette is slowly spinning, as if it is closely related to everyone present.

It seemed as if there was an invisible thread connecting everyone present with the roulette.

Invisible, intangible, but real.

Especially at the moment when this roulette appeared, everyone felt even stronger.

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