I’m Really a Villain Chapter 888

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Xu Zimo looked towards 2 people and chuckled lightly.

“You use the wheel of fortune to involve him, I will kill him,” Chengfeng Old Ancestor lightly saying.

Both of his hands hold the sword, without the slightest negligence.

The blue and purple gas behind him poured into the swords.

An astonishing sword intent erupted in an instant.

“The sword of sentiment stretches like the sea,” Chengfeng Old Ancestor a light shout.

The green sword of the right hand swept across the silent sky and fell in front of Xu Zimo.

Tyrant Shadow instantly resisted the reversal of reincarnation.

Samsara is reversing, Heaven and Earth are divided into 2 colors, black and white Yin and Yang remain unchanged.

The blades collided, and the entire Heaven and Earth all around collapsed with two people as the center.

After this popular Old Ancestor merged with true fate, the strength was much stronger.

Even faintly suppressed Xu Zimo.

“The ruthless sword, the green silk is like hair,” Cheng Feng Old Ancestor a light shout again.

The void in front of him exploded again.

I saw the other purple sword also slowly turning, attacking and killing it.

Feeling reflects ruthlessness, and two different sword intents produce rejection in the void.

But they are closely related to each other, blended and intertwined, exploding with amazing power.

A little cold glow exploded in front of my eyes.

The huge palm of the sky-shaking giant quickly blocked it.

The brilliance of the double swords fell on the big palm.

Just hearing the sound of “hong”, the entire void shattered and shattered.

The big palm of the sky-shaking giant was completely blown through.

However, his other big palm also fell down, slapped Old Ancestor away.

“Chuji, what are you doing?” Chengfeng Old Ancestor turned his head and looked towards Chouji Old Ancestor and shouted.

“You will be involved in his fate.”

“I know,” Old Ancestor solemnly replied.

At this moment, he was slightly frowned, because his wheel of fortune did not feel any breath of fate from Xu Zimo’s body.

This is very wrong.

It was also the first time he encountered such a thing in his life.

It shouldn’t be logically speaking, the wheel of fortune is Supreme Treasure, he engraved it as his own life.

In this way, we can cross the long river of time and find the destiny of everyone.

All sentient beings will have their destiny reflected in the long river of time.

In fact, a long time ago, Xu Zimo used Chaos Bead to cut off the River of Destiny.

Transferred his destiny to the River of Destiny in the Divine State continent.

Naturally, the River of Destiny of Yuanyang Continent couldn’t find himself.


The Old Ancestor is slightly frowned, but he still Jieyin, with his hands crossed.

Endless power condenses from both hands.

I saw a huge “seal” mark emerging from his hands.

Behind him, the huge wheel of fortune was slowly spinning.

The sound of “creak creak” gradually poured into my ears.

Fate is like a torrent, sweeping everything.

With prehistoric dust and ancient sighs, crushed.

“Hurry up,” Cheng Feng Old Ancestor yelled as he blocked Xu Zimo in front.

On the wheel of fortune, a beam of light shone on Xu Zimo’s body.

But not at all any visions happen.

“I don’t know why, the wheel of fortune is useless to him,” Old Ancestor said solemnly.

“It’s useless?” Chengfeng Old Ancestor frowned.

“How can this be.”

However, Xu Zimo not at all gave him too much time to think.

The Tyrant Shadow in his hand is getting faster and faster and stronger.

Chengfeng Old Ancestor also felt pressured.

He has been completely suppressed.

The sky-shaking giant bathed in the rays of light of Heavenspan 3, and his palms fell again.

Covers the land of several li.

On this stone Holy Mountain, there is a small peak that was even obliterated directly under the palm.

The silhouette of Chengfeng Old Ancestor was also shot out.

The Old Ancestor, who was next to him, saw this scene, but he didn’t care about using the wheel of fortune.

Quickly stepped forward to fight with Xu Zimo.

It’s a pity that although he is an existence of Xianzhiji, his true life is completely unusable.

In terms of battle strength, it is not even as strong as Old Ancestor who is an Immortal King.

“What happens next?” Chengfeng Old Ancestor asked quickly.

“How could this stone Holy Mountain exist like this?” Old Ancestor was puzzled.

If there are such characters, how can they be afraid of them.

The 2 people looked at each other and clicked nodded each other.

I saw Chengfeng Old Ancestor raised his arms high, his two swords pointed at the sky at the same time, and the two became one.

In the cold moonlight, two long swords fuse together slowly.

Passionate and ruthless, two sword intents are also condensed in the entanglement.

“Kill,” I saw Chengfeng Old Ancestor’s face solemnly, and he smashed this sword very hard.

And Old Ancestor’s right palm slowly fluctuates, pinching a finger, a seal is condensed in the palm of his hand.

His seal soared into the sky, covering the entire stone Holy Mountain underneath.

As the imprint instantly zoomed in by 100 times, it slowly rotated.

In this mark, billowing thunders began to fall, and they poured out towards Xu Zimo.

When all the attacks were in this brief moment, when the attack came, Xu Zimo laughed.

Heavenspan 3 The gate of immortality is opened wide, and it is immune to all damage in an instant.

In addition to Old Ancestor and Old Ancestor, Xu Zimo discovered that there was a silhouette hidden in the void.

This silhouette took advantage of the two Old Ancestor’s attack demonstration, and even attacked him.

This is a dark yellow giant dragon.

The giant dragon soars into the sky, carrying the majestic Dragon’s Might, the dragon prison is like a sea, destroying all the void.

Xu Zimo just smiled slightly, watching the attacks of these people.

All the attacks exploded on his body.

But because of the gate of eternal life, he did not suffer any harm.

The space is shattered, one after another strong wind spreads.

When the dust settled, everyone looked up.

The attack is too strong, and they can’t help but not pay attention.

Under the dust, Xu Zimo was intact.

He is holding a book in his hand and a brush in his other hand.

Black and White Life and Death 2 Qi flows in the Book of Life and Death and the Pen of Life and Death.

“What is that?” Chengfeng Old Ancestor asked suspiciously.

“I don’t know, I feel a terrifying breath.” Old Ancestor shook his head and replied.

The life and death pen slowly traversed the book of life and death, and Xu Zimo wrote the 2 words Yuzu on the first page of the book.

Next moment, I saw the font burst out with endless brilliance.

Black and White 2 The font is filled with a strong atmosphere.

The font is out of the book of life and death, floating in the void by itself.

The two characters actually began to evolve in the void.

Turn into a black hole that can swallow everything.

Suddenly, black and white chains spread out from the black hole.

This black and white chain has countless roots, and it binds all the feather clan members present.

“What is this?” The clansman of the Yu clan shouted.

“My life Qi of Life, I feel it is absorbing my life Qi of Life.”

Some clansman was even sucked into mummy in a blink of an eye.

“Not good, everyone hurry up and run away,” Cheng Feng Old Ancestor hurriedly shouted when he saw this scene.

At this moment, he himself was surrounded by countless chains.

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