I’m Really a Villain Chapter 890

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“So fast,” Shi Jian said in surprise.

“Stay a few more days, my clansman wants to thank you too.”

“No, I always feel that something will happen in the past few days Academy, and I want to join in the fun,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Meet howling wind and torrential rain.”

“That’s right, I forgot about it,” Shi Jian nodded, said.

“Then we go together, no matter what the result is, we must stand on the side of the Academy.”

The two were chatting, but Shi Shaosuo came over with many Elders.

“You don’t need to say more if you want to thank you. I look at the face of the Paragon hammer, and 2 also look at the face of the Shi senior brother,” Xu Zimo waved his hand and said.

“Young master Xu is leaving?” Shi Shaosuo asked.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded and said, “You Stone Race have just suffered a catastrophe and are reborn.

Is it time to reorganize it? “

“What does young master Xu mean?” Shi Shaosuo asked suspiciously.

“There are some people in the clan who are unpredictable. Of course, you can check this yourself,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

Asked: “Where is the territory of the Yu clan?”

“30 li east from Shi Holy Mountain, it is almost Yushan Ridge,” Shi Shaosuo said quickly.

“But now that the main force of the Yu clan is exhausted, I am afraid that what is left will not be able to make waves.”

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

After saying goodbye to Shi Shaosuo’s people, he didn’t care about the people of Xian Fanzong Lu Ze, and he was ready to leave.

Anyway, Lu Ze didn’t mess with him. It was Stone Race’s own responsibility. He had also reminded Shi Shaosuo.


He and Shi Jian headed east together.

In about an hour, he had already arrived in Yushan Ridge.

This is the territory of the Yu clan and the place where their race lives.

In the mountains, lush and green trees are growing.

The morning sun was shining down, and the air seemed extremely quiet.

2 People discerned the direction on the sky, and they descended into the mountain hinterland of the Yu clan.

“Who breaks into my Feather Clan?” A sharp shout followed, and a dozen Feather Clan members flew over.

Xu Zimo ignored these people, but looked at the buildings all around.

There are also places such as Cultivation Technique Pavilion and Weapon Hall.

He is here to search for Yu Clan’s savings, to grow his real world.

These people naturally handed over to Shi Jian to deal with.

Walking into these great halls, Xu Zimo didn’t care about anything, and all of them were collected into the real world.


The Divine State continent at this moment,

All beings have already embarked on a Heaven’s Path of practice.

The inheritance and various cultivation techniques Xu Zimo put inside were all discovered and began to practice.

The spiritual qi is getting stronger and stronger.

He deliberately guided the fairy tales of the Divine State mainland, thus applying the training system.

Now some True Vein Realm powerhouses have been born.

They are the first creatures to practice.

It is also one of the well-known figures.

Most of the savings Xu Zimo got from the Yu Clan were not used, and he scattered them all over the Divine State continent.

Wait for the fated person to meet.

After he has cultivated the first batch of real powerhouses that can reach Divine Vein, there is no need to invest in resources.

After searching the entire feather clan, Xu Zimo was about to leave.

As for the remaining clansman of the feather clan, they heard that all their main forces going to Stone Race were killed.

They all look different.

There are believers and there are unbelievers.

As for their final situation, I am afraid Stone Race will handle it by itself.

And Xu Zimo and Shi Jian embarked on the journey to Heavenly Dao Academy.


Although 2 people left for just a few days.

But compared to the previous Heavenly Dao city, it now feels desolate.

The city is not as lively as imagined, and occasionally people in small groups walk by the wide streets.

Even the old vendors were listless and stopped shouting.

When Xu Zimo 2 came back, they found that many students of Heavenly Dao Academy had already left.

At the Academy today, there are no students in ten.

This is already considered good.

This is the cradle of Human Race founded by Age of Desolate.

“It seems that something is really going to happen,” Shi Jian said from the side.

The silhouettes of 2 people fell into the Academy from the void.

It happened that a few students were going out nearby.

Shi Jian quickly stopped a few people and asked briefly.

“This senior brother just returned to the Academy,” said a young man.

“Academy has issued a notice, and there will be a disaster in the near future.

Academy is not sure whether it can handle it, let everyone go and stay free.

You can leave, or you can stay to live and die with the Academy. “

“Are you leaving?” Shi Jian asked.

“Senior brother, leave early,” the young man sighed and replied.

“I heard that this time it was led by several Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, and even other continents participated.

What we can do, staying will only cause trouble for Academy. “

“You people who are greedy for life and fear of death,” Shi Jian said indignantly when he heard the words of these young people.

“How do the Academy and the teacher teach us?

Even if you don’t repay your education, at least you shouldn’t just abandon the Academy and leave at this time.

You are in vain as people and students. “

Hearing Shi Jian’s reprimand, all of them looked ashamed.

“We don’t want to leave either, but everyone is gone. What’s the use of us staying.”

“Okay,” Xu Zimo smiled and waved his hand.

Said: “Everyone has a choice, don’t ask that many.”

“I’m just furious,” Shi Jian said.

“Go to the Master first and ask about the situation,” Xu Zimo said.

Venerable Fury is still in the Vermilion Bird island.

Two people arrived in the air and returned to Vermilion Bird Island.

At this moment, Venerable Anger is accompanying a woman, walking around all around the Vermilion Bird Island.

It seems that I don’t care much about the current situation of Academy.

“Master,” the two greeted at the same time.

“You are back,” Venerable Anger said with a smile.

“Has the Stone Race issue been resolved?”

“Well, thanks to Xu junior brother,” Shi Jian nodded quickly.

“Introduce you, Zhu Qian, you will be your wife from now on,” Venerable Anger pointed to the woman next to her, saying with a smile.

Xu Zimo could see that this woman was the person transformed into the Vermilion Bird that she resurrected.

Two people greeted briefly.

Shi Jian began to ask about the current situation of the Academy.

Venerable Anger sighed slightly and said, “The situation is not good.”

“Why are they attacking our Academy? There should be no grievances between them, and there are so many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sects this time,” Xu Zimo said inwardly.

“It’s all flies who want to divide the cake,” Coldly Snorted and said.

“This matter involves the Cang Cang Demon Peng, speaking of which can also be regarded as the original trouble.”

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