I’m Really a Villain Chapter 891

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“Sky Cang Demon Peng?” Shi Jian said suspiciously.

“What’s that? Monster beast?”

“There was Heavenly Peng in ancient times. According to legend, it feeds on dragons, is strong as an ox, and has a body length of ten thousand meters. It volleys between Nine Provinces.

Swallowing clouds and fog, call the wind and summon the rain, possess great magical power. “

Venerable Anger said: “Age of Desolate, Dragon Race is a big clan in Monster Race.

In Dragon Race, there are countless ancestors who flew to Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and it can be said that everyone don’t dare provoke.

But this day, the strength of the Blue Demon Peng actually reached an agreement with Dragon Race, and every year some Dragon Race will be sent to it, and the evil dragon will be used as food for it.

To ensure the safety of other Dragon Race. “

“So amazing,” Shi Jian said in surprise.

“Well, Dragon Race is safe, but the Sky Demon Peng is not satisfied. It can no longer eat Dragon Race, so it sets its sights on Human Race.

After all, Age of Desolate’s Human Race is extremely weak, and it is not the opponent of Cang Yaopeng on this day. “

Venerable Anger said: “The Human Race of 1000 to 10000 failed to die in the battle of the race, but was lost to Yaopeng.

After Heavenly Dao Academy was established, the demon peng’s actions caused the anger of the Human Race saint.

Ten Sect Founders of Heavenly Dao Academy teamed up to seal this monster.

The Land of Sealing is used as the site of the Academy to suppress the 1000-1000 Absolute World of Yaopeng and punish the evil it committed to Human Race. “

“It turns out that this is the case. Ten Sect Founder is really the blessing of my Human Race,” Shi Jian said with emotion.

“Then what is wrong with this Demon Peng now?”

“Originally under the suppression of the seal, Cang Yaopeng has become weaker and weaker this day.

It is estimated that in 100000 years, body dies and Dao disappears. “Venerable Anger sighed.

“It’s a pity that a few years ago, the Heavenly Peng clan came to attack my Heavenly Dao Academy for this day.

That battle is also one of the few battles that Heavenly Dao Academy has gone through in recent years.

Although the powerhouses of the Heavenly Peng clan have been killed by us, there is no one in ten.

But they still struggled with the risk of extermination and destroyed the Land of Sealing of the Sky Demon Peng. “

“You mean, Cang Cang Yaopeng is coming out?” Shi Jian asked in horror.

According to Venerable Wrath’s description, the Dragon Race was so powerful that it had to compromise with this sky Cang Yaopeng.

It can be imagined how powerful it is.

If the breakthrough seal was born, the consequences would be disastrous.

It was sealed by Ten Sect Founders back then. It is estimated that the most resentful goal of the Cang Yaopeng this day is probably their Heavenly Dao Academy.

To say that compared to the previous Dragon Race, today’s Human Race is also considered a big boom.

If we work together, Cang Yaopeng will naturally not worth mentioning.

But Human Race is huge, but not united.

If Cang Yaopeng was born today, other people not only don’t care, but there are many people profiting from somebody’s misfortune.

Otherwise, there would not be so many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect gatherings to destroy Heavenly Dao Academy.

“Not far from being born, I am afraid that when the time comes, it will be a foul wind and bloody rain that cannot be avoided,” Venerable Wrath said.

“Whether our Heavenly Dao Academy can survive this wind and rain battle is still unknown.”

Shi Jian was slightly nodded, and did not know what he was thinking.

“What are you two planning?” Venerable Anger asked.

“Master, we naturally want to stay, coexist and die with the Academy,” Shi Jian quickly replied.

Xu Zimo is also slightly nodded.

“I’ll take you to meet the dean. The Academy is now setting up a large formation. Maybe you can help me,” said Venerable Wrath.

“President,” Shi Jian asked excitedly.

“Our dean has not always Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail. I have been to Heavenly Dao Academy for so long and I have never seen it.”

“Did the dean never show up?” Xu Zimo also curiously asked.

“The dean is not happy to show up, and the deputy dean Li Changhe is generally responsible for it,” said Venerable Nu.

“You will understood when you go.”


The two people followed the Venerable Wrath, left Vermilion Bird Island in the air, and headed west.

Finally stopped in front of a vast golden great hall.

Above the great hall, the three characters “Dadao Pavilion” came into view.

These 3 words Dao Rhyme are full of words, just 3 words, they suppressed the void in which they were.

Solemn and solemn.

Walking into the great hall, there are already hundreds of people sitting cross-legged.

Everyone is powerful and powerful, like howling wind and torrential rain. There are men and women, old and young.

Xu Zimo looked up and sat in the uppermost seat, a woman.

He was stunned for a moment. He happened to know this woman.

It was the white skirt woman I met before, and the other party also lent myself a token to enter the college.

He doesn’t believe in coincidences, which means that the other party has been paying attention to himself.

“She is the dean?” Even Shi Jian was slightly surprised.

“Is the dean of Heavenly Dao Academy a woman?”

“Quiet,” Venerable Anger glanced at Shi Jian, then looked up towards the woman above.

Said: “Dean, these are my two disciplines. Now the Academy has undergone major changes, and many places are short of staff.

I brought them to help. “

“Do you still worry about the Academy,” the woman said lightly with a smile.

Since the death of Vermilion Bird, Venerable Wrath shut himself in the island of Vermilion Bird, not accepting disciples, and rarely appeared again.

“We met again,” the woman looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile with great interest.

“Hi Dean,” Xu Zimo said flatly and nodded.

“You don’t have to be surprised. I contacted you before to get help from True Martial Sacred Sect.

No other thoughts,” the woman said.

Xu Zimo nodded.

“Well, since it’s here, you should find a seat on the second side,” the woman said, waving her hand.

Venerable Nu sat on the left, sitting with some other Academy teachers.

Xu Zimo and Shi Jian leaned back slightly and sat on the far right.

“What is our dean’s name?” Xu Zimo looked towards Shi Jian and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know, our dean is very mysterious,” Shi Jian said, shaking his head.

Above the great hall, the woman is talking about the current situation of Heavenly Dao Academy.

Xu Zimo knows about the situation.

This time Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, in addition to the local forces in the Supreme domain, Gulong Dynasty, Chunyang Immortal Sect, Tianming Sect, and Cihang Sect, there are also some Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect from the Western Continent.

In this great hall, almost all of the Academy’s current teachers are gathered together.

It also includes many younger generations.

Xu Zimo even saw Ji Ruobing in it.

“Isn’t she killing immortal sect Saintess? How could she get involved?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“This is her own experience and choice. Immortal sect will not participate,” Shi Jian explained.

“This is the case with immortal sects in the past. They will not interfere with their own Holy Son and Saintess.”

Shi Jian pointed to several young people and women sitting in the front row, and introduced Xu Zimo one by one.

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