I’m Really a Villain Chapter 894

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The whole earth began to shake.

For a while, monster qi soared into the sky, and the northern skyline was completely annihilated by monster qi.

A wave of demon wind blows, and suddenly that flying sand running stone, murky heavens dark earth.

Just by the roar of this beast, you can judge how powerful it is.

The entire sky seemed to be covered by a dark monster qi.

Xu Zimo looked up towards the sky, and he could feel that at this moment, there seemed to be countless eyes appearing.

Staring at Heavenly Dao Academy at the same time.

At the next moment, I saw a white barrier centered on Heavenly Dao Academy and began to spread all around.

Enveloping the entire Heavenly Dao Academy.

Immediately there was a misty fog, which covered everything and blocked the eyes of those prying eyes.

“It’s so lively,” Xu Zimo said lightly with a smile.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Li asked solemnly.

“Hey, it’s not our turn yet,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Wait until the battle is fully spread, it will affect us here.”

The visions in Heavenly Dao Academy are still happening.

There is a golden lotus springing from the ground, and the lotus is layered on top of the sky, and the flowers bloom all over the ground.

There is also Golden Lion’s illusory shadow roaring mountains and rivers, stepping through the smoke and emptiness, as if to break through.

The demon wind condensed tornado swept half of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Most of the buildings that were not guarded by anyone were destroyed.

The cracks on the ground spread from a dozen cracks to 1000 cracks in 100.

And the cracks are more and more, and even become a gap.

For a time, turbulence rose, Heaven and Earth faded, and the sun and the moon receded.

A stream of light came extremely fast from the end of the sky, and hit the white barrier outside the Academy hard.

Just listening to the sound of “hong”, the barrier burst into bursts and ripples appeared.

A purple robe silhouette dispelled the fog and appeared outside the barrier.

The purple robe silhouette gives a sense of stalwart.

He stood on the sky, as if suppressing the sky, and there was a thunderbolt surging around him.

The sound of “crackle” burst from itself.

The purple robe danced suddenly in the strong wind.

There was some coercion in the man’s eyes looked towards Heavenly Dao Academy.

The voice shouted in shock: “Where is the famous sword?”

This voice echoed throughout Heavenly Dao Academy with Supreme power.

“Who is the famous sword?” Xu Zimo looked towards Bai Li and asked.

“You don’t know this,” Bai Li said helplessly.

“You haven’t checked the history of Heavenly Dao Academy.”

Xu Zimo smiled and shook his head.

“Our Heavenly Dao Academy was founded by Ten Sect Founders, and the famous sword is the discipline of Flowing Light Sword among Ten Sect Founders.

It is also one of the oldest Old Ancestors in aptitude at Heavenly Dao Academy,” Bai Li explained.

Xu Zimo was slightly nodded, looking towards the purple-robed man on the sky.

Said: “His clothes seem to be familiar.”

“That is the clothing of the Tiandimen, naturally familiar,” Bai Li coldly snorted and said.

“This man should be the third Great Emperor in the Tiandimen, Lei Yao Old Ancestor, Lei Di’s warlord.”

“Tiandimen?” Xu Zimo just remembered when Bai Li said.

There seemed to be some grudges between himself and the Heavenly Emperor Sect before.

The Xiang Kunlun he killed at the beginning was the contemporary Holy Son of the Tiandimen.

It’s just that the two of them were in a fair duel at the beginning, plus he was the Holy Son of True Martial Sacred Sect.

It’s not easy for the other party to make trouble for themselves, and this matter will not be over. Didn’t expect now meets again.

“It is said that seven Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect took the lead in the attack on Heavenly Dao Academy. It seems that the Heavenly Gate is one of them,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.


At the moment, on the sky, with the voice of Lei Yao Old Ancestor fell.

There is also a silhouette in Heavenly Dao Academy stepping up to the air.

This silhouette is Li Changhe, the deputy dean of Heavenly Dao Academy.

He is dressed in a white robe, divine poise and sagelike features, and looks directly at each other with great power.

“I don’t know why Master Lei Yao came to Heavenly Dao Academy?” Li Changhe asked.

“Deputy Dean Li, let’s not go around in circles, just say, I want the colored glaze lamp of the Liuli Temple.

Just give it to me, and our Tiandimen will immediately withdraw from this battle,” Lei Yao Old Ancestor lightly saying.

“Lei Yao, when the Northern Emperor was young, he used to cultivate in the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Thanks to my Sect Founder education, now your Tiandimen are going to attack here? “Li Changhe coldly said.

The Northern Emperor is the second Great Emperor of the Tiandimen.

Upon hearing Li Changhe’s words, Lei Yao Old Ancestor chuckled lightly.

replied: “The ancestors of the Northern Emperors did receive the kindness of your Heavenly Dao Academy.

But in the age when the ancestors carried Heaven’s mandate, he also protected you Heavenly Dao Academy and made Heavenly Dao Academy worry-free for 1000 years.

This kindness can be repaid. “

Lei Yao Old Ancestor Speaking of this, his whole body imposing manner is majestic, turning into a thunder river and surrounding all around.

“In this world, the Great Emperor has not yet appeared. Winner is the king, loser is the villain.

You Heavenly Dao Academy can’t rely on that kind of grace, just want to hold me to the eternal gate of Heavenly Emperor.

I am not greedy, just a glazed lamp. “

“In that case, there is nothing to say,” Li Changhe lightly saying.

“If you want to fight, then fight.”

“It seems that Deputy Dean Li really persists in your own wrong doings,

The famous sword doesn’t show his face, I’m afraid he can’t get away,” Lei Yao Old Ancestor said indifferently.

“When the Tiancang Demon Peng is out of trouble, it will be the time when my 7 Great Emperor unified Immortal Sect to attack Heavenly Dao Academy.

when the time comes I see how you resist. “

After Lei Yao Old Ancestor finished speaking, the silhouette disappeared into the mist.

Only Li Changhe was left, standing in the void looking angry.


“This Heavenly Emperor Sect really has forgotten the benefits,” Bai Li said a little angry.

“Now that Heavenly Dao Academy is killed, regardless of friendship or not, even if you don’t help, you won’t hit a person when he’s down.”

“Who makes the fat of Heavenly Dao Academy too big,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

His gaze looked towards the monster qi rising to the sky in the north.

He has never seen such a strong monster qi.

Even rich enough to have surpassed the existence of Immortal.

But Xu Zimo knew in his heart that there is no existence beyond immortality in this world.

The Divine Emperor is an exception. He won’t be able to stay long and will eventually go to Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Because Heavenly Dao’s rules do not allow it, this kind of existence will only undermine the development of Yuanyang Continent.

Their existence will make Heaven’s mandate meaningless.

As time went by a little bit, more and more eyes gathered around Heavenly Dao Academy.

Everyone is staring at this piece of fat that has been accumulated over several generations.

Finally, when the 2nd day dawns.

The sky dome to the north completely collapsed, monster qi annihilated everything, and a burst of howling wind and torrential rain rolled up.

Between the flying sand running stones, Xu Zimo saw a huge silhouette soaring into the sky, soaring above the sky.

The roar of the beast came and went one after another, one more loudly than another.

“I’m out, finally out,” an old voice yelled.

As if to vent the endless accumulation of resentment qi in my heart.

“Ten Sect Founder, you can’t trap me.

No one will do. “

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