I’m Really a Villain Chapter 895

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With the high voice echoed throughout the Heavenly Dao Academy.

A huge shadow flapping its wings hovered in the sky.

It is flying horizontally and horizontally, and it wants to go straight into the sky and release all the suppression of these several eras.

The sound of explosions mixed with burning fire appeared one after another in 4 places of the Academy.

Everyone looked at the shadow in the flying sand running stone in horror.

The rich monster qi is the strongest existence they have ever seen in this life.

In the land of several tens of thousands of li, the group of demons bowed down and worshiped, 10000 beasts retreated, all creeping shiver coldly on the ground.

“This…what monster is it?” Bai Li said dumbfounded.

Although she had imagined the power of this monster before.

But when I really faced it, my face was still pale, I only felt like a piece of paper with my own strength.

“Otherwise, what do you think it is, makes Heavenly Dao Academy helpless,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

When all the fog began to disperse and the sky became clear, everyone could clearly see what the monster looked like.

Its size is nearly 1000 meters long, just flying into the sky, it will cover the sky and the sun, blocking all the light along the way.

After Xu Zimo looked carefully, he discovered the special nature of this sky Cang Yaopeng.

The feathers all around on its head are blue and purple, and the circles in the eyes are white feathers.

But the center of the eyebrows is deep red.

It is said to be a demon, but its size is huge, like a snake, it is 1000 meters long, hovering above the earth.

There is a pair of wings that cover the sky and the sun.

The wings are staggered, with 4 raised parts.

These 4 parts each have 4 small eagle heads.

On the top of the head are 2 golden horns, the horns are diamond-shaped, just like armor.

There are also 4 fangs in the 6 places of the lower jaw.

Especially its mouth, when it opened, the scream and monster qi were all out.

As soon as it breathed in, Heaven and Earth’s temperature suddenly cooled, and big snowflakes appeared.

As soon as it exhales, the temperature suddenly rises, as if a scorching summer is coming.

Between one breath and one breath, the storm changes like 10000.

The whole body is deep red, as if the whole body is covered by red mist.

When the majestic beast’s might spread out, it shocked everyone’s hearts.

“Stop it,” I heard shout out loudly from Heavenly Dao Academy.

Ten silhouettes stepped into the air, enclosing the sky Cang Yaopeng at the center point.

These ten silhouettes are all mighty and powerful, with spiritual qi surging throughout the body.

Any silhouette can rainbow piercing the sun and suppress the world.

There is an old woman holding a crutch with a dragon head, and the crutch is lightly touched on the sky, and endless ripples wave.

The entire sky collapsed under the feet.

There is also a blind blind with a cloth strip holding a long sword, passing through the fog and sand, sword dao Shining Upon All Heavens.

It seems to have shuttled from the past, shining in the world.

There is also an old man with divine poise and sagelike features, with a red lion on its feet, and the whole body is frozen by blue ice.

Step by step, freeze the sky, freeze Time and Space, and walk up to the sky.


These ten people have different styles, but they are all in their own way.

The power of everyone around him is rolling down like a torrent, forming the suppression of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

“You ten old fart, don’t want to trap this king anymore,” Yao Peng roared.

He randomly flaps his wings, which is murky heavens dark earth, directly swept tornado.

“Trap him,” only one of them shouted.

All ten people used their weapons.

There are dragon head crutches, long sword, and fire stick………….

Ten people threw their weapons into the sky.

Ten weapons floated and rotated, and a mark of condense suppressed them.

Like the mark of a six-pointed star, the Sky Demon Peng was enveloped in it.

And these ten people, all stand upright, have straight waists, both hands forming seals, closed eyes, mutter incantations in their mouths.

Reading languages ​​that others don’t understand.

But the power of the whole body is getting stronger and stronger, and the force of suppression is also much stronger.

The imprint exudes ten thousand zhang rays of light, and wants to drive the Sky Demon Peng into the ground.

“Don’t be paranoid,” Tiancang Demon Peng fluttered his wings and resisted.

The majestic power keeps beating the mark of suppression.

“Even if Ten Sect Founders are alive today, they will no longer suppress me, let alone you juniors.”

“Yao Peng, I think we can talk about it,” the blind with the cloth in his eyes stood up, lightly saying.

“What to talk about? What is there to talk about,” Sky Demon Peng shouted angrily.

“We at Heavenly Dao Academy have no intention of being an enemy of you, the reason why Ten Sect Founder suppressed you back then.

That’s because you killed me too hard on Human Race, compelled by circumstances,” just listen to blind said.

“Now that you have suppressed these several eras, you can be regarded as suffering from difficulties and taste loneliness.

If you agree today, you won’t hurt my innocent Human Race.

We will let you go, how? “

“Do you think you have the qualifications to negotiate terms with me?” Celestial Demon Peng coldly snorted and said.

“You are indeed very strong, but if you really want to either the fish dies or the net splits, today I will be crushed.

When the oil is exhausted and the lamp dies here, I have to suppress you again tens of thousands of years,” Blind shouted indifferently.

“10000 Demon Cage.”

The ten weapons in the sky were still spinning.

They seem to be one.

It gradually turned into a domain, trapping the Sky Demon Peng in it.

However, the Sky Demon Peng is not simple. Every time it hits and resists, it will make the cage difficult to support.

Even seeing to the point of fragmentation.

“We bring it back to Land of Sealing, and Heavenly Dao Academy will be handed over to you,” blind instructed Li Changhe, deputy dean.

Li Changhe quickly nodded.

As a result, the imprints in the hands of these ten people changed again, carrying the realm toward the depths of Heavenly Dao Academy.

The unwilling roar of the Sky Demon Peng continued to sound.

The sound shattered the sky and echoed in the empty cracks in the void.


“You said, can the Sect Founders suppress the Cang Yaopeng that day?” Bai Li asked worriedly from below.

“No,” Xu Zimo shook his head directly.

“Why?” Bai Li asked.

“I think Cang Yaopeng has been temporarily subdued that day.”

“If Sect Founder could suppress the Sky Demon Peng, it would have been suppressed long ago.

How could it let its breakthrough seal and escape now? “Xu Zimo asked back.

“Then what to do?” Bai Li said anxiously.

“Although it can’t be suppressed completely, it can still be suppressed for a while.” Xu Zimo said.

“For example, although Cang Yaopeng’s matter is imminent today, it has not yet reached the point of burning eyebrows.

Those who really need to pay attention will be those who come to share the cake. “

“You mean those Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect?” Baili looked towards the sky and reacted instantly.

“They were born through the Cang Cang Yaopeng, and the top ten Sect Founders were all held back.

Now that Heavenly Dao Academy has the opportunity to come without a leader, it can be said that the timing is perfect,” Xu Zimo nodded said.

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