I’m Really a Villain Chapter 896

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“If one doesn’t handle it well, I’m afraid the Academy has not been destroyed in the hands of the Sky Demon Peng.

It was destroyed in the hands of these people,” Xu Zimo said.

“We at Heavenly Dao Academy have also helped many people. I don’t believe that no one will come to help in this crisis,” Bai Li said with a heavy gaze.

“Now in this world, everyone is sweeping the snow.

Heavenly Dao Academy is in trouble. They have no profiting from somebody’s misfortune. Isn’t it a kind of disguised help to Academy? “Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“You count on them to come to rescue. I don’t think the probability is big.

There can be some Loose Cultivator like blade mad, and it is still possible, Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect It shouldn’t be. “

“Why not?” Bai Li still asked unwillingly.

“Every decision made by Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect will affect the future direction of Sect.

Unless it is stake all on one throw, they would not choose to be the enemy of so many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect. “Xu Zimo said.

“Of course, this is just my judgment. Maybe someone who has morality reaching up to the clouds will really come.”

2 people are talking about the sky, at this moment, the wind and clouds in the sky have changed color.

The voice of “hong long long” rang from the sky.

The outside world can obviously hear someone attacking the purple barrier of the Academy.

Although this purple barrier was strong, it was still under constant attacks and could not last long.

Then the sound of breaking sounded, and a majestic and powerful force was suppressed from above.

Countless silhouettes stood in the sky with huge waves rolling in the sky.

Each of these silhouettes is as dazzling, dazzling and extremely hot as the blazing sun.

This time the Heavenly Dao Academy has a lot of trouble, and the scope is also very wide.

It is no exaggeration to say that the eyes of the entire continent are gathered here.

Whether it is the forces participating in the war or those who are still waiting and watching, they are watching this vast land.

“I’ll wait for you to come, don’t anyone come to greet him at Heavenly Dao Academy,” just heard a loud laugh from the crowd above.

“It’s the Pudu Daoist of Cihang Sect,” Bai Li introduced to Xu Zimo from the side.

“The first warrior of Master Cihang at the time.”

Master Cihang was also a Great Emperor, but she didn’t like to call herself an emperor, so she was called a Master by the world.

“It’s really lively,” Xu Zimo looked at the sky, the domineering, majestic sea-like silhouette of each and everyone.

said with a smile: “Cihang Sect, Ancient Dragon Dynasty, Chunyang Immortal Sect, Tianming Sect, Tiandimen, Yaohuo City, and Waning Moon Empire.”

Among these 7 forces, the first 5 forces are the Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect in Central Continent.

The Blazing Fire City and Waning Moon Empire in the back are interesting.

Although Yaohuo City is only a city, there has been a real Great Emperor in the city.

Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor controls the world’s 10000 fires, and left 1000 old stories when he was young.

Located between the Mad race and 10000 orcs, a small city standing in the wind and rain.

Because of the war between the two clans, Yaohuo City is naturally unavoidable.

Legend has it that when the Flame Emperor was young, he guarded one city by himself, and the mad race and 10000 orc races who fought against him did not dare to attack again.

In the land where the war is burning, Yaohuo City may be the most peaceful place.

Both the Yaohuo City and the Waning Moon Empire are located in the Western Continent.

They are all forces from the Great Emperor, and it is not an exaggeration to say Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect.


This time the 7 Great Emperor unified Immortal Sect came to attack the Heavenly Dao Academy, not at all, they did their best, and the entire force came out.

Instead, some representatives were sent.

Just like the Lei Yao Old Ancestor of Tiandimen and the Purdue Daoist of Cihang Sect, other forces also sent some powerhouses.

“9 Yang Sanren, Aolong Old Ancestor, Burning Heaven Warrior, Ming Lao, Banyue Saint…,” Bai Li said each and everyone the names of these people.

said with a sneer: “There are also the surrounding 1st Rate Influence, Hongye Valley, Tianhe upper sect, Luoyun School….

They really think our Academy is so deceiving. “

“You know a lot of people,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“In fact, we have already received news from the forces that attacked Academy this time.

I have checked the information before, so I naturally know some,” Bai Li replied.

“What do we do now?”

“Wait,” Xu Zimo leaned against the stone bench, saying in a tranquil voice.

“Wait? Obediently surrender?” Bai Li replied.

“Our task is to guard the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion and wait for those who want to snatch the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion to come,” Xu Zimo said.

Bai Li was slightly nodded, she slowly took off the whip from her waist.

A fiery-red flame burned from the whip.


At the moment, Heavenly Dao Academy seems to have heard the question from Purdue Daoist.

This time Li Changhe didn’t show up, but Rage Venerable came in the air.

Eyes surround the many existences in front of him.

Although there are people inside, one who comes out randomly is a powerhouse in ten-thousand does not have one.

Each one is the existence of immortality.

But Venerable Wrath did not show the slightest tension or panic.

It’s a lightly saying: “Nowadays, my Heavenly Dao Academy has been changed and I don’t accept any Outsiders.

Whenever someone breaks into the Academy and kills. “

“Skinny Dead Wind Camel that’s all, your Old Ancestor is now entangled by the Sky Demon Peng, what ability does it have to deal with us?”

9 Yang Sanren said with a smile disdainfully.

Pure Yang Strength surged all over his body, as if turning into 9 suns dazzling the world.

The void of all around is all incinerated.

Beside him, Burning Heaven Battle will also blaze with flames all over his body.

It’s just that the flames around him are not nine yang, but flames of various colors.

Pure Yang Fire, Crape Myrtle sky fire, Sheng Yan, netherworld ghost fire, red lotus industry fire…

It is said that the Burning Heaven warlord obtained the flames left by the Flame Emperor, looking for all kinds of powerful flames in this world.

The two of them are like two rounds of bright sun, suppressed in the air.

The flames and dazzling rays of light contained in it, and even the sun over the head.

Of course, it is not that two people are stronger than the sun.

It’s that its own power is heavier, plus the reason that the sun is too far away.

“Who said there is no one?” Just as everyone was facing off, they heard only shouting loudly.

Everyone quickly turned their heads and looked around, only to see a burly man walking barefoot from the horizon.

This big man is several feet tall and looks like a giant.

Not to mention the muscles on his body, his upper body was naked, with a meteor hammer on his back.

She wore brown shorts on her lower body.

Just like this, he walked slowly over a large piece of void with his bare feet.

“Seventh-world madman,” someone murmured when he saw the big man coming.

“Academy is in trouble, 1000 courts will come to help.”

Just listening to the big man a light shout, the sound shook the sky, and everyone’s eardrums echoed.

“Seventh world madman, 7 madness,” all the people around heard this name, they were all discuss spiritedly.

“Why is he here?”

“I heard that he had also cultivated in Heavenly Dao Academy before, so I guess he came to help.”

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