I’m Really a Villain Chapter 898

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“Cough cough,” Xu Zimo coughed softly twice.

Then he said: “I am the contemporary Holy Son of True Martial Sacred Sect. This time I am here on behalf of True Martial Sacred Sect.”

Although True Martial Sacred Sect did keep silent on this matter.

Back in the day, True Martial Great Emperor, as Human Race, was also the first Great Emperor in the 10000 clan.

Open the Age of Emperor, and its merits and achievements are definitely one of the greatest Great Emperors.

But in that era when Human Race was declining, True Martial Great Emperor also entered Heavenly Dao Academy to learn Supreme Divine Law, which will greatly help his future achievements.

Xu Zimo, as the Holy Son of True Martial Sacred Sect, cannot sit idly by anyway.

On the contrary, since I have come to Heavenly Dao Academy, it does not matter to help my sect to restore its reputation.

He looked at the mad 1000 above, and shook his head secretly.

“Is this a madman in the 7th generation, it’s like a madman in the 7th generation.”

Throughout Yuanyang Continent, most of the Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect were sprayed all over.

But these people are wrong, and it is difficult to come out to refute him.


Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Kuang 1000 Ting froze for a moment, and then reacted.

replied: “Sorry, I didn’t investigate it clearly. It is not a True Martial Sacred Sect.”

Seeing that Kuang 1000 had something to say, the Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect next to him couldn’t sit still.

9 Yang Sanren coldly shouted: “The winner is the king, loser is the villain in this world, what do you do with that many words.”

The 9 scorching suns around him are like Haoyang.

The meaning of blazing heat burned the entire void.

Some people who were close even started to ignite spontaneously.

Except for those with a strong cultivation base, everyone else began to stay away from him.

“9 Yang Guanri,” just listen to the 9 Yang Sanren a light shout.

The 9 suns all slew towards the mad 1000 court.

“Everyone gets what they need,” Aolong Old Ancestor also shouted.

I saw him transform into a Thunder Dragon, flying towards the depths of Heavenly Dao Academy.

The blast of “crackle” sounded along the way.

He came to a splendorous and majestic great hall, and his body that could not see the end circled around the great hall.

Pull up the whole great hall directly by the roots.

All of a sudden, the whole body was thundered, and Dragon’s roar thundered.

The ground at the foot of the great hall cracked into countless cracks, the ground was sinking deep, and countless buildings all around collapsed.

“Where is the thief breaking into my palace,” a sharp shout sounded in the great hall.

Immediately afterwards, I saw countless long snakes coming out of the great hall and flying towards the body of Thunder Dragon.

These long snakes are not real snakes, nor are they ordinary snakes.

But someone condensed it with a strange force.

When this long snake slammed into Thunder Dragon’s body, bursts of explosions immediately sounded.

This Thunder Dragon was attacked by power, and his whole body stiffened.

The tail that originally wrapped the great hall also loosened.

The huge dragon head looked into the great hall with amazing power.

I saw a man wearing a long gown with several snakes on his shoulders slowly walking out.

“It’s Venerable Min,” someone inside Heavenly Dao Academy shouted.

Seeing Venerable Min’s appearance, Old Ancestor chuckled lightly.

“It is rumored that in Heavenly Dao Academy, the dean is the strongest, unfathomable, and normally invisible to anyone.

Next is the Deputy Dean Li Changhe, who is in charge of the entire Academy. His strength has already become immortal, Major Perfection.

Further down, there are 2 nobles, one is anger, and 2 is Min.

The two of you are the leader of the teachers of Heavenly Dao Academy, and they are also famous and interesting. “

“There are so many interesting things,” Venerable Min said in a tranquil voice.

“You want to stop me?” Aolong Old Ancestor asked.

“No,” Venerable Min shook his head, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

“Hey you!”

“Youngster, the tone is so crazy, when the old man followed the ancient dragon Great Emperor to suppress the first life, you were not born yet,” Aolong Old Ancestor lightly saying.

“Don’t put gold on your face. I dare not comment on the great achievements of the Gulong Great Emperor.

But you are just a pseudo-dragon that’s all,” Venerable Min coldly snorted and said.

“To draw your keel today is a reminder to the ancient dragon dynasty. Don’t to forget favors and violate justice.”

Venerable Min was surrounded by countless little snakes.

One after another peculiar energy engulfed the whole body, killing with the huge Thunder Dragon transformed into Old Ancestor.

Both the blade mad couple, the later Nanyang monk and the mad 1000 court blocked a powerhouse of the Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect.

The rest of the people are fighting together.

It’s hard to tell the outcome at a time.

The entire Heavenly Dao Academy is shrouded in the 1-layer war.


“Aren’t we going to help?” Bai Li looked towards the pavilion, Xu Zimo, who was still indifferent, asked.

“Here,” Xu Zimo didn’t answer her, but looked towards the distance and stood up slowly.

“Who’s here?” Bai Li asked suspiciously.

“Brother Xu,” At this moment, Mo Tianming’s silhouette reappeared and walked over from a distance.

said with a smile: “We meet again.”

“I don’t want to meet,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, I only take one thing,” Mo Tianming said with a smile.

“Give me, I can help you guard this Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, how about?”

“You…,” Bai Li looked towards Mo Tianming and said in surprise.

“Born as an Academy student, how can you be like this.”

“Have planned for a long time?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Yes or not, although Brother Xu and I have known each other for a short time, we have a good relationship.”

Mo Tianming said, “I don’t want to hurt you, nor do I have any malice against Heavenly Dao Academy.

It’s just that I have to, compelled by circumstances, and I have no choice. “

“What?” Xu Zimo asked.

“This Brother Xu doesn’t need to understood,” Mo Tianming replied.

“If I don’t give it,” Xu Zimo asked.

Mo Tianming didn’t speak, but his whole body was mighty, and the spiritual qi of one after another azure echoed.

At that moment, Mo Tianming stepped forward.

Xu Zimo had seen the opponent’s speed before, and when he was fighting Ji Ruobing before, Xu Zimo knew Mo Tianming’s approximate strength.

But at this moment, when the azure spiritual qi is around, Mo Tianming’s speed has more than doubled.

He stepped directly into the gazebo as the silhouette flashed.

The big palm patted towards the stone table in the pavilion.

“You better pass my level first,” Xu Zimo laughed, slamming his fist towards the opponent’s head.

If Mo Tianming does not dodge, then this fist will smash his head directly.

“Brother Xu, why is this,” Mo Tianming laughed.

The hand patted the stone table paused, and the silhouette flashed out of the pavilion.

“Since I entered Heavenly Dao Academy, the younger generation has seen many Heaven’s Chosen.

But Brother Xu couldn’t see it through, so I can only learn something today,” Mo Tianming said with a smile.

“That’s the intention,” Xu Zimo also laughed.

His body was about to become one after another afterimage in the void, and he killed Chao Mo Tianming.

The azure spiritual qi and the black spiritual qi are fighting in the air.

Even Bai Li on the side can only see the afterimages passing by, but there is no silhouette of the two people.

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