I’m Really a Villain Chapter 900

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The 9 largest worlds are connected together, blocking the middle world where Yuanyang Continent is located.

As a result, there will be night scenes throughout the day.

As for the Taixu Great Emperor, no matter where he came from or where he came from, he was very mysterious.

Rumor has it that he likes to explore various Secret Realms most, and he is particularly curious about the world outside Yuanyang Continent.

Not only Heaven Beyond the Heaven, but also many Small World.

Even after he carried Heaven’s mandate, he devoted his life to studying the vision of Unending Nine Stars.

Rumor has it that a few 100,000 years ago, another vision of Unending Nine Stars appeared.

He disappeared with the night.

It has never appeared since.

There are many rumors about him in later generations. Some people say that he ascended Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and some people say that he broke the wall of space and went to other Small Worlds.

In short, there are different opinions, but there is no accurate result, and eventually it is gradually forgotten.


At this moment, when the Great Emperor Absolute Art of Taixu came out of Mo Tianming’s hands.

Xu Zimo condenses his eyes slightly.

The 9 planets seem to represent 9 Small Worlds, dropping from the sky.

The boundless power suppressed everything.

The sky-shaking giant behind Xu Zimo stretched out his hand to drag it, but almost instantly, it was destroyed by the impact of these 9 planets.

Heavenspan 3 The gate of immortality in the gate of life is temporarily immune to this attack.

But the gate of eternal life is temporary after all. Judging from the imposing manner of Unending Nine Stars this time, I am afraid it will be a long-lasting large-scale destruction.

In the empty darkness in the sky, only these 9 planets cover everything.

Reflecting on the heavens.

“Brother Xu, please enlighten me,” Mo Tianming stood in the dark corner.

It seems to be fuse together with the darkness, the whole body is fluttering and the long hair is windless.

He was looking at Xu Zimo with a smile on his face.

“In that case, try it,” Xu Zimo replied.

With a wave of his right hand, the rich demonic energy enveloped all around.

These demonic energy carry a deeper black than the surrounding pitch black.

The demonic energy blocked Xu Zimo all around, even Mo Tianming couldn’t see what was happening inside.

When Unending Nine Stars fell, the sonic boom followed.

Just as Mo Tianming looked at his masterpiece triumphantly.

He suddenly felt that in the dark demonic energy, something more powerful seemed to be reviving.

Immediately after the dark magic cloud condensed, a cyan rays of light flashed past.

The illusory shadow of a cyan planet flashed past.

Before he could come and take a closer look, his Unending Nine Stars were all annihilated in the void.

The darkness between Heaven and Earth also disappeared.

Everyone’s eyes brightened again.

Many people were even a little confused, but when the darkness dissipated, Xu Zimo’s Tyrant Shadow had been placed on Mo Tianming’s neck.

Only one foot away.

Mo Tianming froze in place.

He lips slightly moving and wants to say something, but he can’t say a word.

Drops of cold sweat slowly flowed down from his forehead.

“Just… what was that?” Mo Tianming asked.

“You don’t need to know,” Xu Zimo put Tyrant Shadow away.

“What is your relationship with the Taixu Great Emperor?”

“Tai Xu Great Emperor,” Mo Tianming chuckled lightly.

“I said I would like to smash him into 10000 paragraphs, are you believing or not?”

“I don’t believe it, he taught you Unending Nine Stars, that was his lifetime Absolute Art,” Xu Zimo shook his head and replied.

“If you want to kill, kill it, there are that many things,” Mo Tianming said.

“Unending Nine Stars, and the Emperor Qi, it seems that you have a lot of secrets.”

Xu Zimo said with a smile: “I almost suspected that you are the Great Emperor, but you are not.”

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Mo Tianming’s eyes narrowed slightly.

But not at all answer.

“You go,” Xu Zimo put Tyrant Shadow down and said flatly.

“Why didn’t you kill me?” Mo Tianming was taken aback and asked.

“If you don’t want to kill, don’t kill it,” Xu Zimo replied.

“I don’t owe favors to others. I will repay the grace of not killing this time,” Mo Tianming was also not polite.

After speaking, he walked away.

Seeing Mo Tianming’s leaving back, Bai Li stepped forward and asked doubtfully: “Why did you let him go.”

“You follow him to see, don’t get caught,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“Me?” Bai Li was taken aback for a moment.

“He was talking about me,” At this moment, Monk Dazhi walked out from one side and explained with a smile.

Watching Xu Zimo wave his hand, Monk Dazhi looked towards Mo Tianming, and then the silhouette gradually disappeared into the void.

“What kind of medicine do you sell in bottle gourd?” Bai Li looked at Xu Zimo and asked vigilantly.

Xu Zimo chuckled, not at all replied.


In Heavenly Dao Academy at this moment, the battle is still going on.

Whether these Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect are still 1st Rate Influence, they don’t mean to want to fight.

All looking for what they want.

As for Heavenly Dao Academy’s extinction or immortality, they don’t care at all.

This is only a temporary gathering of organizations, and everyone has different intentions.

“It’s here, that’s right,” a few voices spawned a small circle from Heavenly Dao Academy and came to the outside of the pavilion.

There are 5 people, 3 men and 2 women, wearing robes of different colors.

5 people looked towards Xu Zimo 2 people in the pavilion.

I saw one of them ask: “Hey, boy, are you here in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion of Heavenly Dao Academy?”

“Are you from Five Elements Sect?” Bai Li stood up and asked.

Although Five Elements Sect is not Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, they are also well-known figures in 1st Rate Influence.

It is said that Venerable Five Elements back then was also a candidate for Heaven’s mandate, but it was a pity that he finally failed.

“Oh, it seems that some people know our name,” one of the red robe men said with a smile.

“Little girl, take us to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, we can let you go.”

“This Heavenly Dao Academy is something you can do nonsense,” Bai Li yanked angrily with the whip from his waist.

“This chick has a bad temper, I like it,” another golden robed man laughed and replied.

“Don’t talk about that many nonsense, take her down and interrogate,” the green robe woman next to her frowned.

The Power of Five Elements surged around the 5 people, and directly killed Bai Li.

“Aren’t you coming to help,” Bai Li shouted at Xu Zimo as he challenged.

“They will leave it to you, now is the time for you to act,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

His gaze looked towards the other side in the distance.

Footsteps sounded, and a silhouette slowly stopped at the other person in the pavilion.

This is an old man.

The old man is not tall, only about 1.6 m.

The hair and beard on the top of his head are very long, and they are all gray.

It’s like an old birthday star.

Holding a wooden crutch in his hand.

“My kid, is this the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion?” old man looked towards Xu Zimo and asked with a kind smile.

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