I’m Really a Villain Chapter 901

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“Yes,” Xu Zimo said flatly and nodded.

“I am responsible for guarding the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.”

“Guarding the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion?” The white haired old man chuckled lightly.

Said: “My kid, this matter seems a bit big to you.”

“How do you call it?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Call me Old Man White Tiger,” the old man chuckled lightly.

He stroked his beard lightly, with a serious expression.

“This name is too old, maybe you haven’t heard of it.”

“I have never heard of it,” Xu Zimo nodded.

While Xu Zimo was chatting with 2 people, two figures came from a distance.

“Brother Banyue, it seems that I am here first this time.”

A burst of laughter sounded from the side.

“Purdue daoist, this Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion can’t be swallowed by one person alone, not equal to me, we can work together.”

“Your waning moon empire has a big appetite, but this time everyone cooperates and forms an alliance, and it is no problem to join forces.

But the things in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion must be selected first. “

2 people talked and laughed all the way here.

This Purdue daoist is wearing a white robe, his appearance is with a Buddha image, and he has a strange feeling.

Legend has it that Buddha has thirty two phases.

Sometimes fierce, sometimes soft, sometimes tyrannical.

This may be the so-called 10000000 million species in the world.

Purdue Daoist has different faces, with a string of Buddhist beads hanging around his neck.

Stepping on the purple auspicious clouds.

And the Banyue Saint next to him, his appearance is quite feminine.

Just like a woman.

On the center of the eyebrows, there is a symbol of the moon, wearing a moonlight dress with the brilliance of the moon flowing on it.

Even in the daytime, the moonlight is still soft and charming.

“Oh, it seems that someone has already been ahead of us.” Seeing the elderly White Tiger and Xu Zimo, as well as the Five Elements Sect people fighting, the two lightly said with a smile.

“Everyone, this is now the place of my Waning Moon Empire and Cihangjiao, please leave.

Lest we do it,” Banyue Saint lightly said with a smile.

Several people at Five Elements Sect who were fighting on the side stopped their hands, all of which were complexion slightly changed.

They haven’t had the guts to disobey the words of the two Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect.

But if I want to leave like this, I feel a little bit unwilling in my heart.

The fat to the mouth just ran away.

“When did Heavenly Dao Academy become your site?” Bai Li coldly snorted and said.

Hearing Bai Li’s words, Pudu Daoist was just laughed, not at all talking.

He looked over, as if there was a huge Buddha character condensed from the void, heading towards Baili’s suppression.

Bai Li complexion greatly changed and wanted to dodge, but his body simply couldn’t dodge.

Suddenly, the Sanskrit voice sounded, and the word of Buddha suppressed.

Suddenly, a jade hand came across the void, pressing down with one finger, and directly annihilating the Buddha character in the void.

Everyone hurriedly turned their heads to look around, only to see a white skirt woman walking over with lotus steps slowly.

“Yuan, Dean,” Bai Li looked towards white skirt woman and said in surprise.

“Thanks for your hard work,” white skirt woman looked towards Bai Li, said with a smile.

Then he turned his head and gave Xu Zimo another white look.

“I heard that Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail, the dean of Heavenly Dao Academy, is very mysterious.

didn’t expect to meet us today, did you wait for us specially? “Ban Yue Saint lightly said with a smile.

“It looks like I want to learn something.”

“This seat is not waiting for you,” white skirt woman lightly saying.

She looked towards the old White Tiger next to her, then smiled, “Master, long time no see.”

“White girl, I never admitted to be your master,” the old White Tiger shook his head and laughed.

“Don’t think so, I will not plan Heavenly Dao Academy.”

“Anyway, you are my master. As for other things, I have no other meaning.”

white skirt woman shook her head and replied.

“It seems that some people don’t take us seriously,” the Purdue Daoist next to him squinted slightly.

I saw golden rays of light surging all over him.

In this Buddha’s radiance, it seems that a big Buddha is being born.

“Buddha’s radiance first appeared,”

This Buddha’s radiance soars into the sky, Shining Upon All Heavens.

“Buddha Moving Mountain and Rivers.”

There was another sound of overwhelming mountains, and there was a cloud of Buddha spreading from Buddha’s radiance.

The cloud of Buddha is endless, one after another.

Mountains and rivers moved, Heaven and Earth shattered.

This Buddha cloud turned into a five-finger mountain, coming to suppress the white skirt woman.

“Although you are the Great Emperor warlord, tens of thousands of years cultivation base has not made progress.

It’s not that I look down, you are not enough. “

white skirt woman coldly snorted.

She just waved her hand, and instantly suppressed the Buddha cloud, dispelling the endless Buddha’s radiance.

The entire void was suppressed by her finger.

Space and time are all frozen in place.

The silhouette of Purdue Daoist did not resist at all, and flew out directly.

Seeing this scene, Xu Zimo’s eyes narrowed.

“I have entered a higher level,” he muttered to himself.

You know, whether it’s Banyue Saint or Purdue Daoist, they are already old powerhouses.

Half Moon Saint has entered the immortal immortal, and Pudu Daoist is even more immortal.

In theory, they are already this World, the strongest existence the Great Emperor can’t produce.

But now he is so easily slapped flying.

In this case, Xu Zimo only met one person.

That is the Sky Screen War God of True Martial Sacred Sect. He broke the rules and entered an all new realm.

This woman seems to be the same, but in terms of the imposing manner, she is a bit worse than War God in the sky.

“It seems that tens of thousands of years is missing, and the white girl is stronger again,” the old White Tiger next to him also blinked, lightly said with a smile.

Half Moon Saint 2 came again, the comfort on his face had disappeared.

“who are you?”

“The dean of Heavenly Dao Academy, do you still need me to explain to you?” white skirt woman replied.

“You have entered the realm of Nirvana?” Banyue Saint asked with a frown.

“It’s only half a step,” the white skirt woman shook her head slightly.

“But if it fights you, it’s enough.”

“Then try, Niekong’s existence will not be met in 10000 years, and I have never fought before in my life.

The legendary realm is so interesting,” Banyue Saint lightly saying.

The crescent mark on his forehead burst out with a shocking moonlight.

I saw that his whole person seemed to be sublimated instantly.

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