I’m Really a Villain Chapter 902

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“It seems that the youngsters nowadays are very confident,” the old White Tiger said.

“I like to face difficulties, willfully going towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers,” Xu Zimo laughed.

“You are not his opponent,” the white skirt woman looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“How can I know if I don’t try?” Xu Zimo said.

“Then it’s up to you, if you can’t beat me, call me again,” the white skirt woman shook her head and laughed.

White lotus blossoms all over her.

The lotus is not stained from the silt, but comes out of dust.

As if here is the artistic conception of lotus.

“Bai Li, step back and guard the pavilion,” the white skirt woman ordered.

Immediately, the flower bloomed with 8 petals, the stamens were filled with air, and they took solemn killing aura towards the Saint 2 of Banyue.

The explosion of “hong long long” resounded all around the pavilion.

The silhouettes of 3 people stood together.

Turning into the speed of light, naked eye elusive, the entire void is annihilated in it.

On the other side of White, the old White Tiger looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile: “My kid, I will let you move first.”

Xu Zimo squinted slightly, Tyrant Shadow flew out of the blade sheath automatically, leaving an afterimage of the grandiose in the sky.

He is holding Tyrant Shadow, and the blade bursts out with a sharp light.

Kill directly at the old man White Tiger.

“Blade has a sharp meaning, and has already mastered the way of blade, which the younger generation can understand.

Only the young Great Emperor back then,” the old White Tiger admired.

He right hand flicks with the finger, at the same time that Tyrant Shadow fell.

It aroused endless wind.

Xu Zimo just felt like he had cut on an indestructible golden stone.

At the same time, the force of the counter shock came, and he almost threw the blade in his hand.

“The realm of Nirvana, this is the realm behind the fairy pole,” Xu Zimo asked.

He could be sure with just a temptation.

The other party is definitely not a fairy.

Xianzhiji, he has also fought, and will not give him so much pressure and oppression.

Although Xu Zimo has yet to meet an opponent all the way.

But he will soon ascend to Heaven Beyond the Heaven, he still wants to try, how close is between himself and those true powers.

He understands that he is not invincible.

There is still a lot to go ahead.

“Come again,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

“As far as I know, Yuanyang Continent is not allowed to be stronger than the Great Emperor,” Xu Zimo said.

“How did you break the rules?”

“It was originally within the rules,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

“Although I know you mean to inquire, this is not a secret matter.

Di Road and Immortal Path are two different roads.

The Great Emperor is the end of Yuanyang Continent, but it may not be necessary to enter the immortal.

For Immortal Path, it is still very tolerant. “

“In that case, it’s not an exaggeration that I call you Senior,” Xu Zimo said.

“Boy, you seem to be very arrogant,” the old White Tiger said.

“I should beat your arrogance, it will help you in the future.”

“Since Senior has entered the realm of Nirvana, Junior has risen since the end of his life.

There were a few styles that I didn’t dare to enlighten me. Please appreciate them,” Xu Zimo said.

Even now, even Xianzhizhi still cannot test his limit.

So, Xu Zimo wanted to try it on this old White Tiger.

“Take me as a touchstone?” The old White Tiger said with a smile.

“If you make me interested, I don’t mind seeing your next move.

Otherwise, I will slap you to death. “

“I have created ten 9-style questions, and these ten-nine styles are the ultimate blade style.

After I have modified it several times, Senior, please try,” Xu Zimo pulled out Tyrant Shadow.

Blade intends to condense.

He slowly waved Tyrant Shadow and beheaded at the old man White Tiger.

A very common trick.

There is no bells and whistles at all.

“The first style starts at the end,

Type 2 duckweed. “

The blade intention began to grow crazily, rising into the sky at a speed visible to naked eye.

“3-style fight every battle without defeat,

4 type countercurrent straight up,

The 5th style is very windy. “

The gust of wind convolves blade intentions, and is carrying tornado to kill the old man White Tiger.

The explosion of “hong long long” sounded.

The old White Tiger slightly stretched out his right hand, and the original blade-style wind was suddenly changed.

“The blade of 6-style killing,

7-style Dragon Transformation. “

The strong wind condenses the blade meaning, turning into a golden-yellow dragon and hovering.

Dragon roar resounds through Heaven and Earth, and Dragon’s Might arrives in mighty.

And in this Golden Dragon, there are wisps of killing intentions stirring up.

“Yes, the blade becomes the essence, and even realizes the artistic conception,” the old White Tiger praised.

“This is the epitome of your blade journey.”

He waved his right hand again, and the Golden Dragon that had been transformed into a wailing cry, the meaning of killing suddenly disappeared.

“8-style deep blue world,

9-style Heaven and Earth first line. “

With another two moves, the deep blue world rushed out, enveloping Xu Zimo and the elderly White Tiger.

In this field, he is like a Minute Subtlety, able to observe and perceive the evolution of everything.

Even minor changes are fine.

Another blade qi was cut out.

At this moment, it seems that Heaven and Earth are both separated by blade qi.

The sky of grandiose is changed to Heaven’s Line.

Heaven and Earth starts between the front lines.

It represents the ultimate in strength.

“The domain, the ultimate strength, your blade path is very clear,” said the old White Tiger nodded.

He stretched out his right hand, grabbed all the blade meaning in his hand, and directly obliterated it in his palm.

With his right foot, he took a step forward slowly.

It seems that the entire deep blue world has been affected.

With him as the center, an independent field appeared, breaking the deep blue world.

“The ten forms of darkness fall,

Eleven-style blood in the sky. “

The night was shrouded, and the entire Heaven and Earth was plunged into darkness.

Even the scorching sun above my head was covered.

This darkness covers not only the eyes, but also the heart.

Even perception cannot spread in this darkness.

Something seemed to be dancing in the dark.

Then there was a touch of blood drifting by.

The blade cut through the silent void, and the blood on it seemed to gather in a river.

That is the river of blood.

This blade came with a river of blood, a mountain of bones, and a murderous intent.

“Second, one move to shield others’ perception, one move to enhance one’s own perception.

But this blood is too heavy to kill evil. “

The old White Tiger said.

He stretched out his right hand and moved it gently in the void.

Just listen to the sound of “hong” and a phantom appears in the void.

This illusory shadow cannot be seen clearly, but when it opens its eyes.

Heaven and Earth Darkness begins in the day and begins at night.

It swallowed it in one bite, and even swallowed all the boundless river of blood.

“Ten 2 Types of Death Void,

Ten 3 styles of the king’s anger. “

At the next moment, I saw Tyrant Shadow appearing on the blade of one after another.

The blade’s intention rose to the sky, shattering a whole void above his head.

This blade condense a monster’s illusory shadow.

This monster is full of purple, roaring with a huge stature.

The monster also holds a blade in his hand.

I saw him roaring, the mountains and rivers shattered, the sun and the moon paled, and the blade slashed towards the old White Tiger.

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