I’m Really a Villain Chapter 903

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Seeing this scene, the old White Tiger once again praised: “The condensing of the consciousness is more and more perfect, and there are already various emotions, and the destruction is stronger.

It seems that you have mastered the essence. “

Once again, the old man White Tiger stretched out his right hand, and the roaring illusory shadow in his hand gradually solidified.

It is a white Tiger with big eyes.

The whole body is black and white stripes, and the animal power pervaded on it is even more ferocious than True Dragon.

White Tiger is tall and white, fighting with Shiwang.

The king of purple has a big earring on his thick earlobe.

When Tyrant Shadow was cut down, the endless blade was even a little crazy.

But White Tiger is stronger than imagined.

Its sharp claw is so hard that it forcibly caught the blade.

Spark 4 splashed and ignited raging flames.

At the next moment, White Tiger leaped forward and opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, with a strong fishy smell on the fangs.

He bit off Shiwang’s head in one bite.

“Ten 4 formula: reversal of reincarnation,

Ten 5 styles: Funeral. “

When the yin and yang are reversed, use me to Demon Blood Dyeing The Blue Sky.

In an instant, mountains and rivers collapsed, and time and space shattered.

Yin and Yang reversed and Star River fell.

This blade makes the rules of the world go against chaos, and Yin-Yang Fish jumps at the tip of the blade.

Cut it down together, White Tiger roared to block the blade.

But its silhouette shattered in a twisted way when it touched the blade body.

“Interesting, not only broke the rules, but also reversed the rules,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

With a wave of his right hand again, another White Tiger came out.

This White Tiger is clearly different from the previous White Tiger.

It is not only black and white stripes, but also a hint of golden.

White Tiger opened his third eye with his forehead.

The ears are slightly cocked, and within both eyes are tinged with majesty.

Especially the double claws are sharper, as if they have evolved.

With thick hair all over, he looked at Xu Zimo very intimidatingly.

silhouette Tilted back slightly, and then rushed directly.

Cut out in one burial day.

The sky was closed again by darkness.

This blade glowed with endless darkness, as if to bury everything.

It carries the ultimate destruction, the end of all burial.

But it was such a blade that was bitten by White Tiger with the tip of the blade, and the meaning of destruction on it was swallowed into the abdomen.

White Tiger’s huge head suddenly flicked, and with the curved blade, he flew Xu Zimo away.

“Awesome,” Xu Zimo steadied his figure and exclaimed.

He has seen a lot of power along the way.

Even the Divine Emperor has seen such a Great Emperor.

It’s a pity that I couldn’t fight against each other, because the previous strength is not enough, even if I fight against it, there will be no gain.

2 Come, they are all their own.

But this time, the opponent exists as the realm of Nirvana.

But it really made Xu Zimo feel a trace of terrifying, even insignificant.

He couldn’t help but think of the realm further back.

Great Saint? Daoguo powerhouse?

And what about the final ten 2 vein?

How powerful these existences should be.

The existence of Heaven Beyond the Heaven made him feel a little excited, but also a little solemn.

“Boy, I’m becoming more and more curious about the moves behind you,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

“Ask the tenth formula, no birth,

The tenth 7th style, God’s shortage. “

The so-called non-birth represents the meaning of infinity and the starting point of everything.

At the beginning of the epoch, World’s All Living Things are all in one origin.

Even the vast and boundless universe, the sky full of stars, is just one point.

The outside of the universe is already the universe, because it is endless, and there is no change of 10000 things.

It is like One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three Births Myriad Things.

This blade is cut off, as if a brand new world is condensed and evolved in the blade.

Although this World is short-lived.

But it really existed.

This is lifelessness, going down with the power of a virtual world.

The White Tiger roared again, the silhouette did not retreat but moved forward, and both claws grabbed the blade abruptly.

But at this moment, drops of bright red blood flowed down from his paws.

The blade is cutting into its flesh little by little.

“Yes, really good,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

I saw him raise his right hand, a light shout: “Tian Wu.”

An azure spiritual qi rays of light flew quickly and flew into the body of the White Tiger within the body.

Next moment, I saw that the entire White Tiger changed again.

Its volume has expanded dozens of times again, with 8 faces and 8 poems, and 8 heads.

8 feet with 8 tails, it looks very strange.

This White Tiger 2 paws grabbed Tyrant Shadow, and the rest of the paws and bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, all bit towards Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

This White Tiger from start to finish did not use other moves.

Instead, he used pure defense and strength to force his attack.

No matter how the moves change, it is impossible to destroy the White Tiger.

He waved Tyrant Shadow again, and the tenth seventh style came out.

The so-called God Desolation, this is the name of Xu Zimo who fell into a Small World in his previous life.

This Small World is the Small World that was cast by the Great Emperor.

It’s just that it is not in the Divine State continent.

Xu Zimo’s Divine State has perfect mainland rules and is a real world.

And Shenhuang was born incomplete, and it will eventually be destroyed after experiencing turbulence.

Xu Zimo once read the handwriting left by the Shenhuang Great Emperor.

His inheritance is recorded there.

Although many things are not very useful, there are also some that benefit greatly.

Divine Wild Land, 4 Sea Dragon Palace, Jinwuluotang Valley, Divine City builds the clouds.

Xu Zimo slowly lifted Tyrant Shadow, which is the law of godlessness.

The so-called Law of God and Desolation, all Martial Dao can become gods.

This god is not Divine Vein Realm.

It is the true god, the Age of Myths that is older than Yuanyang Continent Age of Desolate, and has even disappeared in the long river of history.

At this moment, Xu Zimo is like the real True God coming.

Raising Tyrant Shadow in his hand, he is invincible, alone in the world.

Tyrant Shadow tears the Star River apart, blasts the rivers and seas angrily, and descends with a strong True God intention.

There seemed to be the whisper of Age of Myths.

For a time, time and space reversed, and it seemed that he had returned to the era when the gods stood side by side and the vast land.

“It seems that your chances are not small,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

“But it’s a coincidence, I’m the White Tiger also a god.”

“Tian Wu,” White Tiger raised his head and roared at the sky.

The roar seems to have a certain mood, which can be understood.

In the words, the words “Tianwu” sounded long and proudly.

Age of Myths, there was once a tribe named “Wu.”

They regard the tiger as Totem, and the god they worship is Tianwu.

He has 8 heads, 8 faces, 8 feet and 8 tails.

It is said that 9 is the limit of Heaven and Earth, and it is only one step short of practice.

White Tiger and Tyrant Shadow collided again.

A huge mushroom cloud rang out with the deafening sound of explosions resounding through Heaven and Earth, and ascended to heaven together.

All around the people who were still fighting were all rushed out by the aftermath.

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