I’m Really a Villain Chapter 904

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“This is,” everyone looked at the center of the explosion with shocked faces.

“What level of battle is this!”

“Didn’t expect Heavenly Dao Academy has this kind of existence,” Banyue Saint said with emotion.

“Heavenly Dao Academy has been around for a long time, and it’s not surprising that it exists,” Purdue Daoist lightly saying.

“It’s just that old man Interesting, even I have never heard of his name.”

Purdue Daoist also carried Heaven’s mandate with Master Cihang at the beginning. That era has been a long time ago.

It can be said that he has heard of many things, including many people.

“Do you still care about others?” The white skirt woman’s voice sounded from the side.

It is another lotus, Shining Upon All Heavens, with 8 petals, which directly turns into a flood of rain.

“Dean, we admit that you are very strong, and you are beyond expectation.” Purdue Daoist said.

“But the destruction of Heavenly Dao Academy is a great world, not something you can reverse with a half-step Nikong.”

“This will not bother you to worry about it,” white skirt woman lightly saying.


The central point of the explosion gradually dissipated,

Aftermath, the void that had been completely shattered was repairing itself.

Xu Zimo’s silhouette is deadlocked with White Tiger.

The voice of “ka-cha, ka-cha” suddenly sounded after a long period of silence.

Xu Zimo looked down. Perhaps it was because the pressure was too heavy, and Tyrant Shadow’s blade had cracks.

It may not be long before the entire blade will become fragments.

“In terms of moves, I can’t defeat you,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“It’s just strength, it’s a bit worse.”

“It’s a lot worse,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

It is true that in the previous matchup, Shenhuang was definitely not weaker than the opponent’s Tianwu.

But in terms of pure strength, the realm of Nirvana is several levels higher than Xu Zimo’s Divine Vein Realm.

This is a duel of great power disparity.

“Didn’t you say that your questioning style has ten 9 styles, let me see the last two styles too,” the old White Tiger replied.

“No,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

“If it’s the same realm, the first ten 7 styles are enough.”

“It seems to be underestimated,” the old White Tiger chuckled lightly.

“But what you said is true, you have the style of a young Great Emperor.

Even better than many Great Emperors I know. “

“That’s enough,” Xu Zimo shook his head, and the result he wanted was achieved.

“Although I admit your innate talent, you have to understand that without a genius who has grown up, there is nothing.”

The White Tiger glare next to him looks like a tiger watching his prey and Xu Zimo is ready to jump over at any time.

“Hey, I can’t beat him, so I will leave it to you,” Xu Zimo shouted at the white skirt woman who was fighting next to him.

The white skirt woman slightly smiled, and the white lotus in her hand bloomed again, directly knocking off the Purdue Daoist 2 people.

“Then they will leave it to you,” the white skirt woman said with a smile.

“Master, please enlighten me.”

“White girl, are you really going to fight me?” the old White Tiger said.

“I taught you how to practice.”

“For Heavenly Dao Academy, I have to do this,” the white skirt woman said.

“Those Old Guys have soared to the upper realm by themselves and threw the huge mess at you. These years have been very hard.”

The White Tiger old man said with a smile.

The white skirt woman shook her head slightly and said, “Since Master knows the hard work, why do you still have to stab a blade at the critical moment of the Academy.”

“You know the reason,” the smile on the old White Tiger’s face gradually faded.

The White Tiger stood majestic on his side, the majestic animal power radiating out.

“That’s offending,” the white skirt woman said in a cold voice.

She hurried forward, and the lotus blossoms were blooming under her feet.


On the other side, Xu Zimo looked towards Pududaoist 2 people.

“You hold him, I will go to Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion,” Purdue Daoist said.

Although Saint Banyue next to him hesitated, he was still slightly nodded.

He didn’t hesitate about Xu Zimo, but was afraid that Purdue daoist would embezzle all the treasures of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

“Little Brother, you’d better not get in the way,” Banyue Saint looked towards Xu Zimo, the Banyue sign on top of his head exudes rays of light.

He said lightly: “The Senior just tested you and didn’t really make a move against you. You should be thankful.

If you leave now, you might be able to save your life. “

Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

Tyrant Shadow lifted slowly and cut it directly with a blade.

He didn’t use Shenhuang again, he was afraid that the Tyrant Shadow in its current state would not be able to withstand the pressure and would break directly.

The sixteenth formula is no use.

An endless world is formed under the blade light sword shadow.

Seeing Tyrant Shadow chopped off the top of the head with the sonic boom, Banyue Saint quickly raised his hands.

A bright moon spinning overhead, blocking the past.

The curved blade fell, and the moon shattered shadows.

With a “hong” sound, like a cannonball, the silhouette of Banyue Saint flew out directly.

“Thank you to repeat what you said just now,” Xu Zimo stood still holding Tyrant Shadow in his hand.

The power of the whole body is rising steadily.

War God 9 changed.

Until Canglong 7 changed,

Qingyun 8 changes and finally War God 9 changes.

The armor of War God is condensed in Xu Zimo’s body, and the meaning of fighting is overflowing.

all around the wind and clouds are turbulent, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar.

Half Moon Saint stabilized his figure, looking towards Xu Zimo with gloomy eyes.

“It’s better to solve him first, and then go to Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion,” he said to Purdue Daoist.

“Trouble,” Purdue daoist coldly snorted.

He respected a Buddhist ritual and stood in place, and the Buddha’s radiance around him became more and more prosperous.

“Buddha’s radiance first appeared, Buddha light illuminating everything.”

The soaring Buddha’s radiance shrouded, covering all around under Buddha’s radiance.

And this Buddha’s radiance is very strange, it does not seem to have any attack effect.

But when Xu Zimo came into contact with Buddha’s radiance, he suddenly felt a strange feeling.

In his eyes, Purdue Daoist has become a true Buddha.

As if this Buddha’s radiance is all-pervasive, peeping into his inner world.

All the anger, ignorance, hatred, anger, greed, all kinds of negative emotions have been affected.

In an instant, all the negative emotions were entangled and turned into endless Evil Thought, wanting to drown Xu Zimo’s whole person.

“It is said that Buddha’s radiance can suppress evil and drive away evil and avoid luck, but your Buddha’s radiance can breed darkness.

After all, it’s just against the Buddha,” Xu Zimo lightly said with a smile.

“You are not affected,” Purdue daoist lightly saying.

“Your realm is not enough,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Heavenly Buddha descend the world,” Purdue daoist coldly snorted, only listening to “peng”.

With the surging of Buddha’s radiance in the sky, I saw a huge Buddha statue descend from the sky.

The Buddha’s face was plain, and a faint Sanskrit tone sounded all around.

The Buddha took it with a palm of his hand, and it immediately stirred up 1000 waves.

Layers of fluctuations appeared in time and space, and a big palm suppressed it from the top of his head.

Xu Zimo also not to be outdone, Tyrant Shadow cut the past heavily and exploded with the Buddha palm in midair.

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