I’m Really a Villain Chapter 905

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The huge oppression exploded in the void.

The huge Buddha palm collided with Tyrant Shadow, suddenly Buddha light illuminating everything, golden rays of light shining outside the pavilion.

Xu Zimo spins the power spin within the body, surging out with the power of War God 9.

It was like a huge wave, wave after wave, and wave was higher than wave after wave.

The golden Buddha’s palm began to break every inch, and the Buddha statue was instantly dimmed.

“I’ll help you,” Ban Yue Saint shouted from the side.

The Moon Wheel was spinning around, and in the faint moonlight, there seemed to be a slender silhouette dancing to clarify the shadow.

Like Chang’e flying to the moon, nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

This slim silhouette dances faster and faster in the dim moonlight, and finally forms a solemn killing aura.

Kill Xu Zimo at all.

Xu Zimo slightly frowned, the silhouette ran across the void, avoiding this attack.

“Myriad Buddhas Makes A Pilgrimage Toward Sect,” the Purdue daoist beside him shouting loudly again.

Behind him, his fate appeared, it was a string of Buddhist sarira.

When sarira exudes a rich Buddha’s radiance, embedded in the center of the giant Buddha’s eyebrows, the surrounding scenes begin to change.

The residence of Samantabhadra, surrounded by 10000 Buddhas.

Countless Buddhas, the illusory shadow of Bodhisattva appeared around.

They all faced Xu Zimo in one pose.

Kneeling like a pilgrimage.

Buddha, what kind of existence, bows down to a human being like this, how can this be withstood.

This is not only pressure, but also a suppression of one’s own air.

Cihangjiao is located to the north of the Supreme domain.

Whether it was the ancestor Cihang Master or Purdue Daoist, they all made their own statues.

Supply the temple, let the world visit, collect the gas of fireworks.

This is his luck, this thing is unpredictable, invisible and formless, but it exists in the dark.

At this moment, Myriad Buddhas Makes A Pilgrimage Toward Sect, all worship Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo only felt that it was as if Life Power was oppressing him.

I want him to kneel down, the blood within the body is boiling, even the blood vessels will explode.

“Moon Shadow dazzled killing,” Banyue Saint’s voice came from nearby at the same time.

His eyes were distorted, even hideous.

“go to hell.”

Of course, in stark contrast to his hideousness, is the hazy silhouette in the moonlight.

She looks like a slender lady, with white and delicate jade foot.

Stepped out slowly, as if dancing a dance of Li Shang.

Dancing mountains and rivers, stepping on the sky, solemn killing aura and killing intent are condensed in boundless.

When Myriad Buddhas Makes A Pilgrimage Toward Sect suppressed Xu Zimo, a round of Xuanyue’s surface was covered with frost and killed it.

“The moon is mixed with the sky.”

This Xuanyue carried Dao Rhyme all over her body, as if the hazy illusory shadow was singing, and in her whispers, the way home was invincible.

“Magic ten style 4 style, heavenly demon style,

God try Daoist. “

The so-called trying, fighting against the law, shattered world, destroying all beings, is immortal.

This blade carries the spirit of the shattered world.

The blade tip of Tyrant Shadow, the demonic energy is beating. Instead of hiding the sky and covering the earth, it condenses on one point.

In this blade shadow, a period of surging forward with great momentum is reflected.

A blade fell, the mysterious moon shattered, and the 10000 Buddha faded.

Heaven and Earth are turbulent, and the grandiose wind and cloud are invaded by demonic energy.

Xu Zimo stepped forward, the blade tip seemed to dance the dance of death.

The wind and thunder made a sudden sound, and a blade was cut off at two people.

“Can’t hide,” Purdue Daoist shouted.

The Buddha statues all over his body changed again, apparently trying his best.

“10000 Buddha Nirvana.”

The Buddha statues that had already faded were all completely renewed, as if they had experienced Nirvana.

They vomit Nine Characters Incantation, “Nan Wu Ami,” Shining Upon All Heavens, under the black demonic energy.

Golden Buddha’s radiance began to wrap each and everyone golden fonts flowing in the void.

The Banyue Saint next to him is not in the slightest.

“Yue Lin; absolute zero.”

As his voice fell, Saint Banyue’s whole body was frozen by a wave of ice.

On Xuanyue above the head, naked eye began to form a thick 1-layer ice body.

one after another cold air spread all around.

They freeze the void, freezing everything, even the air is not an exaggeration.

Cold air and Buddhist words are divided into two extremes.

Rolling down from all around.

Clamp Xu Zimo in it.

“Not enough,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

On Tyrant Shadow in his hand, although the cracks became more and more obvious, the blade intention became heavier.

The sky full of blade means like a sea of ​​prison, majestic lift off.

All the 3 doors of Heavenspan 3 Life Gate were opened, and the blade intended to tear the sky, roaring Star River, grandiose arrived.

War God 9 changes, Heavenspan 3 life gate, and the law of shaking the sky, and ten 6 questions in this brief moment, all broke out.

The entire sky didn’t just collapse, it seemed to destroy the sky.

The sky above Heavenly Dao city, and even the sky above the head of the Supreme Domain, had cracks of varying degrees.

The wide range and large area are rare in the world.

This blade was cut down, and Tyrant Shadow eventually shattered into countless pieces because it could not withstand the pressure.

However, this blade still fell.

Han Qi Xuanyue and Buddha Yin were both annihilated by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood in an instant.

The entire sky exploded completely.

Bai Li was in the pavilion, his heart beating.

“That’s his strength,” she muttered to herself.

I can’t imagine it inside.

She hadn’t seen this kind of strength before. The white skirt woman of Bai Li’s Master was beyond her reach.

But what kind of strength is her Master, the existence of Niekong in half a step.

And Xu Zimo, but a Divine Vein Realm.

This kind of strength erupted from a person from Divine Vein Realm, which made her difficult to understand and unimaginable.

If you become immortal in the future, what kind of style it should be.

Or not to be immortal. With this kind of existence, who among peers can compete with him?

At this moment, Bai Li actually felt a little sadness.

For herself, but also for the younger generation of this era.

Anyone who is selected by the Heaven’s mandate, ask which one does not want to carry the Heaven’s mandate, and it will be around 9 days.

But being in an era with this kind of person is a kind of sadness.

The aftermath of the explosion destroyed everything around.

All the buildings, flowers and trees have all disappeared.

The earthquake trembled and the sky shattered.

Only the pavilion of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion stands here peacefully.

Because this pavilion is not a physical entity, it is just that’s all from the spiritual qi condense.

As long as the Small World of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion is not destroyed, this pavilion will not be destroyed.

When all the dust disappeared.

The wind blew gently, and Xu Zimo stood on the cracked ground with a flat face, bending over to pick up Tyrant Shadow blade fragments.

On the other side of the earth, the Pudu Daoist and Banyue Saint 2 were covered with black hair and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

“How is this possible, absolutely impossible,” Banyue Saint murmured somewhat crazy.

“A little Divine Vein Realm, how is our opponent.”

On the other side, the battle between the white skirt woman and the White Tiger old man continued.

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