I’m Really a Villain Chapter 907

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Hearing what Elder White Tiger said, Hao Yunzi was stunned for a moment and replied: “But I haven’t repaid Master’s teaching grace.

Master why not say goodbye back then. “

“Ho’er, everyone has their own way to go. The most difficult thing is to distinguish.” The old White Tiger said with a smile.

“This is also the reason why I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want to add sentimentality that’s all.”

“You still have time to relive the past,” Ming Lao is coldly snorted.

With a wave of the right hand, countless ghost heads and miserable screams filled the dark spiritual qi.

The old man White Tiger raised his head and raised his eyelid lightly.

I can see that he is not in a good mood.

A direct palm shot, the clouds broke through the mist, the sky covering the sky fell, and the dark black spiritual qi rioted.

Ming Lao didn’t even have time to react, so he was heavily shot into the ground, sinking into a cave for 1000 meters.

“Then Master came back this time, did he help Academy escape?” Hao Yunzi continued to ask.

“Don’t leave when you come back.”

“You have to ask the dean,” the old White Tiger said with a smile.

Seeing Hao Yunzi’s expectant eyes, the white skirt woman was slightly silent.

He opened his mouth and said, “I am naturally happy when my master comes back, but if I grab the position of the dean, I will not give in.

I am not a rare dean, but when my Master hands it over to me, I will fulfill my promise. “

“Master, do you want to be the dean?” Hao Yunzi looked towards the white tiger old man, and said with some surprise.

The White Tiger old man not at all answered this question positively, but said with a smile: “Haoer, you have grown a lot.”

“Just stepped into the fairy that’s all,” Hao Yunzi said with a low expression.

“When I first became a teacher, I had the worst aptitude among many senior brothers.

Despite all these years of hard work, it was still difficult to take a few steps, which disappointed the Master. “

Several people chatted like a reminiscence.

And Xu Zimo was not idle beside him, using the book of life and death to swallow the incapable Ban Yue Saint 2 into the black hole.

Without the obstruction of the old man, even though these two people broke free and begged for mercy as much as 100, they still did not help.

Finally, with the final scream, they disappeared into the black hole formed by the book of life and death.

After absorbing the life and soul of two powerhouses, a streamer flashed on the surface of the book of life and death.

10000 Everything has a spirit. As a divine object, this book of life and death has its own spirit as well.

It’s just that because of the separation from the life and death pen, the wound fell into a deep sleep.

Now that he had absorbed these fate and soul, he seemed to have something to pass on Xu Zimo’s sense of satisfaction.

Xu Zimo seemed a little dissatisfied, once again looked towards Ming Lao in the deep pit.

Xu Zimo probably had a concept in his mind how strong the Nirvana Realm was.

In the fight with the old man White Tiger just now, the opponent didn’t use all his strength at all, just to test himself.

Now it was just a palm, and it actually hit the immortal Ming Lao.

He activated the book of life and death again, using the chain to bring up the old Ming who was 1000 meters underground, ready to swallow it.

As for the old man White Tiger, he didn’t intend to take care of it. This is not a realm he can handle.

Unless you ask them to come out.

But Xu Zimo has always felt that unless it is compelled by circumstances, it is better to rely on as little external force as possible for the way he has to go.

While devouring Ming Lao, he looked towards the people nearby.


“Ho’er, go to the side to heal,” the old White Tiger said, waving his hand.

“Master, are you going to be an enemy of Academy?” Hao Yunzi said incredulously.

“Why? You were also a part of the establishment of Heavenly Dao Academy.”

“I asked you to go to the side to heal your wounds. Didn’t you listen to what you said as a teacher?” The old White Tiger stared, lightly saying.

“Don’t worry about this.”

“As a member of the Academy, how can I ignore it,” Hao Yunzi looked sad, sighed.

“Master has the grace to teach me, and I don’t want to be an enemy of Master.

But Academy is my home, and I can’t just sit back and watch.

Today, the discipline is arbitrarily arrogant, but forget it all. “

After Hao Yunzi finished speaking, he drew the sword and wiped it towards his neck.

The white tiger’s eyes narrowed slightly, and with a flick of his right hand, a white spiritual qi shot away, directly stunning Hao Yunzi to the ground.

His silhouette flickered, holding onto Hao Yunzi’s fallen body, and muttering to himself: “Idiot, Idiot.”

Heavenly Dao Academy was founded on Age of Desolate.

In that era when Monster Race ruled, it can be said that Human Race is struggling no matter what it does.

Later, when the Age of Emperor came, Heavenly Dao Academy was regarded as a big boom.

education for everyone, irrespective of background, students from 5 lakes and 4 seas are here.

Hao Yunzi was the third batch of students to enter the Academy. At that time, he had the worst aptitude and was directly eliminated by the Academy.

Later, he thought it was pitiful, moved the compass and accepted it as a disciple.

Looking at the unconscious disciple in his arms, the old man White Tiger was silent for a long time.

“That’s all, that’s all, it was the grudge between me and the Qinghu old man at the beginning, what does it have to do with you younger generations.”

His right hand tore the void in front of him directly and took Hao Yunzi into the void.

The heavy voice echoed in the empty void.

“White girl, manage the Academy well.”

“Respectfully send to Master,” the white skirt woman bowed slightly, sighed in relief.

“Who is the old man?” Xu Zimo walked over and asked.

“What an old man, Master is one of the founders of our Academy. You are now in the Academy.

You can be considered a member, you should call him Master,” the white skirt woman glared Xu Zimo and said.

“This time the children’s life has been so much lower,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Since you are a member of the Academy, why are you still making trouble during the Academy’s crisis?

Also, as far as I know, he is not included in the ten Sect Founders that founded the Academy. “

“Ten Sect Founder is indeed the biggest contributor to the Academy, but how can a huge Academy be completed by ten people?”

The white skirt woman said: “This is related to some secrets, I tell you, don’t talk nonsense outside.

Sect Founder and White Tiger, one of our ten Sect Founders, were originally senior brothers.

After the establishment of Heavenly Dao Academy, Sect Founder of the Green Tiger became one of the ten Sect Founders, but the old man of White Tiger was unsuccessful, and his heart was naturally unbalanced.

After all, many people contributed a lot to the establishment of the Academy at that time.

The first dean of the Academy was Sect Founder.

The old man White Tiger has also been coveting the position of the dean.

He originally planned to wait for Sect Founder to retreat from the position of the dean before becoming the second dean.

Unfortunately, Sect Founder passed the dean to my master, and later my master passed it to me.

The old man White Tiger left Heavenly Dao Academy in anger. “

“Then this Sect Founder is pretty bad,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“You don’t know don’t talk nonsense,” the woman explained with a blank look at Xu Zimo.

“The position of dean is not something that can be held by a high level of strength. It also manages the Academy and makes plans for future development.

Although the old man White Tiger is strong, he doesn’t know anything about this house. How can he be the dean? “

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