I’m Really a Villain Chapter 909

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Xu Zimo thought for a moment, and then said with a smile: “You Heavenly Dao Academy, it seems that there is really nothing I want.”

He came to Heavenly Dao Academy this time for the 9th sacred fire, and now helps guard the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

It’s a sure thing to get the sacred fire.

As for the others, unless there is something that allows him to go to Heaven Beyond the Heaven to greatly increase his strength, it will not be of great significance.

“What is Heavenly Dao Academy? You are also a member, well, you must have a sense of honor and disgrace,” white skirt woman coldly snorted, replied.

“You must have a way, True Martial Sacred Sect, don’t think about it,” Xu Zimo said.

In fact, everyone knows that Heavenly Dao Academy definitely has a way to deal with the Sky Demon Peng.

It’s just that the price paid will be discussed separately.

Otherwise, the Heavenly Dao Academy would have already left before the Cang Cang Yaopeng was born, so why wait until now.

Knowing what you can’t do!

“I don’t hide it from you. Before Ten Sect Founder left, he used to guard against 10000 yuan and left a way to deal with the sky demon peng,” white skirt woman nodded replied.

“This is related to the origin of the Sky Cang Demon Peng.”

Xu Zimo listened quietly, not at all interrupting the other party.

“It is rumored a long time ago that there was a Golden Wings Great Peng between Heaven and Earth.

This Golden Wings Great Peng feeds on dragons and pythons every day and is very powerful.

It has lived for an unknown number of years, and one day its lifespan will come to an end.

Golden Wings Great Peng did not want to die. After flying up and down 7 times, it finally boarded the legendary Vajra round mountain.

It’s just that at this time, its whole body has completely self-immolated, leaving only a beast yuan Liuli heart.

By coincidence, this beast yuan Liuli heart merged with the 9-day baleful qi suppressed by Vajra’s wheel, and the sky was born. “

“Wait, baleful qi for 9 days?” Xu Zimo asked slightly frowned.

He naturally understands how powerful this breath is.

There used to be 3 qi between Heaven and Earth, one is spiritual qi.

It is the initial spiritual qi of 10000 objects training, which is very important.

The other is baleful qi and the other is profound energy.

Of course, some people are accustomed to calling Xuan Qi as Qing Qi.

It is said that this is the most powerful 3 Dao Qi born when Yuanyang Continent’s world was first divided.

Profound energy rushes to the sky, baleful qi falls to the ground, spiritual qi is in the world.

“Yes, after the fusion of the baleful qi and the Liuli Heart of the beast element in the past 9 days, it broke through the shackles and made it a realm of nirvana,” the white skirt woman said.

“These things were told by Sect Founder, and there is no way to know whether they are true or not.”

“What do you mean by the method?” Xu Zimo nodded asked.

“It’s still about these three qi, the spiritual qi is said to be the golden mean, suitable for 3 things, without conflict.

But between Xuan Qi and baleful qi, they are born opponents, like a for fire and the other for water, restraining each other,” the white skirt woman said.

“The secrets left by the Ten Sect Founder once said that the 9 Celestial Profound Pressure can be used to control the Celestial Demon Peng to seal it again.

If Nirvana Realm can help, beheading is also possible.

But now there is no realm of Nirvana on our side, as long as it is sealed. “

“It looks like you are ready,” Xu Zimo said.

“But I don’t have much confidence, so when the time comes, I still need your help,” the white skirt woman said.

Xu Zimo thought about it a little bit. He helped guard the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion by himself in order to get the 9-tune magic fire deal, which is not tentatively helpful.

After all, he is now a student of Heavenly Dao Academy, and he also found a life and death pen here.

It’s nothing to help.

“All right,” he slightly nodded.

“Before suppressing the Tiancang Demon Peng, let’s clear the Academy first,” the white skirt woman said with a smile.

“Two per person?” Xu Zimo replied.

“Aolong Old Ancestor and 9 Yang Sanren will be handed over to you, Lei Yao Old Ancestor and Burning Heaven will fight me,” the white skirt woman said.

It separates from Xu Zimo in two different directions.

Xu Zimo looked all around and briefly looked at the direction.

The location of Aolong Old Ancestor should be in the Liuli Temple, fighting against the Venerable Min.

When he stepped into the air, he found that he had experienced a foul wind and bloody rain battle.

The loss of Heavenly Dao Academy this time may be difficult to calculate.

Except for the Liuli Temple standing on the ground, all the buildings around are annihilated in the void.

A desolate, ruined wall.

And the dragon roar was still roaring not far away.

At this time, in the north of Liuli Temple, countless snakes surrounded a purple Thunder Dragon.

Although the number of these snakes is large, they are far worse in strength.

The thunderbolt soars into the sky, transforming the billowing thunderclouds above.

The endless thunder and lightning slashed between Heaven and Earth, and annihilated all the snakes around in the angry thunderbolt.

“Venerable Min, when this king destroys these red snakes, it will be your end,” Thunder Dragon speaks human’s words, a voice full of killing intent.

“If you can make the final contribution to the Academy before you die, it will be worth your life,” Venerable Min said lightly with a smile.

Even in front of life and death, he was still as calm as water, chatting and laughing.

This time, the Old Ancestor of the Academy was going to suppress the Cang Cang Demon Peng. They had to buy as much time as possible.

These red snakes are his spiritual qi illusioned out, but at this moment with the endless killing of Aolong Old Ancestor.

Within the body spiritual qi is exhausted, and it is almost impossible to illusion it again.

If you look closely, you will find that his face is slightly pale, and there is even sweat on his forehead.

Behind him, the True Life Red Snake hovered.

The number of red snakes spreading all around became less and less, and even the true fate was gradually blurred.

“It’s now,” Aolong Old Ancestor suddenly shouting loudly.

Catching a mistake, the long and winding body of the long dragon directly turned into a thunderbolt.

Piercing through the layers of void, rushed towards the abdomen of Venerable Min.

The speed of the thunderbolt is hard to see naked eye, and Venerable Min has no time to dodge.

Seeing that Thunder Dragon was about to hit him, an explosion of “hong” suddenly sounded in front of him.

The void in front of me is filled with dust, the space is fragmented, the thunderbolt is still there, and the purple arc flickers occasionally.

Venerable Min holding a certain death mind slowly lowered his head.

I saw when a palm of his hand appeared in front of him, blocking the oncoming Great Dragon Claw.

Although this palm is less than 10% of dragon claw, the power it contains makes people moving.

Immediately afterwards, the palm of his hand slammed forward slightly, a dragon roar roared, and the huge body of Thunder Dragon flew out directly.

Venerable Min swallowed and raised his head, only to see Xu Zimo’s silhouette walking in front of him.

“Rest, leave it to me next,” Xu Zimo shook his arm, said with a smile.

“You…,” Venerable Min didn’t know what he should say.

“Be careful.”

Eventually his silhouette stopped aside and began to recover and adjust his breath.

He didn’t have the slightest strength at this time, and he didn’t try to do anything.

“Who are you?” Thunder Dragon’s huge body looked over again and asked.

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