I’m Really a Villain Chapter 910

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“You should have heard my name, Xu Zimo,” Xu Zimo smiled and replied.

Thunder Dragon thought a little, and finally the imposing manner all over his body suddenly changed, even his eyes looked scarlet.

“You killed the Holy Son of my race.”

What a Holy Son means to a small sect, especially in this period when Heaven’s mandate is about to be formed, is self-evident.

This completely ruined the hope of sect this life carrying Heaven’s mandate.

Of course, they can also train other people.

However, the effect and significance of grinding the blade before the battle cannot be compared.

The birth of a Holy Son is an accumulation of unimaginable resources.

There are too many things among which is included.

Therefore, when the Holy Son of the Ancient Dragon Dynasty was killed, immediately caused an uproar in the Imperial court.

It was only because of the birth of the Cang Cang Yaopeng that they endured it for a while, and did not immediately come to the Academy to arrest Xu Zimo and ask the crime.

“You dare to show up,” Thunder Dragon said in a roared voice.

“Why don’t you dare? I’m here to kill you,” Xu Zimo smiled and replied.

Aolong Old Ancestor did not answer any more, but the thunderbolt around him became more and more violent.

This small world seems to be completely buried by Thunderbolt.

The sky above was densely covered with dark clouds, this purple thunderbolt shuttled through it, unexpectedly raindrops slowly fell.

The rumbling sound of thunder and lightning sounded, as if the sky was furious.

And under this power, it is obvious that the thunderbolt around Aolong Old Ancestor has begun to change.

The color of the whole body is getting deeper and deeper.

From the original purple to the darker black, the 4 claws have also become 8 claws.

The scales on the surface of the body are becoming more and more condensed.

Both the eyes and the head have evolved in general.

“This is,” a piece of breath-adjusting Venerable Min said in a low voice.

“Ultimate Dragon?”

Legend has it that Dragon Race has forms.

Most of the Dragon Races we see now are lesser dragons, and then Dragon Race, Divine Dragon Race, and finally the ultimate dragon species.

There are few types of ultimate dragons, and they are rare in the world.

Even Venerable Min only knows three kinds.

Taixu Ancient Dragon, 7-color Divine Dragon, and Dark Fiery Dragon.

But the dragon in front of him is different from all the dragon species he knows, but according to the imposing manner, it is definitely one of the ultimate dragons.

“I promise, I won’t kill you today,” Aolong Old Ancestor looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“I will bring you back to Lianlongya, forever trapped here, suffering and suffering.”

“You dragon is funny,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

There are many Dragon Races in his Divine State continent.

But they are all ordinary Dragon Races, even the strongest ones are not Divine Dragon that’s all.

He had never seen the so-called Ultimate Dragon.

Of course, this also has to feel the power of the ancient dragon Great Emperor.

Change Divine Dragon with a human body.

It is possible to allow a dragon species that exists in this way to appear in later generations.

“Every Great Emperor is a well-known figure of an era. It’s a pity that the rest of you are just sheltering that’s all,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“The Eclipse Ancient Dragon,” Old Ancestor said proudly.

“Boy, you probably don’t know the power of Dragon Race yet.”

His body moved slowly, and the endless void all around shattered.

space turbulence raged around.

The huge dragon’s tail didn’t use any power, just the strength of the physical body was directly thrown at Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo smashed his fist, thinking about testing the opponent.

But a strong force came and knocked him out.

“Interesting,” Xu Zimo stood up from the ground and chuckled lightly.

“Damn it,” Old Ancestor coldly snorted, killing Xu Zimo again.

The huge dragon head roared, and Dragon’s roar echoed across the sky.

bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, I want to swallow Xu Zimo in one bite.

Xu Zimo stretched out his hands, the right hand pressed the opponent’s upper jaw, and the left hand pressed the lower jaw to prevent the opponent from closing his mouth.

The oncoming smell almost drowned him.

The giant dragon’s body pushed him back and forth constantly.

Both feet left one after another significant mark on the ground.

The strength of Heaven within the body was spinning frantically, Xu Zimo grasped tightly with both hands, and directly threw the huge dragon head away.

Divine Dragon’s huge body smashed to the ground, and the ground suddenly cracked, and countless cracks popped out.

“I’m here to help you,” a few Venerable Min who recovered next to him stepped into the air, loudly shouted.

“No, you can help others, I can handle it here,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

He and the giant dragon are in a stalemate, a real fight with bare hands.

Because of the fragmentation of Tyrant Shadow, Xu Zimo does not have a weapon at hand.

But now the real Divine Sword has been obtained. He has the Paragon hammer and intends to refine the two together.

Recast Tyrant Shadow!

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Venerable Min hesitated for a moment, and finally he was nodded.

Now that Heavenly Dao Academy is short of manpower, since Xu Zimo is confident, he dare not delay.

Hurried to go to other places to rescue.


Really when Xu Zimo and Aolong Old Ancestor stalemate together.

I saw its huge dragon head surging, and a fiery shock wave shot out from his mouth.

Xu Zimo hurriedly crossed his arms and protected him.

When the blazing heat exploded in front of his eyes, Xu Zimo’s silhouette retreated several steps.

“Don’t worry, I will torture you slowly,” Aolong Old Ancestor said.

“Even if there is no gain in this trip, it is enough to catch you.”

“Really?” Xu Zimo waved his hand. “I suddenly thought of a very good idea.”

In his right hand, the power of creation was surging.

The Divine State continent of the real world was torn apart by the void.

Under Xu Zimo’s instructions, all the Divine Dragons in the 10000 monster tribe, Wearing the Void, took off.

Today’s 10000 demonic tribes are experiencing great prosperity.

Especially Dragon Race has become the key battle strength among them.

At this moment, there are 10000 dragons, and this shocking picture is hard to describe in words.

Red Dragon, Magic Dragon, Divine Dragon, Divine Dragon, Lilong, Cooling Dragon, and Horned Dragon.

Even some of the rarer Deep Sea Dillon, Kongming Green Sting Dragon, etc. are among them.

The dragon tree opened its branches and leaves, and various Dragon Races were born.

This is the preparation for the reproduction of offspring after the former Dragon Race was beheaded by the Sky Screen War God.

The price paid is not small.

10000 The dragon roars, and under the vast sky, there are all the silhouettes of these Dragon Race flying into the sky.

soar into the clouds and mount the mists, call the wind and summon the rain, lightning and thunder.

Various visions emerge in endlessly.

“This, this is,” Aolong Old Ancestor said in a war-torn tone upon seeing this scene.

“I think they should be suitable for you, have fun,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

The ancient eclipse dragon evolved by the Old Ancestor, the blood essence contained within the body is the ultimate dragon species.

There is a fatal attraction to the evolution of these Dragon Races.

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