I’m Really a Villain Chapter 911

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“Kill,” Following Xu Zimo’s command, the 10000 dragon dived and killed the Old Ancestor.

10000 Divine Dragon, Dragon’s Might grandiose arrives.

Dragon’s roar resounded through Heaven and Earth, deafening, one after another.

Even in the area of ​​several hundred li, you can still feel the huge Dragon’s Might and the endless dragon roar.

“Why?” Aolong Old Ancestor said with horror looking up.

Dragon Race has long been destroyed, this is the consensus of Yuanyang Continent.

Except for the battle of War God in the sky, the Dragon Race still remaining between Heaven and Earth is probably extinct.

Only one or two occasionally, struggling on whilst at death’s door.

The Ancient Dragon Dynasty is considered to be one of the forces with the deepest relationship with Dragon Race.

Although the strength of Aolong Old Ancestor is very strong, but in terms of quantity, it has been crushed.

When countless Divine Dragon imposing manners rushed over like a rainbow, the silhouette of Aolong Sect Founder was submerged in it.

The winding dragon body is entwined.

For a time, the thunder and wind rang suddenly, the clouds were densely covered, the flames were intertwined with frost, and the cyan ray glow shot into the sky.

Aolong Old Ancestor just persisted for a while, and the scales on the surface of his body were torn.

The tragic roar sounded, and the sound was miserable, and the listener was moved.

Was besieged by 10000 dragons in an instant, bite, sharp claw, and various attribute attacks were all received.

The scales on the body fell off, revealing bright red flesh and blood.

“Surnamed Xu,” Aolong Old Ancestor roared: “You have the ability to fight one-on-one, what are you like.”

“Don’t you think it’s naive to speak?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“I’m afraid you don’t even have the qualifications to fight me, so worry about yourself first.”

“Let me go, how will our grievances be wiped out?” Aolong Old Ancestor tried to resist for several times, but couldn’t break free, so he could only say so.

“No no no, I said that I will kill you, I have to say something,” Xu Zimo shook his head to say with a smile.

10000 The dragon roared around him, and every bite was drenched with blood.

The screams of Aolong Old Ancestor kept coming.

“Surnamed Xu, I won’t let you go. Our ancient dragon dynasty will crush you for 10000 pieces,” Aolong Old Ancestor roared in a slightly hateful tone.

Xu Zimo didn’t answer any more, he just stood there and watched quietly.

Watch the scene where the 10000 dragon swallows its silhouette.

Immediately after the big beckoned, the cracks in the Divine State continent opened again, and countless Divine Dragon divine might stunned and roared back to the Divine State continent.

The silhouette of Aolong Old Ancestor has long been disappeared.

Withdrawing his gaze, Xu Zimo’s silhouette walked south again.


9 Yang San Ren is the Old Ancestor of Pure Yang Immortal Sect.

It is also famous among the Supreme domain this world.

At this moment, he is fighting with Blade Kuang and Jian Wuhen.

The two couples seem to have cultivated a Combined Assault Technique. Together, the two couples are on par with the 2 Yangsan people.

“Blade is crazy, we have no grievances, why do you persist in your own wrong doings for an irrelevant Academy.” 9 Yangsan said aloud.

“This used to be my place to study, so why is it irrelevant?” blade mad lightly saying.

He is a blood-drinking blade, the blade method is fierce, and the play is notoriously desperate, very ruthless and tricky.

“I didn’t say that I would destroy Heavenly Dao Academy. I just went to Ruofa Hall to pick up a few things and leave immediately. How about?” 9 Yang Sanren asked.

“Shut up, you shameless old thief, today my husband and wife will kill you here,” Jian Wuhen said coldly next to him.

“In this case, the old man is not welcome,” 9 Yang Sanren’s eyes were gloomy.

Around his body, 9 extremely hot suns rose into the sky.

Turned into a burning Fireball, incinerating the void along the way, even the air melted into one after another white smoke.

9 Yang, once the edge of Heaven and Earth, means endless meaning.

Chaozhu is sent to Tangguxi, and the evening is 9 suns.

Just listen to 9 Yang Sanren shouted in a low voice, “9 Yang, that is the end of Heaven and Earth.”

The 9 suns were shining down, and the intense fire light reflected his face.

raging flames raging flames.

“Be careful,” Blade madly looked towards Jian Wuhen and reminded.

Although they are not weak, but seriously speaking, they are still Junior that’s all.

9 In the beginning, Yang Sanren followed the Chunyang Great Emperor to compete for Heaven’s mandate to create Chunyang Immortal Sect, which could not be easily defeated.

Following an Old Hu that was burning with flames jumped out of the first sun, I saw that Old Hu’s complexion was grim, and the flames all over his body continued to riot.

Take a closer look and see, which is Old Hu, which is clearly one of the ominous beasts.

Poor and strange, shaped like Old Hu, and the size of a cow.

There is a pair of wings behind him, like eating people.

There is a pale-gold dragon horn on the forehead, and its mouth resembles a falcon. It is one of the big ominous beasts.

“Kill her,” 9 Yang Sanren pointed to Jian Wuhen, instructed to Qiongqi.

Next moment, Qiongqi roared and rushed directly at Jian Wuhen.

This huge body carried an extremely fierce imposing manner, and the flames all over his body were burning.

The blade on the side wanted to stop it, but was stopped by the 9 Yang Sanren.

I saw him smile sullenly and said, “Don’t worry, I have prepared a better one for you.”

His voice fell, and another beast roar came out.

I saw a crack in the void between the 9 suns above this sky.

A vermilion’s hoof first protruded from the crack.

Immediately after the beast’s might came, a bright red Qilin slowly walked out of the crack.

“Red Blood Qilin,” Blade screamed wildly when he saw the object.

“9 Yang, why are you looking for me?” Chi Blood Qilin walked out lazily, looking at the 9 Yang Sanren and asked.

“I want you to solve it personally,” 9 Yang Sanren replied.

“Not interesting,” Chi Blood Qilin shook his head slightly, preparing to return to the torn crack.

“A white ghost,” 9 Yang Sanren said directly.

“3 strains,” Chi Blood Qilin’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

“2 strains,” said 9 Yang Sanren with some pain.

Baigui Tuoxian is one of the divine medicine for immortality. It is known as 10000 catastrophes and immortality.

This is Immortal Medicine collected by 9 Yang San people for a lifetime.

He has been spotted by the Red Blood Qilin.

If it was not impossible this time, he would not pay such a big price.

Chi Blood Qilin turned around, his dim pupils stared at the blade madly, and said somewhat jokingly, “This is the kid.”

“Help me stop him, the best way to kill,” 9 Yang Sanren lightly saying.

He was naturally upset at such a high price.

Turned around and looked at Ruofatang in front of him.

10000 spells, but one session.

Legend has it that Ruofatang of Heavenly Dao Academy has collected all the fairy tales on Yuanyang Continent.

Of course, this is just a legend, because few people are qualified to enter this Ruofa Hall.

9 Yangsan walked towards the door of Ruofa Hall step by step.

This is not splendorous and majestic, and even some dilapidated temples stand here.

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