I’m Really a Villain Chapter 912

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From the outside, no one can think of how important things are.

When 9 Yang Sanren approached Ruofa Hall step by step, his silhouette suddenly stopped at the door.

The footsteps of “da da da” sounded.

I saw Xu Zimo walk out from the side path.

“Hey, it’s quite lively,” Xu Zimo saw this scene before him, said with a smile.

“Who are you?” 9 Yang Sanren frowned and asked.

“Don’t be nervous, I just watched the excitement,” Xu Zimo said, waving his hand.

“Courting death,” 9 Yang Sanren was coldly snorted, and with a wave of his right hand, the sun hanging in the sky turned into a meteorite.

He smashed directly at Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo stretched out his right fist, the power of creation filled his fist, and smashed it fiercely.

With the sound of “hong”, the entire sky trembled fiercely.

I saw that the huge sun was directly shattered by Xu Zimo with a punch.

Xu Zimo twisted his neck, said with a smile: “That’s it?”

9 Yangsan’s face is slightly positive.

The flames all over him were flying in the air, and the sun that had been bombarded by Xu Zimo actually condensed in the void again.

“Fire dance for 9 days,” 9 Yang Sanren raised his right hand and waved it gently in the void.

I saw all the 9 suns violent.

It has evolved into 9 flying cranes.

The appearance of this wind crane is similar to that of a phoenix, its wings are extremely dusty, and its body is golden red.

2 The wings that cover the sky and the sun are scattered, and the glazed feathers float down meticulously and smoothly.

Only Fenghe’s mouth is very sharp, and within both eyes is faintly emitting fire.

The 9 wind cranes, walking shadows and slim, actually give people a sense of lithe and graceful posture.

The nine silhouettes are criss-crossed and swooped down from the sky, turning into a boundless sea of ​​fire.

Intertwined and killed Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo raised his head slightly, and took a half step back with his right foot. The whole person turned into a stream of light and went straight into the sky.

His silhouette flickered, imagining countless afterimages in the sky.

He used to learn a trick “A drop in the ocean” in Nine Heavens Emperor Sect when he went to the 10000 ancient continent.

The vast sea is endless, invisible at a glance.

The so-called chestnut is just a drop of water in the ocean that’s all.

At this moment, when Xu Zimo stretched out his right hand, only a drop of glittering and translucent dripping on the palm of his hand.

“Canghai,” Xu Zimo shouted in a low voice.

Water droplets fell on the void, and instantly transformed into an endless river.

The sea is surging and will be oncoming, and the intertwined 9 wind cranes will be completely submerged.

Seeing this scene, 9 Yang scattered people slightly frowned.

“Monsterious,” he shouting loudly.

I saw that the flames around the nine wind cranes were more vigorous, and there were faint signs of suppressing the sea.

The wind and cranes mingled and the cranes danced for 9 days.

Seeing this scene, 9 Yang Sanren roared again.

“Xing Tianlie.”

I saw the surging flames coming from the surging Fenghe.

An illusory shadow of a giant is formed.

It is rumored that there was Deity in ancient times, named Xingtian.

Holding a giant axe with a height of ten thousand zhang, his eyes can breathe fire, and his four limbs are like black gold.

Strong as an ox, lifted its head to split the sun and the moon, settled in the mountains and rivers.

Xu Zimo slightly frowned, coldly snorted.

The sea of ​​right hand has become stronger again.

However, Xing Tian held the giant axe and directly smashed it down with an axe. The huge waves swept up ten thousand zhang and were forcibly split a path.

“Have you not solved it yet?” The white skirt woman’s voice suddenly came from the side.

I saw her foot on Bailian, said with a smile: “Do you want me to help?”

“No,” Xu Zimo shook his head and replied.

The force of within the body was spinning crazily, and the sky shaking giant stepped into the void, facing the Xingtian giant far away.

“Don’t rush to solve it,” the voice of the white skirt woman came from the side.

“No matter if you enter the immortal in the future, you still carry the Heaven’s mandate to the Great Emperor.

It is inevitable to deal with the profound truth, just so you can feel his profound truth. “

The so-called profound truth is actually divided into many types, but Xu Zimo doesn’t know much about this aspect.

However, the profound truth of these 9 Yangsan people should be flames.

When fighting against the powerhouse of the immortal before, Xu Zimo won with pure power.

I haven’t thought of anything else.

Under the reminder of the white skirt woman, when he spreads the Divine Consciousness and really feels it.

I really feel a little bit different.

That is a world of flames.

Closing your eyes is nothing but opening your eyes and everything disappears.

Simply go and see, what you see is a golden red burning flame.

However, if you carefully understand it, you will find that these flames are broken up and turned into pieces of profound truth floating in the void.

When Xu Zimo wanted to take a serious look, suddenly the boundless flame surged and awakened him directly.

At this moment, the Tian Shaking Giant was almost beating Xing Tian, ​​Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

I actually felt a tremor from that power.

“Did you see it?” the white skirt woman asked from the side.

Xu Zimo thought nodded.

Seeing that Xu Zimo 2 Rengen this General didn’t pay attention to him, the 9 Yang San Ren aside was slightly annoyed.

The Xingtian Giant roared, but when he changed his hand, he was slapped down by the Shaking Giant.

Then the sky-shaking giant rushed directly into the wind crane like a wolf into the flock.

With a quick tear, a wind crane was torn into two halves.

Fenghe screamed, suddenly jumping.

“Enough,” the 9 Yang Sanren underneath was a little angry.

With a wave of his right hand, these wind cranes were all annihilated, and 9 rounds of scorching sun soared in the sky.

“9 The sun refines the sky.”

I saw 9 chains wrapped around his body.

One end of these chains corresponds to 9 suns.

The sky at this moment was rendered as crimson by the flames.

9 The sun is hidden in the void.

9 The roar of Yangsanren echoed in the empty void.

“9 Yang, you are crazy,” the red Blood Qilin on the side shouted in horror.

“Escape, the farther you can escape, the better,” 9 Yang Sanren shouted.

In fact, when the white skirt woman came, he felt the deep and unmeasurable imposing manner from the other party, he had a foreboding of his fate.

The sound of “crash-bang” came from the body.

He played with fire all his life, otherwise he would not be called 9 Yang Sanren.

But at this moment, when the 9 Yang is hidden in the void, deep in the sky, one after another golden and thick flames follow the iron chain and burn to his body.

He didn’t even have the slightest resistance and was burned to ashes.

“Ten days will be empty,” the white skirt woman said word by word.

Between this Heaven and Earth, there is the sun itself. At this moment, adding 9 suns and 9 rounds of scorching sun, it becomes ten days.

Moreover, in the past ten days, they faced each other in a distance, and they actually restrained each other.

“Age of Desolate, Heaven and Earth had a severe drought.

The sky has several rounds of scorching sun, and 10000 things are suffering.

Countless creatures burned themselves at the time,” white skirt woman lightly saying.

“Today’s scene is as good as it used to be.”

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