I’m Really a Villain Chapter 913

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“It’s hot, it’s so hot,” this is Xu Zimo’s most intuitive feeling.

There is no sun in the sky, only a scarlet.

The endless Huo Lianyun rolled over his head.

For a time, it seemed that even the sea could evaporate.

Everyone felt great thirst, and the moisture on the skin surface was quickly evaporating.

The blood vessels and the dried-up flesh are clearly visible.

Xu Zimo raised his head slightly.

In his right hand, the light white spiritual qi is gathering endlessly.

The entire void began to tremble.

“Since it is a profound truth illusion, it will be broken with one punch,” Xu Zimo chuckled.

If it was due to the Heaven and Earth Rule, then he really couldn’t help it.

But the so-called ten days is nothing more than that’s all transformed by the profound truth of immortality, and it has not reached that level.

As long as the force is strong enough, it can be broken.

“Help me watch the blood Qilin, I want it,” Xu Zimo said to the white skirt woman.

Then I saw his silhouette as the speed of light, blasting directly towards the sky.

A boundless wave of air formed on the fist.

The dazzling rays of light above your head can’t even open your eyes.

This fist condenses almost all the power of Xu Zimo’s body.

There is the power of creation, there is also demonic energy, and the spiritual qi between Heaven and Earth surges.


An unprecedented explosion sounded in the void in front of him.

It was as if someone slammed a punch in the ear, and the tinnitus appeared briefly.

The thick fire-smelting clouds above, the clouds shattered as they rolled.

The sky of scarlet is like a rough sea, with 1-layer ripples.

Then roll out ten thousand zhang huge waves.

This fist directly blasted a hole in the sky.

To swallow and drown the ten days of grandiose.

The roar of Blood Qilin sounded nearby.

But Bailian with a white skirt woman was suppressing it, and it couldn’t escape.

When Xu Zimo’s silhouette fell from the sky, I saw the sky of the scarlet gradually turn blue.

The remaining round of scorching sun is hidden in the clouds.

Because the real sun is farther from Yuanyang Continent than the vast distance.

His punch only smashed the 9 false suns, the real sun, and Xu Zimo now really doesn’t have the power to touch them.

“What do you want it for? Shouldn’t it be a mount?” white skirt woman looked towards Xu Zimo and asked.

Xu Zimo glanced at Red Blood Qilin and shook his head slightly.

He is chaotic with veined beasts, so naturally there is no shortage of others.

I just want the other party to join his 10000 demons tribe.

As for how to join, it was Chaos who went to tune it, and Xu Zimo didn’t bother to care.

With a wave of the right hand, Xu Zimo directly tore the space wall of the Divine State continent, sending the Red Blood Qilin in.

“Don’t think about it, my Qilin Race won’t be a mount for others,” the angry voice of Blood Qilin came from inside.

“Where did you send it?” the white skirt woman asked suspiciously.

“A Small World, I specialize in storing things,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

In fact, after powerhouse reaches a certain realm, it is possible to create Small World.

But this so-called Small World is just a simple space.

It is not a complete world.

A complete world is like Xu Zimo’s Divine State continent, with chaos composed of sun, moon, day and night, Profound Yellow Qi and Yin-Yang Two Qi.

There are more than 10000 things that are inexhaustible and can reproduce and be born.

A very virtuous circle is formed between 10000 things.

What’s more, Xu Zimo can go a step further and revive the spiritual qi and improve the world stronger and stronger.

“I am afraid that Blood Qilin has already entered the immortal immortal, so you are not afraid that it will ruin your Small World?” white skirt woman said with a smile.

Most powerhouses create their own Small World, but the area is not large.

Occasionally, it is more convenient to store some things than to take a ring.

Because Small World has no potential for development.

There is also a part of the powerhouse, to see through the red dust, will create Small World bigger.

Bring your family and friends into life, away from worldly troubles.

Of course, this situation is rare.

“Frankly, my Small World is as big as a domain,” Xu Zimo replied.

Upon hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the white skirt woman was taken aback.

One domain, that is, the Supreme domain is so big.

Yuanyang Continent is divided into 5 continents, and Central Continent is divided into 5 regions.

The area of ​​this Small World is a bit exaggerated.

You must know that the Small World of most people is just as big as a city or several cities.

“I’ve got some fortuitous encounters before, once fused with a Small World that is about to be destroyed,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“No other use, but it’s a large area.”

“Then you have a good chance,” the white skirt woman did not question, lightly said with a smile.

This kind of thing is really rare.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

In fact, he told the white skirt woman about this, he had a plan in his heart.

It’s just that this plan will be useful later.

Otherwise, he is not idle, discussing his Divine State continent with others.

Plant the seeds to flower and bear fruit.


“Pay respects to the dean,” Blade Kuang and Jian Wuhen rushed over and greeted the white skirt woman.

“This time the Academy has encountered a catastrophe, and it is rare that you two can come to the rescue,” the white skirt woman said with a smile.

“As a matter of fact, the Academy’s kindness is unforgettable for our husband and wife,” Jian Wuhen shook his head and replied.

“I’m going to suppress the Cang Yaopeng that day, and now the Academy is in chaos, and all kinds of beasts, horses and snake gods have emerged.

The outside world will trouble the two of you to suppress it,” the white skirt woman said.

“Follow the dean’s order,” Blade madly replied slightly, his voice sonorously replied.

“Let’s go,” the white skirt woman said after looking towards Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded, two people flew towards the inner courtyard of Heavenly Dao Academy.

The sky above the inner courtyard is different from the sky in other places.

The dark gray monster qi enveloped the piece of Heaven and Earth.

The more you go towards the inner courtyard, the stronger you can feel this demon power.

I feel even more powerful.

“You can’t suppress me. When I break through and seal it, it will be the end of your all person.”

A very angry voice came from the inner courtyard.

between Heaven and Earth flying sand running stone, it was dim.

There was still some distance away, and Xu Zimo even felt the pressure.

The long hair fluttered with the demon wind.

white skirt woman staring gaze, right hand in midair lightly.

It is countless white lotuses condensed and paved a path up ahead.

Xu Zimo felt the pressure disappear instantly, and his body was relieved in vain.

“Let’s go,” the white skirt woman said with a smile.

Two people came to the center of the inner courtyard.

At this moment, in addition to the ten Sect Founders of Heavenly Dao Academy, there are more than a dozen Academy Elders.

They stand in a special position.

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