I’m Really a Villain Chapter 914

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A round cage, like a prison, stood on the ground.

There is a dark demon wind all around.

And inside the cage, Cang Yaopeng’s silhouette was trapped in it that day.

His sharp claw skimmed over the cage, and his wings were flying hard, but the cage seemed to have power.

Whenever it touches the cage, it will be shaken off.

“You rubbish, now let me go, and I will give you some happy ways to die later.”

“Ten Sect Founder is no longer there. You can’t trap this king, so why do you do such useless work.”

“Blind over there, I’m talking about you, hurry up and let me out.”

“And you old bastard, old fart, can you hear me talking to you?”

As soon as he walked to the inner courtyard, Xu Zimo heard Cang Yaopeng’s yelling.

Xu Zimo suddenly felt a little funny.

Looks like this, it doesn’t look like a Monster King at all.

Instead, there is a feeling of a bitch cursing the street.

“Yeah, there are two more people here. This is the dessert before the meal,” Cang Cang Yaopeng shouted again when he saw Xu Zimo 2 coming.

“This chick is pretty good. When I come out, I can stay alive and take it back for training.”

“Sect Founders, how are you?” the white skirt woman stepped forward and asked.

“Bai girl, who is he?” An old man looked towards Xu Zimo and frowned.

“He’s here to help, he’s good at strength,” the white skirt woman replied.

“I brought him here. This time Heavenly Dao Academy has resisted foreign enemies, and he has done the most.”

“Okay, just watch by the side, don’t disturb the seal,” the old man waved his hand and said.

“The strength of Cang Yaopeng on this day is so powerful that it exceeds our imagination.

Originally thought it could be sealed for one day, but now it seems that at most twelve hours, this cage will be broken. “

“Then seal it as soon as possible,” the white skirt woman frowned.

I saw her raised right hand, and a transparent bottle appeared from her hand.

In this bottle, it seems to contain the Star River of the heavens.

There is starlight flickering, and the galaxy hangs upside down.

It is pretending to be a brilliant and eye-catching Boundless Starry Sky.

Anyone who reads this bottle will praise “beauty.”

“9 days of profound energy, I have already prepared, everyone, do it,” the white skirt woman said.

“Okay,” I saw the blind slightly nodded in it.

Seeing the appearance of 9 Heavenly Profound Qi, the complexion of the Sky Demon Peng was slightly changed.

“What do you want to do? I tell you, don’t come near me.”

“The king went crazy, even hitting himself, even afraid of himself.”

Hearing the loud roar of Tiancang Demon Peng, Xu Zimo held his forehead slightly.

This Monster King is really shocking.

“Can you shut up,” Elder beside him was a little impatient with the Monster King’s chatter, and she was slightly shouted.

“Close your mother, you have the ability to be sealed for several million years.

There is no one chatting, and one person is speechless for several million years. Try it.

When this king catches you, he will definitely spray you to death. “

Hearing what the Sky Demon Peng said, Elder complexion slightly changed.

But still resisting the anger in his heart.

To be honest, it is indeed a little flustered.

Because no one is sure to control this Heavenly Cang Demon Peng.

With a sound of “peng”, the bottle was broken, and the 9-day profound energy that had been strayed away instantly exuded a powerful force.

Although there are only a few drops of water, it contains power.

The entire void was crushed to pieces.

Seeing these few drops of 9-day profound energy escape into the void, he actually wanted to escape.

With a wave of the blind Sect Founder’s right hand, only a very powerful spiritual qi condensed, enveloping all these 9-day profound energy.

“The body of the Cang Yaopeng is transformed by the 9-day baleful qi, as long as the baleful qi is suppressed.

It was suppressed,” blind Old Ancestor said.

Another old man with divine poise and sagelike features next to him gently stroked his long beard.

With a wave of its right hand, his beard turned white and Heaven and Earth turbulent.

His white beard grew several hundred meters in an instant, covering the entire sky.

“Turn the evil spirits into clear, Heaven and Earth swamps endless.”

“The chaos is divided, yin and yang separate the dawn.”

I saw the ten Sect Founders of Heavenly Dao Academy. At the moment, they are all peaceful, both hands forming seals.

No one is going to care about the 10000 demon cage.

“Heaven and Earth Promise, Mingming Avenue.”

“9 Heavenly Profound Qi, as I like, the same!”


With a soft drink, the nine-day profound energy on the firmament has become more and more terrifying.

The profound energy is overwhelming, covering the sky above the head.

I saw that in this profound energy, a faint image of orientation was lit up.

Qian, Kun, Sunda, Zhen, Hu, Li, Gen, Dui.

The 8 directions corresponding to Heaven and Earth Yin and Yang Five Elements are lit.

The ancients tolerated 10000 images, looking up to the sky, and looking down to the ground.

Get everything close, everything away.

Cover the yin and yang virtues of Heaven and Earth, and find the loss of the catastrophe of 10000 things.

Today Heaven and Earth are out of balance, and the baleful qi soars into the sky. My generation used to go to mystery, reconcile yin and yang, and suppress Monster King.

The profound energy in the sky evolved into a circular suppression pattern.

“What do you want to do?” Sky Cang Yaopeng’s voice came from below.

“Let me go, the grievances between us are wiped out.”

“Fall,” with blind Old Ancestor’s shouting loudly.

Just listen to the sound of “hong long long” from the top of the head, and the circular pattern quickly spun down and fell.

At this moment, when the suppression pattern touched the 10000 demon cage.

A force spread, like a seed fell into the ground, and grew wildly and boldly.

The entire pattern of suppression carried a mighty power, and he wanted to enshroud the Sky Demon Peng.

The body that Sky Cang Demon Peng originally stood was chucking up a little bit.

Seeing the suppression pattern sink into its body a little bit, everyone was a little excited.

“It’s done,” blind Old Ancestor shouted a little excitedly.

“Are you a little happy too early?” At this moment, a somewhat gloomy voice came from the side.

Then the tone of the gloomy voice changed, and he started laughing heartily.

I saw Tiancang Demon Peng leaning against the cage of 10000 demon, and laughing.

That look, how funny it is.

But at this moment, none of the people around could laugh out loud.

They all looked at Yimu in front of them inexplicably and horrified.

“Nine Heavenly Profound Qi is useless?”

“How can this be? Its body is not condensed by baleful qi.

Profound energy and baleful qi are born to collide with yin and yang, how could this be? “

Seeing the puzzled expressions of everyone, the huge body that Sky Cang Demon Peng was leaning on slowly stood up.

At this moment, the beast’s might arrives mightily, and the entire sky is changing color.

The cage that originally trapped him was torn apart by its claw.

“What the hell is going on?” Blind Old Ancestor asked with an embarrassed expression looking at the Sky Demon Peng.

“Although I am too lazy to reply to you, I still can’t help but want to say a few more words.”

Sky Demon Peng said with a sneer.

“You thought that during the years I was sealed, you never thought that you would use profound energy to deal with me.

As early as a few 1000,000 years ago, I changed my ontology, and now my ontology is not baleful qi.

But the real body of the demon peng. “

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