I’m Really a Villain Chapter 915

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“The body of the demon?” Hearing the words of the sky demon, the white skirt woman was slightly frowned.

“You should remember, my body is not a 9-day baleful qi, and the beast yuan Liuli heart left by Golden Wings Great Peng.

In the past, it was led by baleful qi and assisted by Liulixin.

Now I let Liulixin dominate and baleful qi assists.

Naturally, these nine days of profound energy are useless to me. “

“No, no,” Elder shook his head pale and couldn’t believe the facts before him.

If this is the case, then the current Heavenly Dao Academy, and the fate of their people, are all over.

“Let’s talk about it, how do you want to die?” Tiancang Yaopeng asked indifferently.

“It was sealed for countless years like this king, and finally died in loneliness.

Or was it just killed? “

“Did you overlook a problem?” Xu Zimo’s voice sounded from the side.

Suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

“Whether he is led by baleful qi or supplemented by baleful qi, it is inseparable from baleful qi.

Since there is a baleful qi, the 9-day profound energy should be effective, but the effect is good and bad that’s all. “

After hearing Xu Zimo’s words, everyone reacted.

“Yeah, this Monster King is lying to us.”

Everyone next to him reacted, even the Cang Cang Yaopeng complexion slightly changed.

“Try it,” blind Old Ancestor said quickly.

I saw the seal of his left hand, one after another invisible air wrapped around his hands.

“Blast,” As he waved his hands, Cang Cang Yaopeng made a roar sound.

The huge body fell to the ground and rolled.

Numerous buildings around collapsed.

“Boy, you’re done, this king remembers you.”

Sky Cang Yaopeng’s angry shout came from the side.

“Useful,” everyone around was overjoyed.

“Everyone joins forces to suppress,” the old man next to divine poise and sagelike features shouted.

Ten Sect Founder was printed again, and everyone nearby assisted in the suppression of the formation, condensing the spiritual qi continuously and handing it over to Ten Sect Founder.

“The Cang Yaopeng was really cunning this day, suppressing the profound energy within the body, we didn’t even notice it for a while.

Otherwise, he would really follow his way,” someone coldly snorted and said.

With the profound energy being controlled again and the suppression technique activated, the Sky Demon Peng within the body at this moment was like turning a river into a sea.

The two different attribute gases of baleful qi and xuanqi are in conflict.

Just like ice and snow and fire, it is bound to freeze or fuse one side.

“Sect Founder, what do we need to do,” the white skirt woman asked from the side.

The suppression has been activated, and others can no longer intervene in the formation at any time.

The way of formation is the change of the week and the sky, and there can be no mistakes.

A change in orientation will trigger a change in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Especially these very large formations.

“Leave the Academy,” blind Old Ancestor sighed next to him, said.

“Old Ancestor why?” There were others who didn’t understand the situation. Elder was a little surprised and asked quickly.

The Sky Demon Peng has been temporarily suppressed, so it shouldn’t be a reseal.

“This Monster King is right, it has already converted its body.

The body of the demon is the main body, and the so-called baleful qi is just an auxiliary that’s all. “

The blind Old Ancestor sighed: “Now the profound energy can still have some effect on him, but it is impossible to seal it.

When this profound energy is exhausted, it will be the day it leaves. “

“How could this happen?” At this moment, even the white skirt woman felt troubled.

“Before this Monster King gets out of trouble, arrange everyone to leave here,” blind Old Ancestor instructed.

Just as everyone was worried, Monster King’s laughter echoed in this empty inner courtyard.

Xu Zimo gave a light cough, “cough cough, I say everyone.”

As soon as he was halfway through his words, he was interrupted by Sky Cang Yaopeng.

“Boy, you shut up, your dog can’t spit out ivory, and every time you speak, there is nothing good.”

“Actually I have a way to solve him.”

Xu Zimo’s voice came, and everyone was shocked again.

“What way?” Before the white skirt woman could speak, the blind Old Ancestor next to her asked first.

“Remember the Small World I told you about,” Xu Zimo looked towards white skirt woman.

Said: “I previously merged the Small World from a powerhouse that was about to be destroyed.

This Small World is located outside Yuanyang Continent, generally floating in the space wall.

Now only I can open this Small World and have absolute control. “

“What do you mean?” The white skirt woman asked thoughtfully when she heard Xu Zimo’s words.

“Since it can’t be killed, and it can’t be sealed, why not exile it to the Small World,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Once it enters the Small World in the space wall, it will be able to return.

Even if you get through Small World, you can’t get through the space wall of Yuanyang Continent. “

Xu Zimo is right to say this.

Although Yuanyang Continent is only a medium world, it really cannot be broken in a realm of nirvana.

At least the Great Emperor should start.

Before Xu Zimo went to the 10000 ancient continent, it was also a weak space wall and was brought in by space turbulence.

Relying on his own strength is also fundamentally impossible.

“I knew that you brat was not at ease, and was full of bad water,” the voice of Cang Cang Yaopeng came from the side.

It yelled, “Boy, when the king comes out, the first one will kill you.”

“Really?” Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the blind Old Ancestor were still a little hesitant.

“Try it, do you have a better choice?” Xu Zimo asked.

What he told the white skirt woman about his Small World before, was to prepare for this sky Cang Yaopeng.

A Monster King in the realm of Nirvana, thinking about it, is really exciting.

Waiting for the other party to enter the Divine State continent, there are the existence of Bymon and the 7-faced magic general.

In addition, the entire world is controlled by himself, and Cang Yaopeng cannot turn the sky this day.

“I know your purpose is definitely not simple,” the white skirt woman looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“You are not like someone who can do business at a loss, but if you can really help us, Heavenly Dao Academy owes you a big favor.”

“Then as soon as possible, while the 9-day profound energy can still be suppressed, everyone will send it in together,” blind Old Ancestor said.

Xu Zimo condensed his eyes slightly and waved his right hand.

A crack was torn in the side position.

This is not the space wall of Yuanyang Continent, but the space wall of Divine State.

Open the space wall, and the Cang Cang Demon Peng can be sent in.

It’s just that Cang Yaopeng’s resistance is very strong this day, and Xu Zimo’s strength alone is not enough. He has to rely on the Sect Founders of the entire Heavenly Dao Academy.

On the side of the white skirt woman within both eyes, there is an inexplicable force surging.

I saw a white lotus that covered the sky and sun in full bloom.

The whole sky seems to be raining.

But when I looked closely, I found that these were not raindrops. All that fell were small white lotus.

Bai Lianyu seemed to fit a little bit better.

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