I’m Really a Villain Chapter 916

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There was a roar from the Sky Demon Peng, this time the Sky Demon Peng was obviously a little panicked.

It didn’t want to be banished, and could only resist desperately.

In the shadow of the white lotus rain, the huge lotus flower enveloped the huge body of the entire Sky Cang Demon Peng.

“Qi,” with the influx of more and more people spiritual qi.

I saw that the Cang Cang Yaopeng was being supported by the lotus a little bit, slowly floating up and heading into the crack.

The Sky Demon Peng was still fiercely resisting.

Its sharp claw tears the lotus, and the two golden horns on top of its head continue to exude amazing power.

Flames, thunderbolt, various Attribute Power are spreading out.

At this moment, everyone suddenly discovered that the white lotus that had originally wrapped it had turned black a little bit.

In a blink of an eye, Bailian has 5% for Black Lotus.

“This is Death Law,” the white skirt woman said in surprise.

“Quickly stop it, don’t let it use Death Law, otherwise my white lotus can’t hold it.”

There are many kinds of laws, such as Five Elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and even Wind, Thunder, light, darkness, and ice, all of which belong to Ordinary Law.

But above Ordinary Law, there are some special laws.

Life, death, spirit, destruction, curse, including time and space, these all are special laws.

The difficulty of their comprehension and the formidable power they use are much more than Ordinary Law.

Hearing the words of the white skirt woman, everyone looked dignified.

The blind Old Ancestor held a long stick and knocked it directly at the head of the sky Cang Yaopeng.

The long stick turned several times in the palm of the hand, and the sound of the stick “weng weng weng” trembled in the space.

Immediately after hearing the explosion of “hong”, the stick hit the sky demon Peng’s head hard.

Others dare not hesitate.

There are Five Clawed Golden Dragon flying into the air, and there is also Icebound 10,000 Li.

A fire lion roared, and a giant axe cut through the sky.

These ten Sect Founders each performed their abilities, and instantly killed all of them towards the sky Cang Yaopeng, preventing it from destroying the white lotus body with the Death Law.

“You all deserve to die,” Sky Cang Demon Peng roared from the white lotus.

“White lotus cleans the world,” the white skirt woman’s voice was slightly hoarse, and it overwhelmed the voice of the Cang Cang Yaopeng.

I saw endless white spiritual qi spreading from 4 places in her body.

Immediately, the other end of spiritual qi was connected to the huge white lotus.

A very holy power is circulating in it.

“Sacred Law?” Feeling this power, the Sky Demon Peng shouted in horror.

“You are also an immortal.”

At the same time, the sky covered by the monster qi was covered with dark clouds, and there was a thunderbolt tearing the monster qi.

In order to completely annihilate this land, Lei Wei shocked the world, and Heavenly Tribulation grandiose arrived.

“Quickly,” the white skirt woman yelled as she felt Heavenly Tribulation in the sky.

“I haven’t finished Heavenly Tribulation, and Law Power can’t be used for too long, otherwise it will be forcibly crossed and so many of us will die.”

Everyone looked solemn.

Xu Zimo also heard white skirt woman say before.

It takes 2 steps to enter the realm of Nirvana. The first step is the profound truth transformation rule. She has already completed this step.

However, Heavenly Tribulation has not yet completed, so it can only be considered a half step.

Heavenly Tribulation is very important. Without complete preparation, she does not intend to save it now.

“Everyone worked together and pushed it into the crack,” blind Old Ancestor shouted.

As the sacred law became the Death Law, with the efforts of everyone, the huge body of the Sky Demon Peng was pushed into the cracks of the Divine State continent little by little.

“You wait, this king will come back one day,” the sky Cang Demon Peng shouted unwillingly from inside.

Immediately after Xu Zimo waved his right hand, the space wall immediately closed.

The monster qi that the wind and cloud changed all around gradually dissipated, leaving only a mess after the war.


After Cang Yaopeng entered the Divine State continent that day,

The realm of Nirvana is the most intuitive to feel the laws of a world.

It found that this is not like what Xu Zimo said, but a Small World that is about to be destroyed.

It is a complete world with complete laws and even spiritual qi.

His heart was extremely horrified, and he even dared not think about it anymore.

A complete world.

He knew in his heart what a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering measure this was.

“Welcome to the Divine State continent,” at this moment, a voice rang from the side.

Tiancang Yaopeng quickly turned around, and saw Bai Meng and the 7-faced Demon General standing by.

And he hadn’t sensed the existence of two people at all just now.

“Who are you?” Sky Cang Yaopeng asked quickly.

“You will know later,” Bymon said with a smile.

“However, the command given to me by the Lord is to first adjust you before answering your questions.”

On that day, the miserable cry of the Cang Cang Yao Peng echoed in the 10000 monster tribe, and it continued for a long time.


“It won’t come back, right?” After Cang Yaopeng was sent away that day, there was Elder sitting next to him on the ground, sighed in relief.

“It shouldn’t be,” Xu Zimo said, shaking his head.

“This time we at Heavenly Dao Academy owe you a favor. If we need it in the future, as long as we can, we will definitely help,” blind Old Ancestor looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“Yes,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

In fact, his goal is the Sky Demon Peng. As for the favor of Heavenly Dao Academy, that’s all that goes well.

After the blind Old Ancestor finished speaking, he looked towards the white skirt woman and said again: “Since the Monster King problem has been resolved, we will retreat.

This time of crisis for the Academy, students who can still fight side by side with Academy must remember. “

“I will,” white skirt woman nodded.

The silhouette of Ten Sect Founder gradually disappeared into the void.

In fact, unless Heavenly Dao Academy encounters a crisis of extinction, they will not appear.

They are not in charge of the Heavenly Dao Academy now, and the dean has the final say.

“After the war, 100 things are waiting,” white skirt woman looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile.

“I may be busy for a while.”

“I’m going to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion,” Xu Zimo said directly.

“No problem,” the white skirt replied.

“I gave you the token before and you can enter the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

No one will stop you holding it. “

Xu Zimo waved his hand and walked straight to the direction of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Seeing Xu Zimo leaving behind, the white skirt woman shook her head slightly and laughed.

“I really look forward to the moment when Heaven’s mandate comes.”

At this time, Bai Li was still guarding the pavilion of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Seeing Xu Zimo coming, she quickly asked, “Are you all right?”

“Everything that should be solved is finished,” Xu Zimo shook his head and replied.

“That’s good, that’s good,” Bai Li sighed in relief, nodded said.

“Thank you this time.”

Xu Zimo took the token out and placed it on the chess table in the pavilion.

With a glare from the token, the original situation of the Othello match instantly changed.

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