I’m Really a Villain Chapter 917

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The black and white double chess turns into 2 black and white dragons, fighting each other in the center of the chessboard.

The dragon roar shook, and suddenly, this chessboard seemed to evolve into a Small World, murky heavens dark earth, fighting endlessly.

When the token was released, the black and white dragons that had fought together fuse together.

The long dragon hovered, and the space instantly fell silent.

Just listen to the vibrating sound of “weng weng weng” coming from the void, like a door opened.

A crack appeared in the void in front of him.

Xu Zimo walked in along the crack, and his silhouette disappeared in the pavilion.


silhouette As if there is no gravity in the void, after experiencing several falls.

The void in front of Xu Zimo’s eyes began to twist, and immediately after the scene changed, he came to an attic.

At the first moment of entering here, Xu Zimo felt that countless gazes fell on him.

Although he didn’t know where these gazes came from, he also knew in his heart.

This Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion will definitely not just be guarded by yourself, if you have not been able to guard it before, others will break in.

The people inside will definitely form 2 defenses.

But these people just looked at Xu Zimo with their eyes, not at all to stop him.

Xu Zimo just started to look at the all around environment.

This is more like a platform, or warehouse.

But the things inside are arranged neatly and orderly.

Xu Zimo walked through the wide aisle in the middle, and he glanced at the many shining labels on the 2nd side.

“Monster beast, secret skills, treasures,

Five Elements category, exquisite category, holy words, mythological scroll…………. “

There are all kinds of strange things, it can be said that there are everything.

Whether it’s what you imagine or even can’t imagine, there are everything here.

There are Qilin phantoms stepping on auspicious clouds, and there are also creatures like Vajra orangutans locked in cages.

Seeing Xu Zimo passing by, he barked his teeth and yelled.

This is Immortal Realm heaven and hell on earth.

It seems that everything is perfectly integrated in it.

Xu Zimo is looking for 9 divine fires in it.

Finally found the flame category.

The flames collected here are all the kind of primary flames, not just a ray of flame.

The core of a flame of fire is also the root of reproduction.

Xu Zimo searched among these companion creatures that were emitting flames.

Even if it is a rare sacred fire, this Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion also has a collection of 100 kinds.

Each has different shapes and colors.

Transmogrify 10000 things, even tangible and spiritual.

Finally, Xu Zimo stopped in front of a hanging oil lamp.

This oil lamp up ahead clearly reads “9 Qu Shenhuo 4 characters.”

9 Qu Shenhuo,

The Supreme Fire of the refining device is the flame with the strongest effect.

No matter what kind of weapon is refined, it will bring its own attributes.

Because the potential of this divine fire is huge, it can even refine the Heaven Defying Tool, and it must not be forcibly refined before it has absolute strength. “

Look at the introduction to Shenhuo above and some descriptions.

Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

I saw his right hand on the oil lamp.

The age of this oil lamp is particularly ancient, but judging from its age, it is not difficult to imagine that it was also a Supreme treasure a long time ago.

It’s just that now the treasure is covered in dust, treasure is almost destroyed, if it weren’t for the nine magic fires, no one would even pay attention to it.


When Xu Zimo’s right hand went to absorb the sacred fire, the originally quiet flame instantly rioted.

As if it was quiet, the time of tens of thousands of years was broken.

These 9 songs of Shenhuo began to go crazy.

Strands of flames spread out with the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth. This sacred fire is tenacious and uninterrupted.

It’s hard to be extinguished.

But Xu Zimo was prepared long ago, and saw him wave his hand.

The power of creation was pervasive and directly suppressed these nine divine fires.

Although Shenhuo is strong, it has no owner after all, it’s just a subconsciously attack that’s all.

Xu Zimo pulled the sacred fire out of the oil lamp little by little, and then included it in the Divine State continent.

Today’s Divine State continent has become a storage space for his items.

After taking away the 9 tunes, Xu Zimo also left the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

The sights that fell on him at the same time gradually became hidden.

After walking out of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, Xu Zimo once again returned to the previous pavilion.

Now Bai Li has left.

Xu Zimo looked in the distance and walked towards the location of Vermilion Bird Island.

If it is forging weapons, he has Paragon hammer and 9 sacred fire.

But he himself didn’t understand this way.

Whether it is refining or pill concocting, it is an old and complicated profession.

And Shi Jian, Xu Zimo chose the most suitable target.

Whether it is the identity of Stone Race or the mastery of Refiner Dao, the opponent is the cream of the crop.

When Xu Zimo came here on Vermilion Bird Island, Venerable Wrath had been waiting here for a long time.

“Master,” Xu Zimo greeted politely.

“Are you OK?”

He looked towards Venerable Wrath, and the opponent was dressed in a red robe, although his blood was rosy, he looked no problem.

But Xu Zimo still smelled a faint smell of blood.

“It doesn’t matter, you have something to do when you come back,” Venerable Anger said with a smile.

“I’m looking for Shi Jian’s senior brother, and want him to help refine a weapon,” Xu Zimo said.

“I’ll take you there,” nodded replied of Venerable Wrath.

When he came to the former iron shop again, Shi Jian was rarely hitting iron, but was breaking down some weapons.

Return the weapon to the furnace for recasting.

“Many weapons have been lost in this war,” Shi Jian saw two people coming, said with a smile.

“Although it’s not very expensive, but I couldn’t bear to let the weapons fall, so I collected them.”

“Senior brother, I’ll just say it,” Xu Zimo replied.

“I want to ask you to help me cast weapons.”

“No problem, with your kindness to my Stone Race, let alone a weapon, even ten or 100 pieces.

Without saying a word,” Shi Jian said solemnly.

Without Xu Zimo, there would be no Stone Race today, and there would be no Shi Jian.

This kindness cannot be repaid by casting a weapon.

“I explained in advance that this weapon is not an ordinary weapon, it may attract Heavenly Tribulation.”

Xu Zimo replied: “Forging Master is even in danger of life, I can’t guarantee it.”

“I understand, if it is an ordinary weapon, you will not find me to cast it,” Shi Jian said with a smile.

“Since it is forging weapons, I will take you to a place,” Venerable Wrath said from the side.

“Where?” Shi Jian smiled and jokingly said, “It can’t be Qishan.”

“Yes, it is Qishan,” Venerable Anur nodded earnestly.

Shi Jian was taken aback for a moment, and said in surprise: “As far as I know, Qishan is not open.

This is an express provision of the Academy. “

“Rules are dead, people are alive,” Venerable Wrath said with a smile.

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