I’m Really a Villain Chapter 918

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“Living people can’t be bound by dead rules.

In this great war, Zimo’s contribution, let alone Qishan, can’t be overstated even if it is ten.

Some things are not simply repayable. “

Hearing the words of Venerable Wur, Shi Jian agreed with nodded.

Just like Xu Zimo saving Stone Race, this kindness can’t be paid off by one or two things.

“What are you talking about?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“How can I hear it in the mist.”

“Qishan is a very famous building in Heavenly Dao Academy,” Shi Jian explained quickly.

“It is rumored that a long time ago, one of the ten Sect Founders of our Academy, Qi Sheng once again refined Supreme Divine Artifact.

The lines of Divine Item are portrayed on this land.

From then on, whenever there is a Refiner Master died during meditation in the Academy, they will choose this place and regard this place as Holy Land.

And if there is a Divine Item or not, they will be buried in this mountain. “

“But what does it have to do with the refiner?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Listen to me. Over time, there are more and more Divine Items and more and more Refiner Masters who died during meditation at that mountain peak.

Under the accumulated over a long period of time, a sense of innocence has evolved unexpectedly. “

“Yes, this unsullied air can increase the success rate of weapons by at least 30%,”

Venerable Wrath took over and said: “And if Heavenly Tribulation comes, this unsullied aura can also reduce the formidable power of Heavenly Tribulation.”

“I’ve never heard of this before, and it’s interesting,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“It’s just that although Wushou Qi is powerful, Qishan used to be the place where countless Senior died during meditation.

Therefore, the Academy also does not allow others to refine tools here, so as not to disturb Senior,” Shi Jian explained.

“But this time the situation is special, and the dean should agree to it.”

“Then let’s go,” Xu Zimo nodded.


Now Heavenly Dao Academy has just gone through a big battle.

Not only must deal with foreign enemies, those Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect Old Ancestor who died in battle, but also reorganize the Academy.

There are many ruins that have collapsed and need to be rebuilt.

As the dean, the white skirt woman is naturally the busiest.

When Xu Zimo and the others came up, she thought a little and agreed.

“Go, and if possible, don’t break the peace there.”

Several people left the Academy’s inner courtyard and walked straight to the south.

Venerable Wrath knew the way, so he walked in the forefront and led the way.

As we headed south, the buildings in front of everyone gradually disappeared.

The pavilions and pavilions became a jungle.

Weeds grow all around, and some grass grows taller than a few people, meaning a desolation.

Because it is close to Qishan, there are few people coming and going, so after the battle of Heavenly Dao Academy, this place is the most intact place.

“Look there,” said Venerable Anger, pointing his finger forward.

“That is Qishan.”

Xu Zimo looked away, only to see a very high mountain at the end of his sight.

Not to mention towering into the clouds, but also very lofty.

The shape of the entire mountain resembles a sword, blade stick, spear…

Looking at it from different angles, you will see that it is a different mood.

But what is unique and unmatched is the imposing manner of this mountain.

It seems to condense the artistic conception of 10000 soldiers.

Just like the body of 10000 soldiers that Xu Zimo met before, it condenses all the meaning of weapons into one.

But that is the war body in ten-thousand does not have one.

To put it plainly, this Qishan is a hiding place that’s all.

Xu Zimo sometimes has to sigh, the extraordinary work of this world.


When several people got closer and closer to Qishan, they could already see the mountain clearly.

Those Broken Swords, long spears and various weapons inserted into the mountains.

Some were buried in half, and the remaining half was in the rain and sun, even changing color.

There are also many weapons, all buried in this mountain.

When the three people boarded this mountain, they suddenly felt like thorns.

It seemed to be stared at by something terrifying.

From the soul to the body, it gives people an uncomfortable feeling.

“It’s okay, don’t be hostile, let’s go directly to the top of the mountain,” Venerable Anger reminded.

The 3 people climbed along the mountain path towards the top of the mountain.

“Drunken Rain Sword, the sword is 3 feet long,

It was the sword used by the Drunken Rain Swordsman back then.

Later, Drunken Rain Sword Man died during meditation, and the sword was released again. “

Along the way, Venerable Fury would introduce some to the two of them when looking at some famous weapons that appeared nearby.

“Sunday Gun,

At that time, Old Ancestor’s famous weapon, a Yaori spear, was a bosom friend. “

“Prison Longsuo,

You can jump up to the stars, you can enter the Jiaohai, and find out Worry of ghosts. Back then, the weapon master wandering became the most proud thing. “

Then the voice of Venerable Anger has been filled halfway up the mountain, and only the two of them can resume this story, which has long been dusted and even forgotten.

There are many powerhouses in this world, but more of them are forgotten by people.

Because the world remembers that eternal life is those who stand on the top.

Other people, if they don’t appear, will slowly be forgotten by the world and this world.


After one hour, three people came to the top of the mountain without any risk.

The location of this mountain is at the south corner, standing on the top of the mountain, you can just see the scenery of 1/4 area of ​​Heavenly Dao Academy.

People have different expressions.

“Just here,” Venerable Wrath instructed.

“Guardian Zimo and I, you come to refine it, you must succeed.”

Shi Jian forcefully nodded.

For a Refiner Master, if they can really refine a Divine Item, it is not an honor for them.

When Xu Zimo took out the Paragon hammer and the 9-curve Shenhuo, the void of all around began to change.

Xu Zimo immediately took out the real Divine Sword.

5 pieces, and Sword Soul.

“Good sword,” Shi Jian exclaimed.

“The material of this sword is rare in the world. I have made a sword for so many years.

No, let alone think of it, even if you are not qualified to compare. “

Shi Jian put the sword in his hand, as if looking at another piece of perfect and without blemish unpolished jade, his eyes seemed to glow.

“This sword has already been built, but it is now broken and needs to be recast.”

Xu Zimo said.

“Nothing needs to be changed, just cast in the original shape.”

“Don’t worry,” Shi Jian nodded hard.

“This sword will definitely be famous throughout the world.

And unique and unmatched. “

Xu Zimo laughed, not at all what to say.

He doesn’t care if the true Divine Sword is famous throughout the world. He wants the true Divine Sword to open the Ancient Celestial Court.

Used as a key.

Then it will be destroyed and used to recast Tyrant Shadow.

Tyrant Shadow is true love.

Shi Jian sat cross-legged, he was not at all busy and eager to cast.

Instead, I closed my eyes and rested my mind, letting my state, Essence, Qi, and Spirit reach their best.

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