I’m Really a Villain Chapter 919

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For the Refiner Master to cast a weapon, the status must be the most important.

Suddenly, when Shi Jian’s eyes opened, only a ray of light flashed through his eyes.

A spiritual qi was passing around Shi Jian.

“The fire is coming,” he a light shout.

These 9 tunes of Shenhuo seemed to sense something, and it leaped into his palm automatically.

Immediately, the flames began to spread madly, covering Shi Jian’s whole body.

Shi Jian just raised his right hand when these nine bends of divine fire were like his four limbs and could be driven at will.

Lift up the fragments of the real Divine Sword.

9 Qushen turned into a long dragon and swallowed 5 pieces in one bite.

The sound of “huhuhu” flame burning sounded in the air.

Recasting the real Divine Sword is a long project.

Especially the real Divine Sword is more difficult than ordinary weapon.

Shi Jian controlled the temperature of 9 Qu Shenhuo, not much, but not much.

This is also a test for him to control the flame.

Xu Zimo was not in a hurry, he and Venerable Fury were sitting in front of the mountain, blowing the biting wind.

It was autumn, and the maple trees in the distance were swaying in the wind.

A large fiery-red maple leaf fell on the in midair, and the ground was covered with a thick 1-layer.

“When the sword is finished, you have to leave,” Venerable Anu asked.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded, said with a smile: “There is no point in staying here.

I am going to find something interesting. “

Venerable Wrath raised his right hand and pointed his head at the distant sky.

The scope of Heaven’s mandate is getting bigger and bigger, and that piece of sky seems to be rendered past.

Wind and cloud changes, spiritual qi storms gather.

The rising wind forebodes the coming storm, perhaps this mountain rain is stronger than any other time.

This will affect the fate of the entire Yuanyang Continent era.

“You will go there,” said Venerable Wrath, pointing in the direction of Heaven’s mandate.

Xu Zimo nodded.

“Be careful, don’t fall in the sewer,” Venerable Anger warned.

“No matter when and where, don’t forget, you are a student of Heavenly Dao Academy going out.”

“How much do you know about the past?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Before? What do you mean?”

“Founder of Age of Desolate,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Are you talking about Holy Lord?” Venerable Wrath was taken aback for a moment, and then asked.

As everyone knows, there are 3 periods in the long history of Yuanyang Continent.

Age of Myths, Age of Desolate, Age of Emperor.

Age of Emperor was created by True Martial Sacred Sect.

In the description of history, the creation of Age of Myths is obscured, but he ended the end of the gods by War God.

The founder of Age of Desolate is the Holy Lord.

The flowers in the Valley of Flowers bloomed and withered, and the man holding the real Divine Sword walked out of the Valley of Flowers, thus creating an era.

He founded the Yuan Ancient Saint Court, suppressed one era after another, and finally disappeared into the mist of history.

The only thing left in the world is the real Divine Sword.

I left all the treasures and mysteries in the Far Ancient Saint Court, and the true Divine Sword is the key to there.

From then on, this legend has been circulated in Yuanyang Continent.

The man who grows flowers is also respected as the Holy Lord.

There are many speculations about the identity of the Holy Lord.

Some people say that he is the incarnation of Monster Race.

Otherwise, the Age of Desolate Monster Race is booming, how can it overpower other races?

It is also said that he is a human, but the Holy Lord has always been fair and never participated in races.

Monster Race has nothing to do with him.


“You are asking the right person,” Venerable Wrath lightly said with a smile.

“For a while, I deliberately studied the history of our Yuanyang Continent.

I have read the entire Academy’s ancient book. “

“Then do you know where the Ancient Saint Court is?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Are you going?” Venerable Anger asked.

Seeing Xu Zimo nodded, Venerable Fury just said: “Although I am not 100% sure, but according to my estimation.

Far Ancient Celestial Court should be in the blood space. “

“Where is the sealed blood beast?” Xu Zimo was taken aback for a moment, and said.

If you know that the real Divine Sword is not unexpected, it will definitely be made.

But he is not sure about the location of Ancient Celestial Court, after all, he has not studied much about the history of Age of Desolate.

“It seems that the Holy Lord also has some selfish calculations,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

In the blood space, if you want to enter the ancient Celestial Court, you must kill those surrounding blood beasts.

You must know that after War God ended the end of the gods, without Spiritual God, this type of blood beast almost ruled the world.

Their strength is self-evident.

Even the seal of the Holy Lord will be broken sooner or later.


At this moment, Shi Jian used 9 songs of divine fire to melt for nearly 7 hours.

The sky above his head gradually darkened.

The fragments of the real Divine Sword began to glow red.

“The hammer,” Shi Jian waved his right hand again, and saw Paragon hammering Heavenly Might.

dropping from the sky, falling in the heart of his hand.

He picked up the hammer and slammed it at the red-hot fragments.

The beating sound of “boom~ boom~” came from above.

Xu Zimo knew that this so-called beating was not meant to change the appearance of the real Divine Sword.

Instead, it washes away the lead and recasts all the cracks in this fragment, which can be completely new.

in the sky, the moonlight is bright and soft.

Autumn nights are cool.

Xu Zimo leaned on the huge rock next to him, looking at Shi Jian’s busy silhouette.

With a little bit of beating, I saw that after the 5 fragments re-fused, the cracks on the top gradually disappeared.

Shi Jian beat all night, the dawn of 2nd day.

Suddenly I saw a Fire Dragon skyrocketing, following his a light shout, “Sword Soul go!”

The Sword Soul of the true Divine Sword was hit directly into the sword.

10000 Everything has a spirit, and this Sword Soul is equivalent to spirit.

The moment Sword Soul entered, the sky seemed to sense something.

The sky suddenly changed from wind and thunder, and piles of dark clouds banned the original white clouds and blue sky.

A black cloud like vortex is on top of the head, slowly rotating in a counterclockwise direction.

Inside this vortex, the thunderbolt spread out a little bit.

That is the gray thunderbolt.

With destruction and Death Aura.

The thunderbolt is condensed a little bit, but from the spreading thunderbolt, you can feel the amazing power contained in it.

“This is… Divine Thunder” Xu Zimo murmured.

You must know that his god eye of heaven punishment has 3 layers.

The strongest 1-layer is Divine Thunder.

No one knows better than him, the formidable power of this kind of thunderbolt.

“It seems a bit tricky,” Xu Zimo stood up and said.

“I heard that Heavenly Tribulation was divided into 9-levels. I don’t know how many levels of Heavenly Tribulation can be attracted this time,” Venerable Wrath also stood up and said.

“Regardless of the level of Heavenly Tribulation, we must protect the safety of the Shi senior brother,” Xu Zimo said.

With the fusion of Sword Soul and true Divine Sword.

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