I’m Really a Villain Chapter 920

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Every time this Sword Soul blends in, the thunderbolt in the sky becomes stronger and irritable.

Shi Jian’s body trembled slightly, and the drops of sweat on his forehead were dripping down desperately.

I can see that he is under a lot of pressure.

Even the blue veins on his arms and forehead burst slightly.

9 Qushenhuo wrapped around all around, the burning sound of “crackle” sounded, and sparks of fire burst open.

The sword sound of the true Divine Sword resounded through the void.

A strong sword intent rushed straight into the sky, vowing to cut the entire sky apart.

On Divine Sword, spiritual qi of various colors condenses.

This Divine Sword seems to condense Qi of Heaven and Earth, Five Elements, Yin Yang, Sun Moon, and the whole sword is blooming with rays of light.

Suddenly, the thunderbolt on the sky seemed to be provoked.

I saw a gray thunderbolt slashed directly.

The spreading sound of “Tzzzzzzz” thunderbolt sounded all around.

The void along the way was directly destroyed, forming a beautiful landscape.

With a “hong” sound, before the thunderbolt had fallen, Xu Zimo jumped into the air and smashed it with a punch.

He raised his head and looked up again, and there seemed to be a stronger thunderbolt gathering again.

Xu Zimo looked at his fist again, there was a numb feeling, as if he lost his intuition for a moment.

“Looking at this scale, this should be Level 3 Heavenly Tribulation,” Venerable Wrath said from the side.

“However, Heavenly Tribulation needs to be undertaken by the Refiner Master himself, and you forcefully intervene to upgrade this Level 3 Heavenly Tribulation to Level 4 Heavenly Tribulation.”

“This thunder is so powerful,” Xu Zimo said with emotion.

“There are three more behind, if you can’t hold it, let the unsullied aura of this mountain resist for a while,” said Venerable Anger.

“I can’t intervene, otherwise the formidable power of Heavenly Tribulation will rise again.”

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

The recast of the true Divine Sword has reached the final stage, and no mistake can be allowed.

On the sky, with the explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, another rumbling sound rang.

A thunderbolt as thick as a bucket fell down.

The meaning of destruction is like no-geng, and it lasts.

Xu Zimo took a deep breath, and the strength of Heaven in the whole body continued to spread.

With the appearance of the sky-shaking giant, he also opened the Heavenspan 10000 life gate in order to prevent 3 one.

Heavenly Tribulation should not be underestimated, nor can there be any negligence.

This is also the first time Xu Zimo has faced Heavenly Tribulation.

When his thin body collided with the imposing manner of the thunderbolt.

A mushroom cloud exploded in the middle of the sky.

In a radius of 100 miles, almost all creatures felt a shock in their ears, as if the void in them was shaking.

After the 2nd thunderbolt, Xu Zimo’s silhouette stood on the sky like a War God.

When confronted with this thunderbolt, Xu Zimo almost exhausted the strength of Heaven within the body.

Li Xuan is now in a state of exhaustion.

Strength of Heaven is not endless, just like manpower is limited.

When it is used up, it must be recondensed after recovery.

But now that Li Xuan is still there, it is not too difficult to condense the strength of Heaven.

This Heavenly Tribulation is indeed a bit bigger for Xu Zimo today.

But today’s Heavenly Tribulation does not give Xu Zimo any chance to cultivate. With the fall of 2nd Heavenly Tribulation, this 3rd Heavenly Tribulation will follow.

The sky seemed to be furious.

3rd Heavenly Tribulation is not a thunderbolt as thick as a bucket, but like a thunderstorm.

The scope of this mountain is shrouded in thunderstorms.

Xu Zimo is slightly frowned, sitting cross-legged, recovering from the internal injury within the body just now, not at all the thunderbolt.

When the thunderstorm fell, this mountain seemed to be sensed.

I saw many weapons buried in this mountain.

It started to shake unexpectedly, and the meaning of endless weapons condensed.

In this mountain, a white gas flowed out.

This white gas looks very pure, as if it can purify everything in the world.

“It’s neither a devil nor a robbery, it’s not empty, it’s difficult to start and end, no dirt and dust.”

A voice rang from Qishan.

Immediately afterwards, I saw this unsullied gas turned into a barrier, covering the entire Qishan.

This voice spread all around, like the spirit of this mountain.

So all the thunderstorms fell on the barrier, and for a time there was a fire sea outside the barrier.

But inside it was very quiet.

The unsullied air flow revolved, and when all the thunderstorms fell, the barrier gradually disappeared.

The unsullied aura between Heaven and Earth seemed to have become much dim, and eventually disappeared in the mountains and forests.

“This unsullied air is already at its limit and can’t be used anymore,” Venerable Wrath quickly reminded from the side.

“This last Heavenly Dao Tribulation, you have to face it yourself, are you sure?”

“Try it,” Xu Zimo replied.

“It’s finished,” Shi Jian yelled with joy at the top of Qishan Mountain.

I saw that the rays of light with Divine Sword all around were restrained, and the original 5 colorful swords turned out to be unpretentious.

The tip of the sword glowed with bright light.

The entire sword is 4 feet long, the hilt is black, and the blade is pure white.

There is the mighty Immortal Qi covering the blade.

On the front of the hilt is the shape of a flower.

It is not ordinary, but a triangular sword flower.

At the moment when the real Divine Sword was made, I saw the whole sword turned into a stream of light, and I wanted to escape here.

“Come back,” Xu Zimo a light shout.

I saw the whole sword flew back from the horizon.

He had already carved his Divine Soul seed on the sword long before the sword was cast.

This is also in case of 10000 one.

After all, Divine Item has spirit.

However, the 4th Heavenly Tribulation in the sky is the so-called last Heavenly Dao Tribulation.

The power contained in it exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The sky changed color, and the entire head was covered by thunderbolt.

Strips of gray Thunder Dragon shuttled and twisted together.

The dragon roars Heaven and Earth, all around, even a living creature dare not approach.

“You all step back, so as not to affect you,” Xu Zimo waved his hand and said to Venerable Anger and Shi Jian.

Neither of them could do it. At this time, they couldn’t help Xu Zimo.


The gray thunderbolt cut through the void that was ready to go.

The thunderbolt this time fell down with unprecedented strength.

Just like a galaxy descending from 9 heavens, and passing like a torrent crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Everything is annihilated in it.

Xu Zimo opened the door of immortality directly and rushed towards Thunderbolt.

However, before the Thunderbolt had been touched, the Heavenspan 3 Health Gate was directly destroyed.

“This Old Thief Heaven,” Xu Zimo yelled.

The thunderbolt fell directly, dragging Xu Zimo, and slamming down the Qishan.

Xu Zimo has no resistance at all.

It is said that the sky is irreversible, and how strong should the existence of those people conquer the sky.

This is also Xu Zimo’s first confrontation with Heavenly Tribulation.


His whole body fell, and the whole Qishan was shaken.

The location in the center of the mountain was even completely annihilated.

“It won’t die,” Shi Jian said in a frightened distance from a distance.

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