I’m Really a Villain Chapter 921

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“What are you talking about?” Venerable Anger gave Shi Jian a glance, and ran towards Qishan with some trepidation.

After Level 4 Heavenly Tribulation was over, the sky gradually returned to its former calm.

2 people came to the center of Qishan.

There is a deep and unmeasurable pit.

This is also a mountain that is tenacious. If it is another mountain, it might have collapsed.

“Junior brother Zimo,” Shi Jian yelled, lying in front of the pit.

The sound revolved in the hollow pit.

“Go down and take a look,” Venerable Wrath said.

2 people stepped into the air and flew towards the bottom of the pit.

Going further down, you can see the underground horrible to see scene, and there is an electric arc flickering on the side of the wall.

The two of them flew towards the bottom while shouting Xu Zimo’s name.

Finally, it took 7 minutes to reach the bottom.

There is a ruin here, the ground is cracked, and black smoke is blowing.

All kinds of rubble and land were scorched.

2 people began to search underneath.

Venerable Anger couldn’t imagine that 10000 Xu Zimo was directly annihilated in Thunderbolt, I am afraid that he could not even find the bones.

“Master, Xu junior brother is here,” Shi Jian’s yelling brought back his cranky thoughts.

Venerable Wrath hurriedly searched for his voice and saw Xu Zimo lying there under a rock.

His clothes were a bit tattered, all of them were hacked by thunderbolt.

The surface of the skin is also dark.

“Xu junior brother, wake up,” Shi Jian quickly helped Xu Zimo and shouted.

“Cough cough,” Xu Zimo coughed heavily.

Woke up from the state of the whole body soul swimming.

“Junior brother, your eyes,” Shi Jian looked towards Xu Zimo’s eyes, staying in place.

I saw Xu Zimo’s eyes closed tightly, and Divine Thunder was surging on it.

I couldn’t even open my eyes.

Dutian Divine Thunder is such a destructive power that it will be destroyed when touched.

“It’s not in the way,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

He was indeed invisible at this moment.

Just now at a critical juncture, he used Divine Thunder in his God Eye of heaven punishment to counter this Heavenly Tribulation.

Unfortunately, this is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg.

Almost instantly, Heavenly Tribulation penetrated his eyes.

His heaven punishment God Eye is formed by the condensed hell turbidity. In fact, he has never seen the so-called real Divine Thunder.

But just now, after being stimulated by the Divine Thunder descended by Heaven and Earth, Xu Zimo found that his eyes seemed to have undergone some amazing changes.

But good or bad, I don’t know now.

His eyes are only hot and painful, and there is darkness in his vision, if you look carefully.

It will be a densely packed Thunder Sea, which is so far away that makes the heart tremble.

This change takes time, and Xu Zimo is not in a hurry.

“Really all right?” Shi Jian asked worriedly.

“Can you still see?

Should we ask Sect Founder to treat you? “

Under normal circumstances, the powerhouse of Divine Vein Realm will not be blind.

A broken limb can be reborn, and the eyes can be restored even if they are injured.

But at this moment, Xu Zimo’s situation seems to be abnormal.

“No, I know my own situation,” Xu Zimo shook his head.

I couldn’t see it, and I was really uncomfortable in a short time, and many things became inconvenient.

But he has the perception of Divine Soul, in fact, after getting used to it, it has little effect.

Just wait for the changes in your eyes to complete.

And blindness in both eyes made his hearing extremely sharp.

Xu Zimo took a piece of black cloth and covered his eyes.

Otherwise it would be unsightly to go out like this.

After being covered with a black cloth, Xu Zimo felt that he was a bit like the blind Old Ancestor of Heavenly Dao Academy.

“You will be training at the Academy during this time,” Venerable Wrath said from the side.

“Wait until the eyes are restored before leaving.”

“No,” Xu Zimo said with a wave of hands.

“I want to go to Shixue Space, please help me look up about Shixue Space.”

In fact, a long time ago, when Xu Zimo was searching for clansman for Sword Immortal Jiang Yun, he had heard about Shixue Space in the Northern Continent.

Sword Immortal Jiang Yun’s Jiang Family is the guard family of Shixue Space.

But Xu Zimo only knows this, he must be fully prepared for 10000 before he leaves.

“I knew where you were going,” Venerable Wrath said.

“No need to check, I know all of these.

In those days, the Holy Lord sealed the blood beast, so there was space for blood.

There are 5 types of blood space on Yuanyang Continent. “

“Five places?” Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

He also only knew the blood space of the Northern Continent.

“Could it be that there are 5 continents, one for each?”

“Yes, but if you go to the ancient Heavenly Palace, you don’t need to be so troublesome.”

Venerable Wrath said: “Our Central Continent’s blood space is in the Supreme domain.

I guess the Ancient Celestial Court should also be here.

Central Continent is located at the core of the 5 continents, and is also the place where 8 people come to worship. It is the most likely place to build Celestial Court. “

“In the Supreme domain,” Xu Zimo was slightly surprised.

“I’ll draw you a map, you will know when you go,” said Venerable Nu.

“I don’t worry about your strength, I’m just afraid of your current state.”

“It’s okay,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

Looking at the Qishan that had been completely destroyed behind him, Venerable Wrath told Shi Jian: “I will take you Zimo to draw a map.

Go and talk to the dean. This is also a matter of compelled by circumstances. “

“Understood,” Shi Jian nodded.

Xu Zimo and Venerable Fury left this mountain and returned to Vermilion Bird Island.

This Heavenly Tribulation also made Xu Zimo sigh with emotion.

This is his first time against the power of Heaven and Earth.

Only Level 4 Heavenly Tribulation is the case. It is said that Heavenly Tribulation has Level 9.

And this is not the full strength of Old Thief Heaven.

He sighed about his insignificance and the long way to go.

Maybe Heaven Beyond the Heaven should really go and take a look as soon as possible.

At Yuanyang Continent, it is already possible to make him stronger.


Coming to Vermilion Bird Island, Lord Wrath did not draw on paper and pen.

Instead, take out a roll of very old animal skins.

Use spiritual qi to draw a route on this animal skin.

“Then your eyes are not very convenient. Even if I draw a picture, you may not be able to see it.”

Venerable Wrath explained: “This is a Spirit Beast animal skin. I will mark the approximate location here.

You can determine the location by sensing the spiritual qi above. “

“Thanks,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“In the Supreme Domain, there is a place called the Land of Destruction.

You should understand that whether it is our Supreme domain or other domains, Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect are rulers and the strongest existence.

But this place of destruction is different,” Venerable Wrath said.

“As far as I know, the blood beasts in Central Continent back then should be the strongest and their base camp.

Even if the Holy Lord sealed them, it also launched a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle.

As for the fierce fighting, we don’t know. “

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