I’m Really a Villain Chapter 922

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“Because that period of history has long been buried in the long river of time.

What we can meet is the land of destruction left after the war that year. “

“Land of Destruction?” Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

He also heard of this place for the first time.

“Some people say that the land of destruction has been cursed, and that land is the home of death.”

Venerable Wrath said: “When you go, you will understand.

After the Sealed Blood Beast was over, the land was barren, and no plants could survive anywhere.

The earth is brown, hopeless and helpless. “

“Then how to go?” Xu Zimo asked.

“The land of destruction is next to the immortal sect, from our Heavenly Dao Academy to the west.

After passing through the immortal sect immortal city, you can arrive,” Venerable Wrath replied.

“But it is different from other places, because the land of destruction is a land of no owner.

Even Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect can’t manage, it’s a real dark zone.

So after you go, be careful. “

Venerable Wrath drew the approximate position on the skin of the animal with a single pen.

Then he told a lot of things there.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

“By the way, they are killing immortal sect Saintess in our Academy,” Venerable Wrath said suddenly.

“It seems to be called Ji Ruobing, you can go with her.

There is also a reference along the way. “

“What kind of care do I need,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

“A woman will only affect the speed at which I pull the blade.”

“You have to pass through other people’s territory after all,” Venerable Wrath said.

“There is also immortal sect. If there is no conflict there, there should be no conflict.”

“I know,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“As long as they don’t mess with me.”

As a five emperor, the history of immortal sect runs through the long river of Yuanyang Continent.

It can be said that their strength ranks in the top 3 of all the Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sects of Yuanyang Continent and it is absolutely no problem.

So no one wants to conflict with immortal sect.

They are also the real overlords of this Supreme domain.

Xu Zimo thought for a while, and was also going to ask Ji Ruobing.

In the battle of Heavenly Dao Academy, she didn’t leave the Academy at all, but was always helping.

After a brief chat with Venerable Fury, after having a basic understanding of the land of destruction.

Xu Zimo found Ji Ruobing.


At this moment, Ji Ruobing is in the Bingling Courtyard where he lives.

Seeing Xu Zimo coming, he was slightly surprised.

“Are you going to the land of destruction?” Ji Ruobing asked.

“Yes, because I am passing by immortal sect, so I came to ask if you want to go back?” Xu Zimo said.

Ji Ruobing thought a lot, and finally nodded slightly.

Said: “Well, I have been away from the sect for so long, it’s time to go back and have a look.

But are your eyes okay? “

Xu Zimo touched the black cloth covering his eyes and shook his head slightly.

“Leave tomorrow,” he said.

After making an appointment with Ji Ruobing, Xu Zimo left here.

He found the monk Dazhi.

He did not intend to let Monk Dazhi follow this time to the Land of Destruction.

What is Shixue Space, even Xu Zimo had no idea.

Those blood beasts in the end of Age of Myths are definitely not good.

Monk Dazhi’s divination is strong, but his own strength is still lacking.

“You can go to True Martial Sacred Sect and wait for me, or you can go back to your teachings,” Xu Zimo said to Monk Dazhi.

“When Heaven’s mandate is formed, we only need to converge at True Martial Sacred Sect.”

“Since it’s your arrangement, I won’t force it,” Monk Dazhi said.

“I dare not give you a fortune-telling, I can’t stand the backlash in the dark.

But I knocked on the side, you must be a lot more exciting. “

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

After talking with Monk Dazhi, he returned to his residence alone.

Feel the changes in your eyes carefully.

It seems that the God Eye of heaven punishment has never really opened before. This time I am stimulated by the real Divine Thunder, and I don’t know what it will become.

There are 36 Daoqi veins within the body, and 25 Dao paths have now been opened.

This is also thanks to Divine Thunder, Divine Thunder has opened up his many meridian within the body.

There are many benefits for him.

But in fact, Xu Zimo almost died in that 4th Heavenly Tribulation.

At the last moment, Xu Zimo hid in the Divine State continent, only to escape.

Otherwise, with his current strength, if he wants to resist this Heavenly Tribulation, he must use the trump card.

This is why Xu Zimo is unwilling to make public.

All day at Heavenly Dao Academy, everyone was in a hurry.

No one will bother Xu Zimo again.

It was not until the morning of the 2nd day that Xu Zimo woke up from training.

Ji Ruobing was already waiting outside Cave Mansion.

Today, she is wearing a white gown and still looks as cold as ice and frost.

The long hair is tied behind the head with a black ribbon, and a few strands of hair are wrapped around the ear, don’t add a bit of elegance.

A thin jade sword hung around her waist.

It is pure white with a jade dragon carved on it.

At this moment, she was leaning against a rock outside, leaning her head to watch Xu Zimo come out of the Cave Mansion.

“Let’s go,” Xu Zimo tidied the purple robe, said in a tranquil voice.

“Academy has a monster beast specially raised, shall we ride a monster beast?” Ji Ruobing asked.

“I’m too tired to fly. Ride a monster beast. You can find a place to stay when you are tired,” Xu Zimo said.

Heavenly Dao Academy has specially raised monster beasts, these all are for students to choose.

Xu Zimo has Dark Heavenly Tiger, which is not needed.

However, Ji Ruobing chose a Chi Lin horse.

This horse is fiery-red, like a burning flame, mighty and majestic.

The horse’s 4 hooves are very weird, as if walking on a flying swallow, the hair is particularly thick.

The surface is also covered with 1-layer Chilin.

It makes people feel so powerful when they see it.

Two people rode the monster beast and headed towards the west of Heavenly Dao Academy.


monster beast daily several thousands li.

Autumn is destined to be the season of dying.

The earth and sky along the way are full of fluttering and falling yellow leaves.

Even the evening is golden-bright and dazzling, reflecting with the yellow leaves.

It seems that the entire Heaven and Earth is like this.

“When I have a chance in the future, I will fight you again.” Seeing Xu Zimo didn’t speak, Ji Ruobing was silent for a while, and took the lead in opening the mouth and said.

“Oh,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“Oh what do you mean,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Xu Zimo and asked.

“Look at your mood,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“After all, you are too weak, and sometimes Lien Chan is not interested.”

“Don’t look down on people, a mountain is higher than a flash. You should understand the principle of there is Person beyond the Person,” Ji Ruobing replied angrily.

“I haven’t read a book, don’t understand,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

Lying on the back of Dark Heavenly Tiger, reminded: “Don’t disturb me, let me sleep for a while.”

Seeing Xu Zimo’s eyes closed, Ji Ruobing was coldly snorted, don’t look too far.

It was quiet again along the way.

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