I’m Really a Villain Chapter 924

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A leaf fell slowly in the void.

The fallen leaves seemed to be delayed, and it became particularly slow.

And it’s not just the fallen leaves, it seems that the 10000 things in this world are delayed and slowed down in an instant.

“Quick or slow profound truth?” Ji Ruobing frowned.

The jade flute resounded through Heaven and Earth, as if it was telling the process of hunting down the prey.

The flute is tight and tense, like a piping.

If you want to drink Piba, urge it immediately,………a few people have fought back in ancient times.

The sound of the flute sounded, and even Ji Ruobing’s movements were affected.

The speed of the 10000 Jie Cone’s original rapid rotation is getting slower and slower.

In the sky, Thunder Tribulation formidable power appeared and it was much weaker.

The man with the sword broke free from the Thunder Tribulation of the swamp, and the great sword slashed through the void.

“Dark Night Dazzling Kill.”

The sword disappeared, and then the man disappeared.

Immediately after in the sky, numerous sword intents appeared, and these sword intents came from all around.

Surrounded Ji Ruobing.

Next is the scene of wild sword dancing.

The “clang clang” sword chants continued to sound.

Reverberating in this hollow space.

After avoiding several attacks in a row, Ji Ruobing was finally hit by the sword.

The opponent’s speed is too fast, even Xu Zimo can only see some illusory shadows vaguely.

Xu Zimo has always believed that there is a great barrier between Divine Vein Realm and Immortal.

However, some Heaven’s Chosen from Divine Vein Realm can cross the border to challenge the immortal.

But what is challenged is just ordinary enchantment.

You should know that in the powerhouse, there are also well-known figures with superb battle strength.

They are in their realm, which can also be called Heaven’s Chosen.

According to Xu Zimo, these three people are well-known figures in the powerhouse.

At this moment, after the first sword intent hit Ji Ruobing, countless sword intents followed.

sword intent cuts through the silent void, splitting the entire void into countless pieces.

Ji Ruobing was at the center of everything, and all sword intents passed over her.

The white shirt was shattered, and the blood was floating in the void.

“Just now,” Xu Zimo shouted lightly.

The Tianyan star disk in his hand spins past, emitting endless starlight.

This starlight shone into the sky and enveloped the entire talisman array.

Every battle has a formation eye.

Xu Zimo slammed his punch directly, smashing the entire formation eye.

The symbolic array also disappeared in the void.

Xu Zimo’s silhouette flickered, and the next moment had already appeared in front of Ji Ruobing.

“Go,” he held Ji Ruobing with one hand, tearing the void in front of him with the other hand, and disappeared directly in place.

Seeing Ji Ruobing escape, the man holding the sword wanted to pursue it again.

However, he was stopped by the Yuxiao man.

“Go back to life,” the Yuxiao man said in a tranquil voice.

“But she ran away,” the man with the sword replied in doubt.

“It’s said that Holy Son of True Martial Sacred Sect saved her, and that’s an explanation,” the Yuxiao man replied faintly.

“Why don’t you chase?” The man with the sword was still a little confused.

“Why chase?” The Yuxiao man asked rhetorically.

“We are ordered by Lu young master to come and kill. How can we explain such an obvious release of water?” The man with the sword shook his head slightly.

Turned his head and looked towards another man in the rune formation and asked, “second brother, what do you think?”

“You don’t understand yet, the big brother doesn’t want to cause trouble,” the Fu Zhen man shook his head and laughed.

“Lu Changhen and Ji Ruobing compete for the status of immortal sect, and the factors involved are too great.

If one is not handled well, we will not end well. “

“Does the big brother want 2 not to sin?” the man with the sword asked in surprise.

“Yes, when Lu Changhen came to us, he would offend him if he didn’t agree, but if he killed Ji Ruobing.

Those who support Ji Ruobing in the immortal sect will definitely not let us go. “

Fuzhen man said with a smile: “So we promised Lu Changhen not to kill Ji Ruobing.

The Holy Son of True Martial Sacred Sect is the best uncertainty factor. “

“In fact, there is another reason,” the Yuxiao man replied calmly.

“As an immortal sect Saintess, do you really think she would be killed by us so easily without a trump card?”

The man with the sword was silent slightly, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about.


Xu Zimo took Ji Ruobing across the void, and only stopped after 100 miles away.

At this time, Ji Ruobing was seriously injured, and all his clothes had been blood dyed into scarlet.

Even the consciousness became confused.

She forcibly swallowed a medicine pill into her belly.

“Thank you.”

“It’s okay,” Xu Zimo waved his hand, inputting a strand of Tree of Life’s Qi of Life into her within the body.

It can be regarded as saving her life.

With Ji Ruobing’s cultivation base, even if he doesn’t do anything, he can repair it by himself. It’s just a matter of time.

Xu Zimo placed Ji Ruobing on a hillside, waiting for her to heal.

2 I don’t know where the person is, how far is it from Xiancheng.

Xu Zimo is not yet known.

There are two reasons why he didn’t want to fight with those 3 people.

First, the three people have no malicious intent towards him, they should just want to trap him and not commit an immortal sect.

Second, if he is alone, he is not afraid, but if three people go together, Xu Zimo is not an opponent either.


Autumn is a rainy season.

The sky looks like a woman’s face, and it changes when it changes.

A convoy walked down the road below the hillside.

This convoy can be escorted by nearly 100 people, but only one carriage.

The carriage is made of purple-hearted wood, with the word Fan carved on the curtain.

Nearly 100 people seemed to be guards, and a pair of people and horses looked like a long dragon, heading toward the north in an imposing manner.

“There are people there,” someone suddenly shouted, pointing to the top of the hillside.

The pair of guards had obviously undergone special training. Seeing that they were well-trained, dozens of them immediately surrounded the hillside.

“I don’t know who is here, please come forward to explain,” I saw in front of the group of guards, an old man in Tsing Yi stepped forward, and asked with breath.

“Don’t get me wrong, everyone,” Xu Zimo walked down the hill with Ji Ruobing in his arms.

Said: “The two of us were chased and killed. We avoided here. I don’t know where is the way to Xiancheng?”

The old man looked at the blood-red Ji Ruobing in Xu Zimo’s arms, slightly frowned.

Then he said: “From this road, you have to go northward, and you have to pass a few more corners before you can reach Xiancheng.”

Xu Zimo is slightly frowned, this route is quite complicated, it seems that I can only inquire while walking.

“Uncle Chen, since you are on the same road with us, let’s go together.” At this moment, only a sound like a 100 spirit bird came from the sedan chair.

“Whether we are away from home, we can take care of each other. Anyway, we have to go to Xiancheng.”

Hearing what the woman said, old man slightly frowned.

Said: “Young Lady, these people have unknown origins, and they were chased and killed, I’m afraid it’s wrong.”

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