I’m Really a Villain Chapter 926

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When everyone surrounded the carriage, Xu Zimo raised his head and followed the direction of the sound.

Not far to the north, a huge silhouette galloped in.

Behind this silhouette, there are more than a dozen people.

“Frightened Bird,” someone from the motorcade yelled.

“It’s from the Wen family, only they can keep the scary crown bird.”

Only when these silhouettes in the distance get closer, can they be fully seen. These birds are made of steel-like iron azure.

Their feathers are sparse, but each one is extremely hard.

The eyes of these birds have no trace of emotion, just like a real killer.

At this moment, behind each of these years, there are more than a dozen people in the car.

“Fan Young Lady, where are you going?” On the bird’s back, a blue robe middle-aged man asked with a big smile.

“Wen Steward is here to do something?” the old man indifferently asked on the side.

“It’s okay, I just want you to wait here for 5 days.

I will let it go after the 5th day,” the steward middle-aged man said with a smile.

“In Xiancheng, your literary family is really doing a ghost,” the old man frowned.

“How can it be called a ghost, it’s just normal business competition that’s all,” Wen Steward shook his head and replied.

“Then what if we don’t stop?” The old man squinted slightly and asked.

“That can only be offended,” Wen steward coldly snorted.

Arrows appeared on the body of this horrified bird.

These arrows are different from ordinary arrows, they are made by Burning Fire Crystal.

This crystal uses the spiritual qi of the veiner as fuel. Once attacked, if a spiritual qi appears, it will immediately burn into a raging fire.

Almost all of the fans in the Fan Family team are in the presence of True Vein. If they are shot by this burning rocket, most of them will be killed or injured.

And there are people from the Wen family who are glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“You think that, my Fan Family will be obediently surrender,” the old man coldly snorted.

“Then give it a try,” the person opposite also not to be outdone.

The whole body of the old man surnamed Chen is imposing and powerful, and the imposing manner belonging to the Emperor Vein powerhouse pervades.

He opened his arms like an eagle, and flew directly towards Jingguan Bird in the air.

At the same time, he drank instructed: “You protect Young Lady and leave it to me.”

“Let the arrows.” At the same time, the Wen family didn’t have any hesitation, the burning rocket was densely packed and airtight, all fell from the sky.

It is like a rain of arrows, rolling in.

“End,” someone in the convoy began to command, and saw that nearly 100 people formed a circle.

one after another spiritual qi entangled, fuse together.

These nearly 100 people seem to be one body at this moment, whether it is breathing or spiritual qi, there are no more or less.

When these spiritual qi merged, a barrier was formed, blocking all the burning rockets from the outside.

However, the burning rocket uses spiritual qi as fuel. At this moment, the fire is rising, and the barrier is burning little by little.

And there are signs of intensification.


In the air, the old man and the Wen family have already begun to fight together.

The cultivation technique practiced by this old man seems to be related to the eagle. His tricks are sharp and very eagle-like.

4 Limbs are like eagle claws, each blow can tear the void.

Even if it is Shocked Crown Bird, if it is hit, it will be half disabled if it is not dead.

Among the writers, there is also an old man from Emperor Vein Realm, and the two are fighting together.

Others kept shooting fire rockets downward.

Seeing more and more flames around the barrier, the people inside could already feel the heat.

“Damn, everyone charge ahead,” someone shouted lightly.

“If you continue like this, you will die in it.”

“Young Lady is still inside, no one is allowed to leave without Manager Chen’s order.”

Inside the barrier, the sound was slightly noisy.

Seeing the situation getting more and more anxious, I saw the center of the Fan Family team.

The curtain of the sedan chair on which the Young Lady was riding was opened.

The azure clothed woman who had talked to Xu Zimo before came out.

Her gaze was calm, and she looked up slightly towards the two people who were fighting in the sky.

The voice said crisply: “Manager Chen, Young Lady wants you to stop.”

The old man who was fighting in the sky quickly separated from the other party, looked towards azure clothed woman, and said, “Give me another 3 minutes, I will definitely take this guy.”

“No, this fire is too big,” the azure clothed woman waved her hand slightly.

looked towards all around the burning rocket, said with a point.

Seeing her slightly raised her hand, her body that looked a little weak turned out to be amazing.

With a sound of “hong”, a frosty spiritual qi fell.

All these burning flames were extinguished.

Those who came from the upper air Wen’s family looked at all this dumbfounded.

The azure clothed woman raised her hand again, and the situation changed dramatically.

Shengwei swept over it, as if endless spiritual qi burst out, and a big hand condensed by spiritual qi appeared in the void.

Big hands are gently clapped, and the void is broken.

“Not good,” the powerhouse of the Emperor Vein Realm from the Wen family felt the pressure first.

yelled: “Run.”

Regardless of the Shocked Crowned Bird under him, he fled directly towards the dense vegetation.

When this palm fell, everyone except the powerhouse of the Emperor Vein Realm was annihilated.

Immediately after the azure clothed woman waved her right hand, the escaped Emperor Vein powerhouse couldn’t dodge and was directly suppressed by a palm.

Looking at the man lying on the ground, the azure clothed woman walked over step by step.

The man’s powerhouse looked horrified, and swallowed fiercely.

“I have no malice against you, I just came to stop you, and didn’t want to really kill you,” he explained quickly.

“It’s not important anymore,” the azure clothed woman walked up to him, pinched his neck, and lifted it up.

Feeling his breathing getting weaker and weaker, the man’s face gradually turned pale.

Knowing that he was bound to die, he also lost the thought of begging for mercy.

On the contrary, it was the miserable struggle said with a smile: “It is said that Fan Family Patriarch has passed away, and Fan Family Young Lady alone can hardly support the main beam.

I didn’t expect that there is an expert beside you, I am afraid that many people’s calculations will be empty. “

“This is not your concern,” the azure clothed woman squeezed hard, as the man’s eyes paled.

It burned directly without name, completely incinerating its body, and disappeared in the void.

At this moment, even the guards like Fan Family swallowed fiercely.

All around quietly, even the sound of needle falling can be heard.

Even if they wanted to come, I’m afraid it would be such a result.

The maid who looked fragile at first turned out to be a powerhouse of Sacred Vein Realm.

At the moment, Xu Zimo alone seemed particularly calm.

He can perceive the spiritual qi changes of everyone within the body.

Naturally, she has long known that she is Sacred Vein Realm.

“Let’s go,” a voice came from the sedan chair, and the people all around came back to his senses. They quickly stood firm and walked away again.

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