I’m Really a Villain Chapter 927

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“Why does this writer want to ambush you?” Xu Zimo looked at the side man and curiously asked.

This guy is called Gong Lei, who gave Xu Zimo the broth last night.

The character is also quite straightforward.

The road to Xiancheng passes through deep mountains and old forests, and the journey is mostly boring.

Many of the guards were chatting quietly.

Xu Zimo and Gong Lei are also familiar.

Because the two people walked to the back of the team, they did not attract too much attention.

Gong Lei looked at all around and whispered: “It’s all business competition.

Our Fan Family is the first family in Shengcheng, and the Na Wen family is the second family.

We are overwhelmed by everything we do.

This time our Fan Family Patriarch passed away, the whole family lost its backbone and the internal chaos began.

Coupled with the fact that the little elder sister has become a candidate for the new generation of Patriarch, it is also an undercurrent. “

“What then?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Before, although our Fan Family was strong, it was only in some small cities with great influence.

When Patriarch was alive, he focused on Xiancheng.

This Great City, which can be ranked in the top 3 in the entire Supreme domain, hopes to expand its influence and increase the strength of the family to the 1-layer floor. “

Gong Lei said everything he knew all at once.

“Unfortunately, the family’s shop hasn’t settled down in Xiancheng, and the owner died.

And it just so happened that Xiancheng’s shop had an accident.

You must know that this shop was only won by abandoning a lot of our Fan Family connections and resources.

If the family goes bankrupt, it will definitely hurt the bones.

So the clan elders made a bet and let Young Lady handle this incident.

If Perfection is completed, let her be a new generation of Patriarch.

If it fails in the end, the Position of Patriarch has to say, and will marry the young master of the Wen family. “

“So that’s it,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“Then you Young Lady are not bad, not conceding to men.”

“Who said no, when the Patriarch was alive, he protected the Young Lady very well, and he never felt wronged.”

Gong Lei sighed: “Nowadays social snobbery, I love our Young Lady.”

Xu Zimo smiled and shook his head.


In the afternoon, the sky began to drizzle again.

The raindrops are a little cool.

When it fell on the ground, the sky looked hazy, and it seemed to be foggy.

Xu Zimo originally thought that he would encounter many setbacks along the way.

But on the contrary, the journey went smoothly. There are hardly any twists and turns.

This seems to be a bit wrong with Xu Zimo in mind’s script.

Halfway through, Ji Ruobing woke up.

Most of her injuries have also recovered.

“No matter what, I should thank you,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Xu Zimo and said sincerely.

“No, you fight for the immortal sect holy throne, don’t pull me in.” Xu Zimo waved his hand and replied.

“Without the trouble of interest, I really can’t get the least interest.”

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Ji Ruobing was silent for a while.

Just raised his head to say with a smile: “Do you talk to everyone in this style?”

“What style?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Like to choke others,” Ji Ruobing replied.

“Just speak frankly that’s all,” Xu Zimo shook his head and laughed.

After Ji Ruobing woke up, he didn’t enter the sedan chair of the Fan Family Young Lady again.

She also rode a horse with Xu Zimo.

“Sect is very free between Holy Son and Saintess, but there are some rules.”

Along the way, Ji Ruobing said, seemingly pointed: “It is not allowed to find someone else to assassinate.

This time the guy broke the rules. “

“You have no proof,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Who said I have no evidence,” Ji Ruobing chuckled lightly.

“I survived. Although it didn’t affect his position as Holy Son, it was enough for him to drink a pot.”

Perhaps it was also the reason for the boring, Ji Ruobing and Xu Zimo talked a lot about the immortal sect.

Of course, these are all trivial things.

The convoy walked in the canyon for about 7 days, and Xu Zimo finally saw the illusory shadow of a huge Great City on the distant horizon.

2 The bushes and trees on the side fade away.

They slept with the gorge with a damp, gear-like breath.

The vastness of the city in front of me is amazing.

Whenever anyone sees this city, they can’t help but praise it.

The all around of city is white.

It lives up to its reputation as a fairy city.

Whether it is a standing city wall, a tall city gate, or the ground under your feet, all are white with Immortal Qi.

This Immortal Qi is confused and rises into the sky.

The most buildings here are castles.

It is obviously different from classical buildings. The castle and the old castle are staggered, and the roof is round.

These buildings include fluorite, star rock, and light source stone.

You may not see much during the day, but at night, the whole city is exuding pure rays of light.

Very eye-catching and dazzling.

At the top of the city wall, several angels with six pairs of wings stand here.

At the 100-meter-high city gate, two long silver white dragons are carved.

Standing under the city wall, I feel my smallness all the time.

city ​​gate, people coming, people going.

Even people of all races can be seen everywhere.

Two strong men wearing silver white armor stood on the second side of the south gate, watching the to-and-fro crowd intently.

When the huge convoy came to the city gate, it slowly stopped.

The curtain was opened, and accompanied by the azure clothed woman, another woman walked out of the sedan chair.

The woman’s face was covered by a piece of white veil.

Liu Dai was sorrowful as Emei.

A pair of vision is like starlight dots, with a galaxy-like beauty, crystal clear, fresh and refined.

A beautiful black hair is woven on the top of the head, and 3 hairpins of different shapes are inserted into the long hair.

Two crystal-like pendants are hung on the earlobes that can be broken by blows.

She is wearing a long white dress.

The skirt blooms like a lotus flower, and the waist is tightly clasped, with a temperament like plum blossoms, with some deserted arrogance.

But when she laughed, her eyes were like crescents, which could melt the winter snow and bring the spring breeze 10 li.

“This is Xiancheng,” the white skirt woman sighed with emotion.

She looked at this legendary city seriously.

The person next to her looked at her and was a little bit stunned for a while.

“Pretty,” Ji Ruobing said to Xu Zimo from the side.

“Do you want me to help you match up?”

“What to match?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“Slim lady, gentleman is so good,” Ji Ruobing replied.

“Don’t you want to embrace the beauty?”

“No,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

“I have a good brother who told me that if he likes something, he must bow down.”

“You,” Ji Ruobing shook his head slightly.

“It seems I have never seen you interested in women.”

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