I’m Really a Villain Chapter 930

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“You shouldn’t be from Xiancheng, otherwise, how come you don’t know me,” Mu Qing said lightly.

Seeing that the man couldn’t pretend, his expression became restrained, and the panic in his eyes disappeared.

“My eyes are clumsy, but this 10000 Dantang thing will not end,” the man left a line of black blood after he finished speaking.

He actually committed suicide by taking poison.

The other big men who were in the same industry next to him saw this scene and committed suicide by taking poison.

Their poison seemed to be hidden in their teeth long ago, so everyone didn’t have time to stop it.

Seeing the corpses all over the ground suddenly, everyone looked solemn.

“Luo Yu, you can tell me directly next time you encounter this kind of thing,” Mu Qing casually said.

“I’ll settle this matter in Xiancheng.”

“Qing’er, this is not as simple as you think,” Fan Luoyu shook his head and said with a smile.

“If it’s something else, it would be nice to say, the business is much more complicated than imagined.”

Although Mu Qing is the daughter of City Lord, the people in the city also give her face and don’t want to provoke her.

But this also has its limits, and it does not mean that anything can be done recklessly.

Especially this matter is still a matter of their Fan Family.

“Okay, don’t be so sad,” Mu Qing patted Fan Luoyu’s shoulder, said with a smile.

“It’s hard to come to Xiancheng this time. You have to stay with me.”

“Qing’er, I have something else,” Fan Luoyu was interrupted before he could finish speaking.

“Do you know what day is today?” Mu Qing asked.

“What day?” Fan Luoyu asked suspiciously.

“Young Lady, today is 7 nights,” the Tsing Yi maid beside her said quickly.

“Seven nights,” Fan Luoyu suddenly reacted.

“It’s really time to calculate it, and it’s also too busy during this time, I didn’t care.”

“On the 7th night tonight, if you want to accompany me to stroll around, it can be regarded as relaxing for you,” Mu Qing said from the side.

Fan Luoyu was slightly nodded, but did not refuse.

“But when I walked this way, it seemed that I didn’t at all feel the atmosphere of July, this Xiancheng has always been like this.”

“No, everyone will live together in Nancheng on the 7th.

It has been set up there, and every family is decorated with lights. It is estimated that there will be fireworks and lanterns at night. “Mu Qing explained to the side.

“Does young master Xu go together at night?” Fan Luoyu turned around and asked, looking towards Xu Zimo.

“Luo Yu, who is he?” Mu Qing also saw the existence of Xu Zimo.

She had always thought this was the guy in the shop.

As if thinking of something, Mu Qing lay in Fan Luoyu’s ear and whispered a few times.

Fan Luoyu suddenly turned red from face to ears.

“Qing’er, what are you talking about.”

Fan Luoyu explained: “I met young master Xu on the way to Xiancheng.”

“That’s it,” Mu Qing glanced at Xu Zimo up and down, then said with a smile.

“Are you greedy for the beauty of our Luoyu family?”

“Yeah, you found all of this,” Xu Zimo nodded seriously.

When his words fell, Mu Qing was slightly stunned.

She originally wanted to tease Xu Zimo, but didn’t expect the other party to admit it.

“A fair lady, a gentleman is so charming, beautiful things always attract people, right?” Xu Zimo sat down and said with a smile.

“You are also sincere, unlike those who are honest,” Mu Qing nodded.

“But our Luoyu family has high requirements for the future Husband. I guess you have no chance.”

Xu Zimo wanted to continue the overlord’s hard bow, but after thinking about it, he shook his head and laughed without responding.

“Qing’er, tell me that I am really going to be angry,” Fan Luoyu seemed to be fidgeting a little.

“Now that the Fan Family matter has not been resolved, I don’t consider getting married.”

“Good, good, I won’t say anything,” Mu Qing quickly nodded.

The sky outside the shop was getting dark quickly.

Perhaps it is also the reason for late autumn.

In the afternoon, Xu Zimo inquired about the location of Immortal Crane in Xiancheng, after all, he was going to the Land of Destruction.

Immortal Crane will go to the Land of Destruction every 3 days.

Understand the way, Xu Zimo will not worry.

Recently, his real life world has become stronger and stronger, and the power that the world feeds back to him has also become stronger.

Perhaps it is the coming of spiritual qi’s revival, and the transformation of the whole world has completed the changes of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

And this change will continue for a long time.

The greater this good change, the greater the benefit Xu Zimo will benefit.

However, after a while, the world’s practice rules are restored, and after all beings have embarked on the path of practice, the transformation will slow down.

Although Xu Zimo didn’t interfere with the affairs of the Divine State mainland, he always let Chaos help him pay attention.

In the Divine State continent, Ten Thousand Sect stand in great numbers, too, sects are springing up like mushrooms, and more and more appear.

The strongest a small sect at present is called Yunya Pavilion.

It can also be regarded as the Number One Influence of the Divine State continent.

Under the Yunya Pavilion, there are still other forces like Chu Tian Kingdom, Rakshasa Sea, Fuchen Temple, and Yaosi Cave.

These forces may never know, they have a pair of eyes that have been watching them.

Every move is like being moved by a pair of big hands.


The 7th night in Xiancheng is particularly lively.

The sky of the North City is almost completely filled with multi-colored fireworks.

Various colors, various shapes.

They are printed in one, and the faces of everyone below are bright red.

Within the city, there is a Qinghe River that leads directly to a land of 30000 li.

Endless and crystal clear.

Countless lanterns float on the surface of the river. Each lantern symbolizes a wish for the wind.

Men and women will write their wishes into the lanterns, and eventually go away with the flow of the Qinghe River.

Most of these wishes are also about courtship.

Because today is 7 nights.

After Ji Ruobing went to the City Lord Mansion, he never appeared again.

Because on the 7th night tonight, Xu Zimo spent time with Fan Luoyu, Mu Qing and the maid.

“It’s so lively,” the three people walked on the streets of Beicheng, people coming, people going around.

There are many small stalls around, but most of them sell tokens of love between men and women.

Fireworks rendered the sky above.

Xu Zimo hasn’t felt this lively and peaceful atmosphere for a long time.

At this moment, suddenly there was a shout next to him.

“Qing’er younger sister.”

Several people turned their heads and looked around, only to see several men walking down from the bridge not far away.

There were several women around them, and they looked like maids.

Seeing the people coming, Mu Qing within both eyes flashed a trace of disgust unconsciously.

But it was still very good to cover up.

“Qing’er younger sister, what a coincidence,” the man looked handsome with a folding fan in hand.

Quite a little pretty boy style.

“Wang Jun, what’s the matter?” Mu Qing asked slightly nodded.

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