I’m Really a Villain Chapter 931

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“What? I can’t find you if I’m fine,” the man said with a smile.

“We have a media agreement, no matter what, you will eventually become my woman.”

“If you have nothing to do, go first,” Mu Qing said impatiently.

The man named Wang Jun turned his eyes, and when he saw Fan Luoyu, his eyes flashed.

“Who is this beauty, don’t you introduce me,” Wang Jun asked.

“Don’t go too far,” Mu Qing said lightly.

She took Fan Luoyu to leave, but was stopped by everyone next to Wang Jun.

“This girl, get to know,” Wang Jun said with a smile.

“Raising Elder’s grandson in the downwind, Wang Jun.”

Xu Zimo couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard what the other person said.

Normal people self-reported their homes, all reporting the names of their respective forces.

This guy is good, and directly moved out his grandfather name.

“Feng Yang Elder?” Fan Luoyu was slightly surprised.

I can see that she seems to have heard of this name.

“Could it be that invincible Wang Fengyang.”

“Yes, it’s me, grandfather,” Wang Jun seemed to be very satisfied with Fan Luoyu’s response, a little proudly nodded.

This identity can almost make him walk unhindered in immortal sects.

Speaking of Wang Fengyang, Invincible Invincible, only people who have reached their level can know how powerful this person is.

It is definitely not an exaggeration to dare to claim to be invincible.

His most proud record was once besieged by 8 immortal powerhouses.

The result was a strong beheading, and he became famous all over the world.

And he was safe and sound.

Everyone knows that immortal sect is a 5 emperor. There are 5 old Ancestor warriors like living fossils in the sect.

But later, when people in the world mentioned immortal sect, they would be collectively referred to as 6 ancestors.

In addition to the five generals, this Wang Fengyang is also considered one.

This alone shows the strength of this person.

“What are you laughing at?” Wang Jun looked towards Xu Zimo and said in a harsh tone.

Especially seeing Xu Zimo still staying with these women, my heart became even more disgusting.

“I think of something very happy,” Xu Zimo replied.

“What’s so happy?” Wang Jun asked irresponsibly.

“My wife gave birth to a child,” Xu Zimo thought for a long time, but finally could only come up with this excuse.

“Boy, be careful when you speak,” Wang Jun lightly saying.

“Have you ever heard this sentence come out of your mouth?”

“Wang Jun, don’t threaten my friend,” Mu Qing said while relieving.

“If there is nothing wrong, leave early, I don’t want to see you.”

“What anxious, this beauty hasn’t introduced herself yet,” Wang Jun said with a smile.

Fan Luoyu wasn’t angry either, but said in a tranquil voice: “A nameless person that’s all, I don’t necessarily know the young master of the king.”

“Then I would like to know each other,” Wang Jun chuckled.

“Fan Luoyu,” Fan Luoyu replied plainly.

“Oh, you are from 10000 Dantang in the city,” Wang Jun said immediately.

“You know?” Fan Luoyu was slightly frowned.

Logically speaking, 10000 Dantang is just a very ordinary shop in Xiancheng, and for these disciplines of immortal sect, it will not be taken seriously.

But the other party’s reaction seemed a bit weird.

And lay bare the truth with one remark her origin, which is very weird.

“How did you know?” Fan Luoyu asked.

“Not only do I know this, I also know that your 10000 Dantang is in constant trouble now,” Wang Jun said with a smile.

“If you want to know more, it’s not like I wandered around these 7 nights.

If I am happy, I might reveal it like you. “

“Luo Yu, don’t listen to him,” Mu Qing said quickly from the side.

“This guy is a dandy 2nd generation ancestor. It is impossible to know anything.”

“Who said I didn’t know,” Wang Jun quickly replied.

“I know the Lord behind this.”

“I think he must be lying to you,” Xu Zimo was nodded who felt the same way.

“The person behind your Fan Family can be reached by him.”

“Don’t underestimate people. The younger generation of immortal sects knows all the people with small reputation,” Wang Jun explained hurriedly.

“Because of my grandfather relationship, many of them still want to flatter me.”

“Brother, don’t pretend,” Xu Zimo patted Wang Jun’s shoulder.

“I’m tired of this method, do you want to use this to attract Fan Luoyu’s attention?

Then I tricked them into bed at night, and put on my pants on 2nd day to stop them. “

“You are less bloody, although Ben Shao loves beautiful women.

But those beauties are willing to follow me,” Wang Jun’s face flushed with anger, even his voice became much heavier.

“I was drinking with an Inner Disciple that day, and he only mentioned it to me when he was drunk.”

“Yeah, where did an Inner Disciple come out,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“You have a strong ability to compose stories. Now, the editor now says, Inner Disciple is unnecessary.”

“Don’t slander me, your Fan Family store was taken by Lu Changgen’s lunatic.

If you don’t believe it, you can go to him and confront him,” Wang Jun defended almost roarly.

“I don’t do anything, he has always had a bottom line, and he doesn’t bother to lie to you.”

“Lu Changgen,” Xu Zimo looked towards Fan Luoyu and said.

Fan Luoyu’s brows tightened, and there seemed to be unswerving sorrows gathering.

“Many thanks Wang young master informed,” Fan Luoyu said to Wang Jun before turning and leaving.

“Hey…wait,” Wang Jun was stunned for a moment, then looked towards the people next to him, and said dumbfounded.

“I just told her everything?”

“Yes,” a few people nodded for sure.

“Madan, that kid cheated me,” Wang Jun said with gnashing teeth.


Walking in Beicheng District, Fan Luoyu looked very worried.

“Luo Yu, don’t be upset, don’t let that guy affect our mood,” Mu Qing said apologetically, pulling Fan Luoyu’s arm.

“I’m not because of him,” Fan Luoyu shook his head slightly.

“You are also the discipline of immortal sect, you should know Lu Changgen.”

Mu Qing was silent for a while, slightly nodded.

“Let’s talk about it, I’m ready,” Fan Luoyu said with a smile.

“Today’s immortal sect, whether it is the younger generation or the older generation, is divided into two factions.

One is represented by Holy Son Lu Changhen, and the other is represented by Saintess Ji Ruobing. “

Mu Qing explained: “And I don’t know much about Lu Changhen.

But he has a younger brother, Lu Changgen.

This person has outstanding innate talent since he was a child, and he is a well-known figure among the younger generation of immortal sect.

Innate talent is not even worse than Holy Son and Saintess.

It’s just that his inner murderousness is too heavy, so he threatened to kill him at a young age.

Moreover, in the whole immortal sect, he only listened to the words of his big brother Lu Changhen.

So few people dare to provoke him. “

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