I’m Really a Villain Chapter 934

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Killing the Great Emperor has also received several Direct Disciples and trained them vigorously.

I want to pass on my Dao of Slaughter.

Unfortunately, in the end several disciplines all ended in failure.

Because in Dao of Slaughter, you want to kill your loved ones, and the disciplines can’t be done.

Therefore, even after killing the Great Emperor ascending, they could not find a real Direct Disciple.

But in order to make up for the regret in my heart, killing the Great Emperor left Dige.

I have left what I have learned all my life in Dige.

And this Dige is not at all placed in the purgatory sacred sect, but left out instead.

And it is not allowed to retrieve the purgatory sacred sect unless there is someone suitable for Dao of Slaughter in the sect.

This Dige has also been a legend.

In history, there are indeed a few people who have had Dige, but unfortunately, the second killing of the Great Emperor failed.

Instead, these people destroyed themselves in the killing.

But this does not prevent people from chasing the Great Emperor madly, especially some crazy people who regard killing as a pleasure.


Xu Zimo recalled the memories of killing the Great Emperor.

These are the stories he already knows, but it is not known whether there is any hidden story.

Now it seems that all this should have something to do with Dige.

And Dige is in Fan Luoyu’s hands.

Hearing Mu Chengmiao’s words, Fan Luoyu turned his head slightly.

replied: “I don’t know where the Dige you mentioned is.”

“If I can tell you that, I am sure that it will be boring to be dumb again,” Mu Chengmiao shook his head slightly and replied.

“You are so afraid of death.”

“Don’t say I don’t have a Dige, even if I have it, I won’t give it to you.”

Fan Luoyu lightly saying.

“It is because Dige is in my hands that I can live until now, am I not?

If you get Dige, my life and death will be meaningless, right. “

Hearing Fan Luoyu’s words, Mu Chengmiao was silent a little.

He didn’t expect Fan Luoyu to see it so thoroughly.

That’s right, if she died, the traces of this Dige would completely disappear.

This is also why they have not attacked Fan Luoyu, but used 10000 pill halls to lure the opponent to come.

Even if Fan Luoyu died 100 times, it was not as important as that of Dige.

The importance of this is self-evident.

Thinking of this, Mu Chengmiao’s tone was milder, and he said, “You should know that not everyone can follow the path of killing the Great Emperor.

Going forcibly will only kill oneself, and the gains outweigh the losses.

I assure you that if you hand over Dige, not only will your Fan Family be fine, you will also get my help. “

Fan Luoyu turned around calmly and did not answer Mu Chengmiao’s question, but instead asked, “How did my father die?”

Mu Chengmiao was taken aback for a moment, then fell silent completely.

“You can trade the head of the leader who killed my father, and I will help you find Dige.”

“You know this is impossible,” Mu Chengmiao replied.

“Then there’s nothing to talk about,” Fan Luoyu replied and walked directly outside.

“Don’t talk to Qinger about what happened today,” Mu Chengmiao’s voice came from behind.

“Don’t worry, I will not involve Mu Qing,” Fan Luoyu slightly nodded.


2 people walked out of the boat and looked at the colorful sky, Fan Luoyu took a deep breath.

“How does it feel?” Xu Zimo asked with a smile.

“I was very nervous at first, but later it got better,” Fan Luoyu said with a smile.

“Isn’t the left and right one dead.”

“Then what are you going to do next?” Xu Zimo asked.

“To be honest, before that, I never thought that the enemy would be so strong,” Fan Luoyu said with a bitter smile.

“I thought that there were some forces in Xiancheng, and didn’t expect to be involved in immortal sect.”

“That Dige is in your hands,” Xu Zimo said.

Fan Luoyu is slightly nodded.

“That day, my father found me covered in blood, gave Dige to me, and let me run with it.

The farther you go, the better, don’t even stay in Central Continent. “

“Then why are you staying here,” Xu Zimo asked.

“I want to avenge my father,” Fan Luoyu replied seriously.

“What about now? Is this revenge still taken?” Xu Zimo said.

“Report, do my best, it’s okay to be broken into pieces,” Fan Luoyu was definitely nodded.

“Then go back,” Xu Zimo replied.

“When are you leaving?” Fan Luoyu looked towards Xu Zimo and asked softly.

The cool breeze was blowing from the river, and she was wearing a white shirt like snow, dancing lightly and gracefully in the wind.

Long black hair was draped behind him, and the scent of lavender was floating in the air.

“I don’t know, it depends on my mood,” Xu Zimo said.

“I hope you can stay, at least I feel a little safe in my heart.

But I know I can’t be so selfish,” Fan Luoyu said.

“I’m afraid it will be dead end if I stay, the end is doomed.

So you can leave at any time, I am grateful. “

Xu Zimo laughed, not at all to answer Fan Luoyu.

Instead, he took off the blindfolded black cloth.

“This cloth is dirty again, it’s time to get a new one.”

“Do you want me to ask someone to look at your eyes?” Fan Luoyu asked.

“There are many medicine pills in the 10000 Dantang, which should be useful to you.”

“No, I understand my situation myself,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

What happened tonight may be that the amount of information is a bit large, and the two people have no intention of wandering here.

All returned to the 10000 Dantang.

Once it reached 10000 Dantang, Fan Luoyu called the shopkeeper Fubo who was in charge of the store.

“Young Lady, please tell me,” Forber said.

“I’m afraid we can’t make it through this robbery,” Fan Luoyu sighed.

“What do you mean by Young Lady?” Fubo asked with a heavy face.

“Did you find out what happened?”

Fan Luoyu was slightly nodded, instructed: “You call out the shop assistants and maids.

Simply inform them of the situation and say that we have offended immortal sect.

If they are willing to stay and overcome the difficulties together, they will have their share of the money earned after 10000 Dantang.

If you want to leave, you will also pay a generous amount of travel expenses and let them leave earlier. “

“Young Lady, this,” Faber said embarrassedly.

“They’re gone, so how are our 10000 Dantang already open?”

“Just leave it alone,” Fan Luoyu said, shaking his head.

“Also, Uncle Fu, leave early.

You can take whatever you like in this shop. I’m sorry that Fan Family can’t support you for the elderly. “

“Young Lady, what are you talking about,” Forber said.

“My life was given by the Patriarch. Whoever leaves this Fan Family, I will not leave.”

After Fu Bo finished speaking, he turned to gather the shop assistants.

Fan Luoyu rubbed the temple with a headache and didn’t know what to do for a while.


The sun rises as usual.

The fog in the sky was gradually dispersed, and the sky gradually cleared.

The city seems to be filled with the excitement of last night.

Several uninvited guests have arrived.

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