I’m Really a Villain Chapter 935

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“Your shop is now being closed down because it is suspected of selling erysipelas medicine pill.”

Several guards from City Lord Mansion walked into the shop and knew everything without saying anything.

“What evidence do you have?” Fober stepped forward and theorized.

“Someone reports, close the shop first anyway,” the guard lightly said.

“When the investigation is clear, there will be a conclusion.”

The security guard pointed to the medicine pill in the shop and said, “We must take these medicine pill back for identification.

I hope you don’t have to stop, otherwise we can only take you away. “

“Young Lady,” Fubo said anxiously looking at Fan Luoyu who came down from the second floor.

“They want to close our shop.”

“The action is really fast,” Fan Luoyu said lightly with a smile.

“Let them turn off, I’ll wait.”

“Before the incident has been investigated, you can only stay in Xiancheng temporarily and cannot leave.” The guard looked towards Fan Luoyu and reminded.

“We will be monitored.”

Seeing that the guards were taking all medicine pill away, at this moment, they only heard the sound of “hong”.

The half-covered store door of the original 10000 Dantang was kicked open.

Three young men and women walked in from outside.

Xu Zimo looked up and saw that among the three, the woman standing in the middle was Ji Ruobing.

The woman on the left has short hair and looks very refined.

As for the right side, there is a young man wearing a silver robe, looking a little ruffian.

“Fuck,” the boy said arrogantly, looking at the guards in the shops.

“Who are you?” The leader of the guard frowned looking towards the young man and asked.

With a sound of “Pa”, the young man directly waved his right hand and slapped it.

The guard was slapped in place on the spot.

“Let you City Lord come and tell me,” the boy threw a token over, lightly saying.

The guard glanced at token, his eyes shrank suddenly.

Core Disciple of immortal sect.

He swallowed hard.

There are not many Core Disciples that kill immortal sect, but each one is a real Heaven’s Chosen.

Being able to become the core at such an age, it can be seen that it is out of the ordinary.

Even if the City Lord meets, he must be respectful.

“Sorry,” the guard apologized quickly.

“Don’t get out? Let me send you out?” The boy raised his eyebrows slightly and said.

“Go,” the leader of the guard waved his hand, and all the guards couldn’t take care of moving the medicine pill, and all ran out in embarrassment.

“Miss Fan, meet again,” Ji Ruobing turned around, looking towards Fan Luoyu said with a smile.

“Miss Ji, you…” Fan Luoyu was a little surprised.

But then something seemed to flash in his mind.

“Ji Ruobing, immortal sect Saintess is also called Ji Ruobing.”

When several people introduced themselves before, Ji Ruobing did not hide his name either.

Now appearing again, Fan Luoyu just came back to his senses.

“Yes, I am immortal sect Saintess,” Ji Ruobing said with a smile.

“Don’t be surprised, and thank you for taking care of me on the road.”

After Ji Ruobing finished speaking, she pointed to the two people next to her and said with a smile: “Introduction, they are all my friends who are killing immortal sect.

Xianying and stop sailing. “

“Hello,” Fan Luoyu greeted somewhat blankly.

The main thing was that the change happened so quickly that she didn’t even react.

“Are you Xu Zimo?” The boy who called Zhihang stepped forward and looked up and down Xu Zimo.

Asked: “Why is it a blind?”

You beat Senior Sister Ji? “

“Fuck,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Did you cheat?” Zhihang replied.

“You don’t look like an expert.”

“Stop sailing, don’t cause trouble,” Ji Ruobing scolded aside.

Immediately said with a smile: “Let’s go in and talk.

Don’t worry, they won’t do and so on your shop with me. “

“Many thanks, Miss Ji,” Fan Luoyu said from the side.

“Not to mention thank you, let alone mention that you helped me before,” Ji Ruobing said.

“Lu Changgen is that guy’s person, as long as it is aimed at him, it will benefit me.”

“Is there any good way for Miss Ji?” Fan Luoyu asked.

“Nothing is needed,” Ji Ruobing said with a smile.

“One word, I think they must be more anxious than us.

The guy named Lu Changgen is a crazy madman.

Without a brain, he might do something extraordinary in a hurry. Once he does, there will be a weak spot. When the time comes, we will have the upper hand. “

“Then I will let 10000 Dantang open normally?” Fan Luoyu replied.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of the City Lord Mansion,” Ji Ruobing said nodded.


Fan Luoyu and Fu Bo were busy dealing with the shop.

And the boy named Zhihang still seemed a little unconvinced.

looked towards Xu Zimo and whispered, “Will you fight with me?

Don’t worry, I just try your strength, you won’t tell Senior Sister if you win. “

“When will you win Ji Ruobing, come find me again!” Xu Zimo waved his hand and said.

Fan Luoyu left several wing rooms in the shop to Ji Ruobing’s entire group.

The shop has started a new business.

City Lord Mansion seems to have calmed down since that day, and has not been in charge of 10000 Dantang.

Although medicine pill does not have much reserves, it can still last for a while.

10000 Dantang is located in the center of one of the main streets of Xiancheng, which is also the most prosperous area.

One morning after 7 days.

This street seems to be a little different from usual.

The original bustling streets were uninhabited, and the surrounding shops were all closed.

There was a bleak autumn wind blowing from a corner of the street.

Blowing up a few fallen leaves, spinning around in the void a few times and then falling down.

A young man with a sword step by step slowly walked over from a distance.

The sword intent lingers around him.

Even a few people in the 10000 Dantang can feel the murderous aura in the air.

“It seems that something extraordinary is here,” Ji Ruobing sat in the shop, put down the tea cup in his hand, said with a smile.

“This breath seems to be that guy,” Xianying said slightly frowned.

“I knew he couldn’t help it,” Ji Ruobing replied.

“Go, go out and meet Old Friend.”

Xu Zimo stood by the window on the third floor, bowed his head and washed his face with cold water.

Dry the water stains on your face and put a new black cloth strip over your eyes.


The silhouette of the young man holding the sword quietly stopped in front of the 10000 Dantang.

With a light wave of the sword in his hand, he didn’t see what power he used, but it seemed that an invisible sword light burst out.

With a sound of “hong”, the building in front of me was divided into two halves and collapsed directly.

“Lu Changgen,” Ji Ruobing’s voice came from the side.

“What are you doing here?”

The sword-holding young man slowly turned around, staring at Ji Ruobing as if his eyes were not moving.

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