I’m Really a Villain Chapter 936

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“You shouldn’t care about this,” Lu Changgen said hoarsely.

“Why shouldn’t it?” Ji Ruobing lightly saying.

“Because it’s you? Lu Changgen, you look down on yourself too much.”

“I didn’t want to do this, but because of your intervention, they will all die,” Lu Changgen’s sword was shaking.

He stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, as if thinking of something exciting.

At this time, Xu Zimo also walked out of the shop.

He glanced at Lu Changgen, slightly surprised.

2 people have seen it before.

On his way to participate in the Tianwu Conference, he and Monk Dazhi once saw a young man fighting an undead.

The young man has an undead body, one of the Hundred War Body.

And based on the moves he made, Monk Dazhi once inferred that he was the discipline of immortal sect.

didn’t expect 2 people would meet again in this way.

But Xu Zimo felt that the other party should have forgotten himself.

After all, it’s just one side, and there is no too much contact.

“Young master Xu,” Fan Luoyu greeted from the side.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded, yawned, and said, “What happened today?

The streets are so deserted and not as lively as usual. “

Fan Luoyu gently pulled the corner of Xu Zimo’s clothes and said, “The guy in front is Lu Changgen.”

“I know,” Xu Zimo nodded, looking towards Ji Ruobing, asked, “Can you beat him?”

“5 5 open,” Ji Ruobing replied calmly.

This Lu Changgen, like his big brother Lu Changhen, is in ten-thousand does not have one Heaven’s Chosen Wushuang.

If it weren’t for being too homicidal, maybe this fight for the position of Holy Son could be counted as him.

“Then leave it to you,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

If he can’t show up, Xu Zimo would be too lazy to show up.

After all, once he makes a move, it means that trouble is coming again.

This Lu Changgen seemed to have a low status in the immortal sect, if he was accidentally beaten to death.

Those who slaughtered immortal sect Elder and so on, hit the young ones and the old ones, Xu Zimo felt too boring.

It was all a small sect who asked Ji Ruobing to make a move, and no matter how troublesome it was, it was all his own business.

“Hey, why are you so innocent,” the boy named Zhihang moved towards Xu Zimo shouted.

“How can this kind of thing make a woman take action? Haven’t you beaten Senior Sister before, what are you afraid of.”

“You think like this be a hero,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Then…you go?”

“You,” Zhi Hang pointed at Xu Zimo for a long while, speechless.

“I’m going to go, I think you’re just that’s all that is greedy for life and fear of death.”

“Yeah, you can see it all,” Xu Zimo said lightly with a smile.

Zhihang is coldly snorted, holding a slightly wide long sword facing the land long gen.

“Get out of the way,” Lu Changgen lightly saying.

“No,” Zhihang was a little timid, but stood still.

“You want to die?” Lu Changgen raised his head, the killing intent in his eyes grew crazily.

“Zhihang, you are not his opponent, let me come,” Ji Ruobing said from the side.

The imposing manner all over her was surging, and she walked out slowly.

instructed: “Xianying and Zhihang, you two can protect Girl Fan.”

“Saintess, I just want to ask you some advice,” Lu Changgen looked towards Ji Ruobing, a certain excitement in his eyes.

“Ancient Sword Art,” Ji Ruobing was coldly snorted, with the long sword in his hand passing through the layers of clouds, imagining countless moves, and killing Lu Changgen.

There was no one on this broad main street.

Only Ling Tian’s sword qi reverberates.

“Hid the sword at the front, and the sword is facing 4 seas,” Lu Changgen on the side naturally not to be outdone.

The flashed with blood color flashed on the blade, and then the endless sword intent rolled over.

Two different sword intents collide together, each of these sword intents is full of artistic conception.

There are swords that have shuttled since ancient times, dazzling the world, showing off one’s ability.

There are also swords that are domineering and leaking, and the killing intent goes straight to the 9th Layer, and the killing sword comes.

“Which one of them do you think will win?” Xu Zimo leaned in front of the shop comfortably and asked with a smile.

Zhihang next to him gave Xu Zimo a puffed look, as if he was still worried about what happened just now and didn’t answer his words.

But Xianying on the side said with a smile: “The Senior Sister had a fight with Na Lu Changgen before he came out of the clan last time.

However, it was a tie and neither of them took advantage.

Now that a long time has passed, it depends on which of the two makes progress faster. “

“That must be Senior Sister Ji,” Zhihang quickly replied.

“What is the surname Lu? Even his big brother may not be able to compete with Senior Sister.

In the future, Senior Sister must be the one who carries Heaven’s mandate. “

“It seems that you are blindly confident in Ji Ruobing,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“That’s for sure,” Zhihang definitely replied.

“I heard that Ji Ruobing studied Sword Art from the ancient Great Emperor.

And that Lu Changgen learned the Sword Art of your ancestor Slaughter Emperor. “

Xu Zimo said with a smile: “This battle looks interesting.”

The ancestor of immortal sect is also a great Great Emperor.

In fact, people often compare the killing of the Emperor with the killing of the Great Emperor 2.

But 2 people do belong to 2 different types of extremes.

Killing the Great Emperor is one way to the end, only paying attention to death or life.

Either kill others, or be killed by others, there is no other way to go.

As for the Slaughter Emperor, although he was also overkill, he was practicing Destruction Dao, not Dao of Slaughter.

Although these two Taoisms are somewhat similar to some extent.

But there is a difference between Tao and Tao, especially this difference will be wirelessly amplified later.


At the moment, in the center of the main street, two people have been fighting together.

Two different sword intents are surging.

All the buildings all around collapsed, but there was still no difference.

“Slaying the immortals,” Lu Changgen wore his Qingyi, and suddenly rang in the squally wind.

sword intent is crazy and ruinous.

But Ji Ruobing’s sword intent is also tenacious, like a big tree in the sky, soaring up, trying to tear the sky.

With a sound of “hong”, the sword intent collided again, and the two people saw that the space was broken into two halves. For a while, the wind and clouds changed color, murky heavens dark earth.

“Come again,” Ji Ruobing was coldly snorted.

Behind her, the 10000 tribulation cones began to appear, and at the moment her fate appeared, she was like a True God.

Holding a thunderbolt, a light shout.

“Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.”

The thunderclouds in the sky were gathering, but at this moment, only heard a beating.

“Enough, do you want to destroy this fairy city?”

At the moment when this scolding sounded, there was a strong pressure in the future.

Actually forcibly suppressed Ji Ruobing’s 10000 Tribulation Cone.

The thunderclouds above also began to dissipate.

Everyone was slightly surprised, and they all looked towards the northern horizon.

I saw the illusory shadow of an old man gradually solidifying in the sky.

“Magic Old Ancestor.”

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