I’m Really a Villain Chapter 937

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“Magic Old Ancestor,” Ji Ruobing said slightly frowned.

“As Saintess, I should have become the leader of the younger generation and set an example.”

Mo He Old Ancestor lightly saying: “Nowadays, I will duel in the immortal city of my own school because of some trivial things. What kind of style is there, and there is no trace of Saintess style.”

This demon Old Ancestor is wearing a gray robe, holding a rosary in his hand, sitting cross-legged.

There is a golden wheel flashing behind his head, and a very powerful power is surging.

It can be seen that although he hasn’t really arrived, but just a shadow, it has already put invisible pressure on many people present.

Ji Ruobing hadn’t had time to answer when he heard Mohe Old Ancestor’s words.

There was a sudden burst of laughter nearby.

“The Old Ancestor is serious, it’s just a contradiction between the juniors, so why bother to go online?”

Everyone turned their heads to look again.

I saw that the void beside Old Ancestor also began to change.

An old man wearing an ancient robe with divine poise and sagelike features walked out of the void.

“Venerable Qingfeng,” Mohe Old Ancestor slightly frowned when he saw the person coming.

“What’s going on, Brother Mohe hasn’t figured it out yet, so why bother to assert.”

Venerable Qingfeng said with a smile.

“I have seen Old Ancestor,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Venerable Qingfeng and greeted with a smile.

It is not difficult to see that immortal sect is divided into 2 factions.

This demon Old Ancestor should belong to the Holy Son faction, and Venerable Qingfeng belongs to Ji Ruobing this lineage.

“What’s the matter with Binger?

You can speak and listen now,” Venerable Qingfeng said with a smile.

“This fairy city is the main city for us to kill immortal sect. I think that as the immortal sect Saintess, I should have this right to manage the city.”

Ji Ruobing replied: “I also learned by accident that this 10000 Dantang was originally an ordinary shop in Xiancheng.

However, some people in sect actually rely on power and want to take action. I naturally help to protect the reputation of sect.

Someone didn’t expect that someone had been so daring to the point where the conspiracy would not work, just and honorable to kill him. “

Ji Ruobing kept watching Lu Changgen while speaking, and the meaning was already obvious.

“Lu Changgen, is this the case?” Venerable Qingfeng asked, looking towards Lu Changgen, with a faint coercion in his tone.

“Yes and how?” Lu Changgen raised his head and looked directly at Venerable Qingfeng, replied.

“Venerable will punish me because of an outsider.”

“Sect has its own rules of sect, I will report to Sect Master truthfully how to punish me,” Venerable Qingfeng lightly said.

“In that case, I will kill all these people,” Lu Changgen raised his hand and pointed his sword at Xu Zimo and the others.

Said: “When they die, Venerable Qingfeng will report to Sect Master.

I accept any punishments and bear them myself. “

Lu Changgen’s words were straightforward and arrogant at the same time.

I know sect will punish me, but I still want to kill them.

It can also be understood that Lu Changgen doesn’t care about Sect’s punishment.

This is also understandable. Lu Changgen is the Core Disciple of immortal sect, and he is also the younger brother of Holy Son.

And Fan Luoyu are just insignificant ants that’s all, sect impossible, let him pay for it.

Hearing Lu Changgen’s words, Venerable Qingfeng was slightly frowned.

“Can you keep them for a while, can you keep them for a lifetime?” Lu Changgen looked towards Ji Ruobing, a little despised said with a smile.

“If you have this determination, I don’t mind.”

“Kill us, you will never think of the Dige who killed the Great Emperor,” Fan Luoyu looked towards Lu Changgen, said with hatred in his eyes.

She knew that the person in front of her was the real murderer of her father.

“If you want to say that, if I let you go, I can get Dige?” Lu Changgen asked back.

Hearing Lu Changgen’s words, Fan Luoyu fell silent slightly.

“Venerable Qingfeng,” Old Ancestor looked towards Venerable Qingfeng, said with a smile.

“Old Ancestor, please speak,” Venerable Qingfeng replied.

“Na Dige is very important to Chang Gen.

And in any case, Chang Gen is also a part of our immortal sect,” Old Ancestor said with a smile.

“Don’t embarrass This Sect Disciple for an outsider.

If these 10000 Dantangs are willing to hand over the Dige, how about we let it go? “

“Dige is someone else’s thing, whatever you do must conform to the rules of Xiancheng.”

Venerable Qingfeng didn’t even think about it, he said directly: “And that Dige seems to be the Dige who killed the Great Emperor.

Killing the Great Emperor is who you and I know, if Lu Changgen walks Dao of Slaughter to the end.

In the end, do not recognizing one’s family, do you think sect has the meaning of training? “

For those of Venerable Qingfeng or Saintess Ji Ruobing, let alone let Lu Changgen get a Dig.

They can’t wait for each other to die sooner.

In this way, the power on Holy Son will be much less.

“Venerable Qingfeng, how about that?” Old Ancestor looked towards Venerable Qingfeng and said again.

“This matter is Chang Gen’s personal matter, we are not allowed to intervene in immortal sect.

You, I, and Saintess all quit, and we don’t even bother with immortal sect. How about letting him solve it by himself? “

Hearing the words of Old Ancestor, Venerable Qingfeng was slightly frowned.

There is really no reason to refute this.

As long as Lu Changgen doesn’t trigger the rules, he can’t say anything.

Ji Ruobing, who was next to him, originally wanted to object, but she glanced at Xu Zimo behind her.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, smiling nodded.

“I have done my best,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“If you want to help Girl Fan, I will leave it to you next.

We will not participate in this matter, even if you kill Lu Changgen, it will be fine. “

Ji Ruobing said this looked towards Mohe Old Ancestor, said with a smile: “Right, Old Ancestor.”

“It is understandable,” Mohe Old Ancestor glanced at Lu Changgen, then nodded.


As Ji Ruobing’s silhouette retreated, Lu Changgen’s silhouette walked towards several people step by step.

“I don’t want to repeat one thing several times,” Lu Changgen looked towards Fan Luoyu and said.

“One last time, where is Dige.”

“I won’t give it to you,” Fan Luoyu replied faintly.

Although her voice was flat, Xu Zimo still felt it.

Her right hand was trembling slightly.

Fear is a manifestation of anyone, which is not surprising, especially when death comes.

Hearing Fan Luoyu’s answer, Lu Changgen didn’t hesitate at all, and cut directly at his head with a sword.

Under this powerful force, Fan Luoyu, let alone dodge, is very difficult to move.

A “pu” sound followed.

Everyone gazed at it and saw Xu Zimo slowly stretched out his right hand, holding the oncoming long sword with his hand.

“What are you doing so irritable,” Xu Zimo said lightly with a smile.

With a flick of his right hand, the voice of “weng weng weng” sounded, and it began to shake with the long sword.

Lu Changgen only felt a strong force coming from the sword, and the whole person flew out.

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