I’m Really a Villain Chapter 938

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The sound of long sword rubbing on the ground came.

Lu Changgen stabilized his figure and suddenly raised his head.

The bleak autumn wind blew softly among the two people, and the sky seemed a little darker.

There was no rain, but there was a bit of depression.

“You are standing by, I just moved my muscles and bones,” Xu Zimo turned to Fan Luoyu and said with a smile.

Fan Luoyu was a little dazed and nodded.

“This black cloth seems to be changed again,” Xu Zimo touched the black cloth in front of his eyes, grinning lightly and said with a smile.

“It seems that I underestimated you,” Lu Changgen said with a cold look towards Xu Zimo, standing with his sword.

“What you said, it’s okay to kill him?” Xu Zimo looked towards Ji Ruobing and said.

“I have said that Old Ancestor has said that there are still falsehoods,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Old Ancestor, said with a smile.

Mo He Old Ancestor was coldly snorted and did not answer again.

“It seems that some people don’t put me in the eyes. This is really sad,” Lu Changgen had a sick smile on his face.

I saw him sticking out his tongue, licking the blade, and rays of light flashing in his eyes looked towards Xu Zimo.

Immediately afterwards, the long sword passed through the Wu Geng Void and killed it with a sense of destruction.

The sword is 4 feet long, the body of the sword is quietly black, and the hilt is carved with an illusory shadow of a crescent moon.

Xu Zimo didn’t make the slightest move when the Heavenly Sword was all killed.

Because his eyes are invisible, everything is illusory in his perception.

To be precise, it should be abstract.

There is no other sight in his sight, only this Lu Changgen and his sword intent.

Xu Zimo stretched out his right hand slowly, a blade was condensed on the fingertips, and he flicks with the finger.

The blade meaning instantly turned into an illusory shadow and flew out.

A crisp crash of “peng” sounded.

With the blade intention hitting the tip of the sword, another strong force came, and Lu Changgen’s silhouette not only flew upside down.

Even the long sword in his hand fell directly to the ground.

“This guy,” Zhihang who was next to him was dumbfounded.

He felt that Xu Zimo simply didn’t use all his strength, just like a monkey playing with Lu Changgen.

Without rushing to beat him.

“Senior Sister, is this guy really so strong?” Zhihang looked towards Ji Ruobing, still a little unsure.

Even the facts seem to be in front of you.

You must know what the existence of their immortal sect is, which represents the peak of the entire Yuanyang Continent power.

And the Heaven’s Chosen of their immortal sect can also be said to be the Heaven’s Chosen of Yuanyang Continent.

The absolute king among the younger generation.

Holy Son and Saintess that go out in every era are the existence of startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping.

“When did I lie to you?” Ji Ruobing replied.

“To be honest, before meeting him, my biggest opponent had always been Lu Changhen.

It’s a pity that I learned later that there is Person beyond the Person. “

“I still refuse, although I hate Lu Changgen.

But his strength is far from that,” Zhihang looked towards Xu Zimo and said angrily.

“He hasn’t used his full strength yet.”

“Interesting,” Lu Changgen stood up, bent over and picked up the long sword on the ground.

There was blood surging all over his body.

Even the sword in his hand began to turn blood red.

The wind blew up, and the thick oblique bangs on his forehead fluttered with the wind.

As time passed slowly, the bloody gas entwining him became heavier and heavier.

Even in the end, it has evolved into a torrent, rolling in.

Lift into the air, skyrocket.

The bloody torrent was surging, covering Lu Changgen’s whole body.

“The Slaughter Sword came, and 10000 things died.”

Just listening to Lu Changgen coldly shouted, his body tilted slightly, and he rushed towards Xu Zimo to kill him.

The long sword in his hand has completely become a scarlet.

When the sword was swung, a long, bloody thread filled the tip of the sword.

With a sound of “hong”, when this sword came, it was as powerful as the sky, and the imposing manner was like a rainbow.

Seeing this sword so powerful, Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

The power of creation in his right hand surged, without the slightest escape, the spiritual qi turned into a giant palm, and he patted the bloody long sword.

With this palm, Xu Zimo didn’t leave any hands.

The long sword is approaching, when Xu Zimo’s big palm falls.

Lu Changgen looked up, only to feel that the big palm covered the sky and the sun, and even the sky above his head was enveloped.

For a time, the mountains and the sea were coming, and the endless mighty force suppressed it.

This palm seemed as if the real sky had collapsed.

“Hong long long” seemed to be the sound of anger falling from the sky.

Lu Changgen raised his sword to greet him, but the same mighty Slaughter Sword at the moment seemed trivial ant small.

The imposing manner was completely covered by this palm.

Just listen to the sound of “hong” and the big palm falls.

The vertical and horizontal sword qi was completely annihilated.

Heaven and Earth…It’s quiet.

The old Ancestor complexion in the sky slightly changed, but he also holds the identity of Old Ancestor, so he can’t do anything.

It’s just that within both eyes flashed through the quiet rays of light, through the mist, looked towards the place where the big palm fell.

The dust dissipated a little bit.

The audience was silent.

“That guy, shouldn’t he be slapped to death,” Zhi Hang said tentatively from the side.

“It’s not that simple,” Ji Ruobing shook his head slightly.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a voice coming from the fog.

Everyone looked at it, and saw a silhouette staggered in this ruin-like dust, stumbled out.

“Lu Changgen, he…,” Zhi Hang muttered as he watched the silhouette walking out.

I saw Lu Changgen at this moment, with disheveled hair, full of embarrassment.

And his whole body was drenched with blood, and there was almost no place intact.

“Tick Tick Tick” the sound of blood dripping on the ground.

At the moment he looked very crippled.

But when he raised his head, his eyes were like a dead water, without a trace of fluctuation.

The calm contains the desperate tyranny of wind and rain.

Lu Changgen stretched out his right hand and wiped it on his face.

The thick blood almost blocked his sight.

He looked at the blood in his hand and chuckled lightly.

Then he stretched out his blood-red tongue and silently licked the blood on his hand.

“It’s fun,” he looked towards Xu Zimo, lightly said with a smile.

“I think there are only a few young people in the world who can make me serious.

Now you count one. “

“Fun?” Xu Zimo also chuckled lightly.

“Don’t worry, there is more fun.”

He slowly raised his right hand and let out a “sword.”

Before the sword arrives, the invisible sword intent has begun to diffuse in the void.

Although the weapon Xu Zimo has always used is Tyrant Shadow, he has a soft spot for blade.

However, the meaning of 10000 weapons is not far from its origin.

Even if it can’t be used very esoteric, but with this real Divine Sword, Xu Zimo can still control it.

The sword intent hits hiding the sky and covering the earth, followed by sonic booms.

This is the speed generated when the sword comes at a distance that exceeds the speed of light.

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