I’m Really a Villain Chapter 939

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When everyone looked up, they only saw a fiery-red rays of light flying from the other side of the skyline.


It was almost a breathing time, and the true Divine Sword had appeared in Xu Zimo’s hands.

He took the sword, and the tip of the long sword rested gently on the ground.

The moment Divine Sword appeared, it seemed like the lord of 10000 swords, and the long swords of everyone around him began to tremble.

It seems to be paying homage again.

Even the sword in Lu Changgen’s hand was no exception, trembling immediately.

“Good sword,” the Venerable Qingfeng beside him couldn’t help but exclaimed.

The whole sword resembles nature itself, just like a rare treasure.

The sword body circulates rays of light, and the whole sword is almost impossible to pick out a weak spot.

And the sword has spirit, which is the most rare.

Xu Zimo looked at the sword in his hand, lightly sighed.

Although the sword is good, it is not his own weapon after all.

This sword was forged by the Holy Lord, and the Sword Spirit was also cultivated by the Holy Lord. Xu Zimo just got the sword that’s all.

After all, it is not as good as his Tyrant Shadow.

When Lu Changgen next to him saw this scene, his eyes became more serious.

But apart from this, it also seems to be a little more exciting.

I don’t know what he is excited about.

“Since this is the case, then we should also treat you well, and we can’t let you down,” Lu Changgen looked towards Xu Zimo and said this suddenly.

The strangest thing is that he is clearly alone, but when he said this sentence, his voice was two different voices.

One is the original, and the other is hoarse and magnetic.

Kind of similar to split personality.

“Be careful,” Ji Ruobing reminded, looking at Xu Zimo from the side.

“This Lu Changgen is not a pure Human Race, he is within the body and Bloodline of the Demoness clan.”

This matter is not considered a secret in the immortal sect.

Although Lu Changgen and Lu Changhen are brothers, they are but half-parents.

It is said that Lu Changgen’s mother is a member of the Demoness clan, and he has activated another bloodline within the body.

Demoness is a very old race.

Although there are magic characters in the name, in fact, the Demoness family has nothing to do with Demon Race.

This family has a very special ability.

That is to draw the strength of others.

Not swallowing, but real absorption, for me to use.

And their physique is naturally able to accommodate this kind of power, condensed within the body perfectly and balanced.

This is the Demoness family.

It is precisely because of their ability that many people in Yuanyang Continent have been chased and killed.

People are eager to study the principle of this kind of extraction, which comes from creating a similar cultivation technique or vein skill.

It can be said that in Yuanyang Continent today, it is almost difficult to see the Demoness family again.

Because they are hiding in the rare place of interpersonal.


Originally, the spiritual qi of Lu Changgen’s body was scarlet.

Now it has started to evolve towards purple.

And this kind of purple is very strange, not like gas, just like a thick liquid.

And it is not pure purple, but some black is added.

The black and purple gas seems to pollute the air.

Lu Changgen put down the sword in his hand and let it return to its sheath.

The whole person just like a head of Immemorial Ferocious Beast, and rushed to kill Xu Zimo directly.

Xu Zimo slightly frowned, and smashed it with a punch.

With a “hong” sound, Lu Changgen flew out directly in front of absolute power.

Xu Zimo furrowed his brows, he felt it, and the other party seemed to have suffered multiple injuries not at all.

Seeing Lu Changgen like a mad dog, he continued to kill after flying out.

Xu Zimo also deceived him and fought with him.

After a few tricks, Xu Zimo suddenly discovered that this guy is surprisingly strong and tireless.

And Xu Zimo began to realize that every collision of the opponent seemed to be drawing his strength.

“What a pure power,” Lu Changgen was bleeding all over but still laughing.

“It’s been a long time since I absorbed such a strong force.”

Before he finished speaking, Xu Zimo’s fist was already magnified before his eyes.

He flew out directly with a punch.

Lu Changgen stood up from the ground shaking again, said with a big smile: “Enough, enough.”

The purple glow around him began to surge.

Then I saw him condense all the power he had drawn.

As this force condensed, the power of his body soared for several levels.

The void of all around shattered itself.

All the places illuminated by the purple glow are shattered.

“Blast,” Lu Changgen roared.

It seems to condense everything on this fist.

His expression even became distorted.

“When you go to hell, remember to report my name. You are no different from those who died in my hands.”

With a sound of “hong”, a loud explosion sounded.

Everyone’s eardrums seemed to be shattered, and the “weng weng weng” started to ring.

But at this moment everyone didn’t care about other things, but looked at the center of the battle between the two.

There was a violent wind raging around, tearing apart the void, leaving waves of echoes in the air.

Lu Changgen’s fist hit Xu Zimo’s belly.

This fist Xu Zimo didn’t hide or resist, so he let him hit it.


Lu Changgen lowered his head, staring at his fist blankly.

It seems that they are a little numb. Only he himself knows this fist, how much power was used.

But the man in front of him stood still completely motionless.

Even the expression did not change.

“Is it fun?” Xu Zimo lowered his head with a chuckle at the corner of his mouth, and asked.

“Why?” Lu Changgen retracted his fist and stayed where he was, as if he didn’t expect this scene.

With a sound of “Pa”, Xu Zimo directly lifted his right foot and stamped the opponent on the ground with one foot.

Pressed his right foot on Lu Changgen’s face, trying to bury his head in the soil.

The floor under my feet had long been broken and disappeared.

“I heard Ji Ruobing say that you are very murderous.

Once wanted to be the second Great Emperor to kill, even surpassing it,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“But you know, what’s the biggest difference between you and killing the Great Emperor.”

“What?” Lu Changgen turned his head hard, looked towards Xu Zimo, and asked.

“Killing Great Emperor good luck, not born in an era with me,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“And your luck seems a lot worse.”

“Crazy enough,” Lu Changgen replied.

But this time he answered not his original voice, but another husky magnetic voice.

“There is ability, of course crazy,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Do you know why I am so murderous,” Lu Changgen asked suddenly.

Even if Xu Zimo’s foot was on his head at this moment, he didn’t feel a trace of anger or panic.

Except for the initial astonishment and surprise, it returned to the same condition.

“I don’t know, and I’m not interested,” Xu Zimo replied.

“No, you will be interested right away,” Lu Changgen retorted with a smile.

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